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    Is your Partner Insecure? 31 January 2012

    Everything would be good in initial stages of relationship… once you would get to know your Partner for certain time, you would be knowing the reality about him as well… when you have known he is the most ‘insecure’ person...

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    Marriage parties, Good family tips, plans for eloping wait a moment, Tips for lifepartner

    Plans for ‘eloping’? wait a moment! 29 February 2012

    Had to be a witness for my friend’s marriage yesterday… they both eloped from their respective homes, did not informed their parents about their marriage, got married and flew to the place where the groom is working. And for all...

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    Love and Relationships, Love and Relationships, women feel invisible to men after 46, Tips for lifepartner

    Women feel 'invisible to men' after 46 27 January 2012

    Life may begin at 40 for men but for women this may not be the case. A new study has found that women feel they become invisible to men by the time they have turned 46. A poll has found...

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