What Can You Expect From Madhumati- Public Talk

December 14, 2013 10:34
What Can You Expect From Madhumati- Public Talk

The title role of Udaya Bhanu in Madhumati is a much awaited chance she got after 10 years.  Some talents do not get the deserved break to reach heights. Udaya Bhanu is one of them. She has beauty, style and acting talent which is part of a dancer’s skills. But what she lacks is luck!

The movie Mahdumati also has failed in giving her much needed luck to Udaya Bhanu.  Her talent is not used fully is one thing but the story itself is a something that offers nothing to create interest in audience.

The total attempt of the movie makers seems to be cashing in on the Udaya Bhanu’s name and the publicity that she acted in a role of a prostitute in the movie. And the negative publicity from the objections raised by Udaya Bhanu on the movie a day before its release that some morphing took place in the movie also did not do much good to the movie.

Audience did not even get the expected exposure from Udaya Bhanu as a prostitute in the movie if not a good story.

This is about Udaya Bhanu’s role. If you want to know about the movie the movie review may be read.

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