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    Wavy hair for you! 29 November 2011

    There is a lot that our hair talks about. When we are angry, have we noticed the hair style being tied by us quite a clumsy way and when you are indulged in some romantic thoughts or speaking to a...

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    Hair it is a mirracle, tips for Hairstyles, hair dryness not just limited to winter, Tips for hairstyles

    Hair Dryness, not just limited to Winter! 19 March 2012

    Hair dryness, split ends and a damaged hair for you is just not limited to winter season. Even summer has its own set of surprises for you… here are some summer hair care tips, if followed can protect the ‘beauty’...

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    tips for hairstyles, beautiful hair, dry hair problems find a path to fix it, Tips for hairstyles

    ‘Dry’ hair Problems? Find a path to fix it… 17 February 2012

    Just like life without spice and color is hard to survive, so as dry and life less hair, that is a hurdle to your beauty. To transform your hair to beautiful and add some life to it, here are the...

    Keywords: tips for hairstyles, less hair, beautiful hair, beautiful hair

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