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    Telangana bandh evokes good response 29 December 2012

    The bandh in Telangana region today has been evoking good response. No RTC buses were seen plying on roads in twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Workers employed with various private organizations, however, sought other means of transport to reach...

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    Telangana, KCR calls for Telangana bandh, kcr calls for telangana bandh, Telangana bandh

    KCR calls for Telangana bandh 28 May 2014

    The Chief Minister designated for Telangana state K Chandrasekhar Rao has called for a complete shut down tomorrow in protest to the ordinance related with the Polavaram dam. The union cabinet which will be meeting tomorrow morning is expected to...

    Keywords: Telangana, ordinance on Polavaram dam, ESL NArasimhan, Telangana bandh

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    14 F clause, Telangana Students’ JAC, 14 f clause removed from zonal rules, Telangana bandh

    14 F clause removed from zonal rules 12 August 2011

    President Pratibha Patil today issued orders deleting the 14 F clause related to the recruitment process for the posts of SIs in Hyderabad. The Presidential Secretariat issued a notification to this effect. With the notification, Hyderabad would no more be...

    Keywords: posts of SIs, Seema Andhra, free zone, Seema Andhra

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    recruitment of SIs, mass resignations, hyderabad ignores bandh call, Telangana bandh

    Hyderabad ignores bandh call 10 August 2011

    The TS JAC-sponsored Telangana Bandh has paralyzed normal public life across Telangana districts except in Hyderabad on Wednesday. While buses of the APSRTC went off the roads and schools, colleges and universities remained shut down for the day in all...

    Keywords: Telangana state, Telangana Students Joint Action Committee, mass resignations, Telangana state

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    Rain in Hyderabad, Telangana shut down, heavy rain in hyderabad, Telangana bandh

    Heavy rain in Hyderabad 29 May 2014

    Hyderabad met with heavy rains and water got logged at many junctions causing heavy traffic jam. Khairatabad, Ameerpet were lashed out with rain water and thanks to the Telangana shut down as there was little amount of traffic disturbance.

    Keywords: Quick News, Hyderabad, Heavy rain in Hyderabad, Telangana Bandh

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    Rayala Telangana, Telangana lawyers at Nampally Court, nampally court main gates locked by lawyers, Telangana bandh

    Nampally Court Main Gates Locked By Lawyers 05 December 2013

    Lawyers supporting Telangana obstructed entry of Judges into the Court. In response to the bandh call given by TRS President KCR, the Telangana lawyers staged protest in the compound of Nampally Criminal Courts. They locked the main gates of the...

    Keywords: Nampally Court Main Gates Locked By Lawyers, TRS President KCR, Nampally Criminal Courts, Telangana lawyers staged protest at Nampally Court

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    farmer loans waive bandh, farmer loans waive bandh, telangana bandh today no impact on public, Telangana bandh

    Telangana bandh today: No impact on public 10 October 2015

    After the formation of the state, this is the first bandh, the oppositions are conducting against the state government. The bandh is being held in complete Telangana state and buses are rested in the depots itself. Upon the continuous farmer...

    Keywords: Hyderabad bandh, Telangana bandh, bandh in Telangana, Telangana bandh

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    telangana bandh, normal life paralyzed telangana bandh, lives of common people go for toss on bandhs, Telangana bandh

    Lives of common people go for toss on bandhs 28 December 2012

    Telangana issue has rocked the political parties yet another time with all party meeting. As expected, a political party called for Telangana bandh. The moment the term 'bandh,' flashes on television screens, so many things scroll on the screens of...

    Keywords: telangana bandh, normal life paralyzed telangana bandh, normal life paralyzed telangana bandh, political parties telangana bandh

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    T-JAC, Telangana, telangana bandh today, Telangana bandh

    Telangana Bandh today 27 March 2012

    Owing to growing sacrifices to pressurize the urge for a separate Telangana state carved out of the erstwhile unified Andhra Pradesh, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi, spear heading the revolution, has called for a bandh in these regions. The twin cities...

    Keywords: T-JAC, Bandh, Etela Rajender, T-JAC

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    Pawan Kalyan latest updates, TSRTC JAC, janasena extends support for telangana bandh by tsrtc, Telangana bandh

    Janasena Extends Support for Telangana Bandh by TSRTC 14 October 2019

    Janasena Extends Support for Telangana Bandh by TSRTC:- TSRTS JAC decided to go on an indefinite strike after the government failed to keep up their promises. TSRTC has been demanding for a merger but Telangana Chief Minister KCR straightaway rejected...

