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  • Vijayawada Municipal Corporation, Vijayawada news, strike bandh hit normal life in city, Trade unions

    Strike, bandh hit normal life in city 29 February 2012

    Normal life was disrupted in the city on Tuesday due to the nationwide strike called by the Central trade unions to protest against the anti-labour policies of the UPA government. The impact of the general strike accentuated with the Left...

    Keywords: Central Trade Unions, Vijayawada news, Central Trade Unions, Vijayawada news

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    Labour ministry, Labour ministry, unilateral labour reforms are anti worker, Trade unions

    Unilateral labour reforms are anti-worker 16 May 2015

    Trade unions strongly protested against some of the proposed amendments to labour laws stating that these “unilateral” reforms are anti-worker. “These labour reforms are unilateral and anti-worker. We are most likely to decide the date for nationwide strike at the...

    Keywords: Labour ministry, Labour ministry, Labour ministry, Labour ministry

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    education for children, pension, trade unions call country wide strike on feb 28, Trade unions

    Trade unions call Country-wide strike on Feb. 28 20 February 2012

    BMS strongly demanded that workers of all groups, both organised and unorganised, be provided a minimum wage of Rs.10, 000 per month along with all social securities such as provident fund, gratuity, pension, healthcare, and education for children. The day-long...

    Keywords: minimum wage, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, healthcare, minimum wage

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    bank employees, unemployment, financial freeze up due to nationwide strike, Trade unions

    Financial freeze-up due to nationwide strike 20 February 2013

    The whole nation is expected to come to a standstill as major trade unions of the country call in for a strike all over the nation. The most affected sectors would be finance and transport, as the two day strike...

    Keywords: trade unions, labor laws, bank employees, finance minister

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    normal life hit by bandh, mixed response to bandh, countrywide bandh evokes mixed response, Trade unions

    Countrywide bandh evokes mixed response 28 February 2012

    The country wide one day bandh called by the trade unions today to protest the alleged anti labor policies of the government has partially paralyzed normal life in some states including AP. While baking, financial and insurance sectors were totally...

    Keywords: normal life hit by bandh, normal life hit by bandh, anti labor policies, Country wide bandh

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    closure, closure, trade unions call for strike across the country, Trade unions

    Trade unions call for Strike across the Country 02 September 2016

    All the major trade unions called for a day-long general strike across the country on Friday.The Telangana state along with government administration would also come to a grinding halt with no functioning of offices as all employees’ associations have extended...

    Keywords: Trade union, offices, transport services, closure

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    All India Bandh, UPA policies, all india bandh by left hyd tense, Trade unions

    All India bandh by Left, Hyd tense 28 February 2012

    An all India bandh call was called on February 28, by the left parties’ trade union. Activists from the unions blocked buses in almost all bus depots in the state. In Hyderabad at the main bus depot Mahatma Gandhi Bus...

    Keywords: colleges closed, All India Bandh, UPA policies, colleges closed

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    strike impact in India, strike impact in India, bharath bandh impact on public, Trade unions

    Bharath Bandh - Impact on public 02 September 2015

    All the trade unions called for a nation wide bandh today. But some sensitive services are  showing a serious impact on the common public. Majorly 10 trade unions are performing the bandh. These 10 unions combined the membership of 15...

    Keywords: bharath bandh, strike impact in India, India bandh, India bandh

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    Bharat Bandh latest, Bharat Bandh updates, bharat bandh banking services hit badly, Trade unions

    Bharat Bandh: Banking Services Hit Badly 08 January 2020

    Bharat Bandh: Banking Services Hit Badly:- The trade unions across the country called for a nationwide strike today. Over 25 crore people are on the roads protesting against the Centre's 'anti-people policies'. The Labour Unions are on the roads protesting...

    Keywords: Bharat Bandh news, Bharat Bandh new updates, Bharat Bandh latest, Bharat Bandh updates

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