    Keywords: Pawan Kalyan, TSRTC JAC, TSRTC, Pawan Kalyan news

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    TRS Dharna at Siddhipeta, TRS Dharna at Siddhipeta, harish rao warns gom from siddhipeta dharna, Telangana bandh

    Harish Rao Warns GoM From Siddhipeta Dharna 05 December 2013

    TRS senior leader Harish Rao speaking at the Dharna held at Siddhipeta, Medak district stated clearly that only Telangana with 10 districts is acceptable to Telangana people but nothing else. He said that Rayala Telangana is a conspiracy to turn...

    Keywords: TRS, Telangana Bandh, Harish Rao Warns GoM, Telangana issue

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    TRS, Ordinance passed by President objected by KCR, objections of kcr on polavaram ordinance, Telangana bandh

    Objections of KCR on Polavaram ordinance 29 May 2014

    Polavaram project ordinance is creating a storm in Telangana and with Central government, President of India approving the ordinance, TRS is looking for legal proceedings in this issue. However, why K Chandrasekhar Rao is opposing Polavaram ordinance and what are...

    Keywords: KCR on Polavaram ordinance, Polavaram Project design objected by KCR, KCR objections on ordinance, Polavaram ordinance

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    CPM, Polavaram bill, t jac calls for bandh, Telangana bandh

    T-JAC calls for bandh 11 July 2014

    The Telangana Joint Action Committee [T-JAC] has called for a Telangana bandh tomorrow in protest over the Polavaram bill getting approved in the Lok Sabha. T-JAC chairman Kodandaram has said the bill is against the Federal and Tribals rights are...

    Keywords: T-JAC chairman Kodandaram, CPI [ML], CPI [ML], CPI

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    TRS party, TRS President KCR, trs active in telangana bandh, Telangana bandh

    TRS Active In Telangana Bandh 05 December 2013

    Bandh is observed today in Telangana districts following the bandh call given by TRS party President K Chandrasekhara Rao to register protest against the Rayala Telangana proposal of GoM that is going to take part in the Telangana Bill as...

    Keywords: TRS Active In Telangana Bandh, TRS party, TRS President KCR, Rayala Telangana

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    Separate Telangana State, Separate Telangana State, bandh in telangana, Telangana bandh

    Bandh in Telangana 07 September 2013

    Following the bandh call given by Telangana political JAC, Bandh is going on in all the districts of Telangana region.  Buses are confined to the depots.   In the districts, 700 RTC buses in Nalgonda, 660 buses in Nizamabad, 940...

    Keywords: Bandh in Telangana, Telangana Bandh, Telangana Buses remained in Depots, Separate Telangana State

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    CPI Narayana objected bandh call, TRS President, bandh call supporters and non supporters, Telangana bandh

    Bandh Call Supporters and Non-supporters 14 June 2013

    TRS President KCR gave a bandh call tomorrow in protest to the arrests made by the police during Chalo Assembly program called by JAC. APSRTC workers unions announced their support to the Bandh.  Telangana Mazdur Union and RTC Recognized Workers...

    Keywords: BJP State President, Bandh Call Non-supporters, Bandh Call Non-supporters, Kishan Reddy

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    Telangana youth, Telangana bandh, trs calls for telangana bandh on march 27, Telangana bandh

    TRS calls for Telangana bandh on March 27 26 March 2012

    The main pro-Telangana party TRS gave a call for bandh tomorrow across Telangana. In a statement issued by the party in Hyderabad today, it said the bandh is being observed as a tribute to the suicide of auto driver Rajamogili...

    Keywords: bandh for Telangana, bandh for Telangana, Telangana bandh, Telangana agitation

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    TRS chief KCR, recruitment of SIs, kodanda defends frequent calls for bandh, Telangana bandh

    Kodanda defends frequent calls for bandh 10 August 2011

    Telangana political JAC convener Prof. Kodanda ram offered to stop giving calls for bandh in Telangana if the state high court came forward to ensue that the government worked according to people’s aspirations. Reacting to the notices served on him...

    Keywords: Prof. Kodanda ram, recruitment of SIs, Telangana political JAC convener Prof. Kodanda ram, Telangana bandh

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    sadak bandh arrests, sadak bandh arrests, home minister makes statement on sadak bandh arrests, Telangana bandh

    Home minister makes statement on Sadak Bandh arrests 23 March 2013

    Home minister Sabitha Indra Reddy has today made a statement on the arrests of the leaders and legislators who took part in Sadak Bandh (road blockade), which was staged by TJAC on March 21. The home minister has said that...

    Keywords: tjac telangana bandh, sadak bandh, sadak bandh, sadak bandh

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    Polavaram ordinance, TRS Called for Telangana Bandh, shut down in telangana, Telangana bandh

    Shut down in Telangana 29 May 2014

    TRS which called for a shut down in Telangana is running successfully. Buses and all the business activities in Hyderabad have been suspended for the day and even Intermediate exams are also postponed.

    Keywords: TRS on Polavaram ordinance, Telangana, Polavaram ordinance, TRS Called for Telangana Bandh

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