• Values, traditional values, value of our values, Teenagers

    Value of our 'Values'... 28 May 2012

    More than just our look and personality, these days we have moved to an extent of knowing how and in what way we are benefited through our own traditional values, that we tend to follow without knowing their importance as...

    Keywords: womanhood, traditional values, Indian bride, turmeric for teenagers

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    Sex and Relationship, Alcohol drinking, alcohol pushing teenagers to risky sex, Teenagers

    Alcohol pushing teenagers to risky sex 05 January 2012

    Teenagers' drinking habits are making them indulge in sex beyond their desire, causing an epidemic of risky sex, doctors in Britain have warned. According to the Royal College of Physicians, many youngsters admit going "further than intended" once they are...

    Keywords: Drinking before sex, Drinking before sex, excessive drinking, excessive drinking

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    GVK Mall, Banjara Hills, 120 teenagers taken into custody at a local pub, Teenagers

    120 teenagers taken into custody at a local pub 10 July 2012

    The Hyderabad police raided on a pub at GVK Mall in posh Banjara Hills of Hyderabad. At least 120 persons were taken into the custody. The police, who got information that minors thronged pubs, have arrived at the pub and...

    Keywords: raided on pubs, raided on pubs, breath analyzer, breath analyzer

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    alcohol consumption effects teenagers brain, alcohol consumption of teenagers damages brain cells, binge drinking effects memory of teenagers, Teenagers

    Binge-drinking effects memory of teenagers 29 April 2015

    Heavy alcohol consumption in adolescent age may result in long lasting changes in parts of the brain and affects their memory, study revealed. The study was published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research."In the eyes of the law,...

    Keywords: adolescent drinking causes memory loss, adolescent drinking causes memory loss, adolescent drinking causes memory loss, effects of binge drinking

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    cannabis, Health News, smoking cannabis daily can reduce memory, Teenagers

    Smoking cannabis daily can reduce memory 18 December 2013

    A recent study revealed that smoking cannabis reduces memory among teenagers. Teenagers who smoked daily performed badly in memory test even when they had given up smoking the drug two years ago. The study was recently published in the journal...

    Keywords: marijuana, brain abnormalities, Smoking, Smoking

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    Asthma in teenagers latest, Asthma in teenagers, teenagers who stay up late are at higher risk for asthma, Teenagers

    Teenagers Who Stay Up Late Are At Higher Risk For Asthma 07 July 2020

    Teenagers Who Stay Up Late Are At Higher Risk For Asthma:- This may not be a great news for youth who are not habitual of going to bed early. If they are hooked up to screen till late night, they...

    Keywords: Asthma in teenagers new updates, Asthma in teenagers latest, Asthma news, Asthma in teenagers new updates

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    annual Society for Neuroscience meeting, Neuroscience, criminal activity peaks during preceding maturity, Teenagers

    Criminal activity peaks during preceding maturity 16 November 2013

    Mentioned in the Science News. Org, by Laura Sanders, that brain activity may help explain why crime peaks during teen years. Further known, from research presented during November 10 at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting recommends that teenagers brains...

    Keywords: Weill Cornell Medical College, Criminal activity peaks in teenagers, teenagers brains, Criminal activity peaks in teenagers

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    effect of binge drinking, effect of binge drinking, mixing energy drinks and alcohol increases drinking abuse, Teenagers

    Mixing energy drinks and alcohol increases drinking abuse 05 May 2015

    According to a study, teenagers who mix alcohol with energy drinks are four times more likely to face a drinking problem disorder than those who have tried alcohol but never mixed it with an energy drink.The Dartmouth team, led by...

    Keywords: energy drinks and alcohol mixing related to abusive drinking in teens, Mixing energy drinks and alcohol related to drinking disorder, Mixing energy drinks and alcohol related to drinking disorder, combining energy drinks increases drinking abuse

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    sleep disorders, Teenagers, teenagers should keep away from smartphones, Teenagers

    Teenagers should keep away from smartphones 03 February 2015

    The researchers from University of Basel in Switzerland reported that teenagers spend more time on their smartphone, especially during nights which may affect their sleep and noticed an increase risk of depressive symptoms. The study was performed observing over 300...

    Keywords: depressive symptoms, depressive symptoms, poor sleep in teens, Journal of Youth and Adolescence

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    , Girl detained illegally, girl detained illegally by police and raped, Teenagers

    Girl detained illegally by police and raped 18 July 2012

    A teenager was kidnapped by three men in Sitapur but was traced and rescued by the police. However, she was illegally detained by the police and raped by them along with a chowkidar from the village before being handed over...

    Keywords: teenagers, kidnapped, FIR, FIR

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    Maoists declared that polls should boycotted, plan of Maoists, maoists with 20000 kg of explosives pose threat, Teenagers

    Maoists With 20000 kg Of Explosives Pose Threat 11 November 2013

    It is learnt that the Maoists are having a stock of over 20000 kg of explosives to use against the security forces and political people. It made the situation further tough as the plan of Maoists to send teenagers in...

    Keywords: ITBP, 20000 kg of explosives, Maoists declared that polls should boycotted, CRPF

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    spying on roommate, Trial of Indian student in roommates, trial of indian student in roommate s suicide begins, Teenagers

    Trial of Indian student in roommate's suicide begins 27 February 2012

    As a former Indian American student went on trial for spying on his roommate, who later committed suicide, with another man, prosecutors called it a hate crime and the defence a stupid teenage prank. In opening arguments on Friday at...

    Keywords: Dharun Ravis trail, Superior Court Jury, Trial of Indian student in roommates, Steven Altman

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    fasting blood draw, fasting blood draw, more sleep lowers diabetes risk in teens, Teenagers

    More sleep lowers diabetes risk in teens 02 October 2012

    Longer sleep hours could prevent the onset of diabetes among teenagers, besides improving their insulin resistance, suggests a new study. "High levels of insulin resistance can lead to the development of diabetes," said Karen Matthews, who teaches psychiatry at the...

    Keywords: diabetes, diabetes, diabetes, among teenagers

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    Teenagers Winter Fashion, Teenagers Winter Fashion, best winter fashion for teenagers, Teenagers

    Best Winter Fashion For Teenagers 01 July 2017

    Best Winter Fashion For Teenagers:- Seasons always change rapidly. With the change in the weather, it is also necessary that you change your clothing as well. It is most important to keep in mind the right fashion sense individually for...

    Keywords: Teenagers Winter Fashion, Winter Fashion For Teenagers, Winter Fashion For Teenagers, Winter Fashion For Teenagers

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    Hyderabad, Hyderabad, 17 teenagers arrested for bike racing, Teenagers

    17 Teenagers Arrested for Bike Racing 20 June 2016

    The city police booked cases against 17 teenagers including two minors for racing on city roads. The youths were caught during enforcement drives against rash and negligent driving held at Jubilee Hills on Saturday night.During a press conference at his...

    Keywords: arrested, arrested, Hyderabad, arrested

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    Binge-drinking affect on genes, Binge-drinking affect on genes, adolescent drinking leaves long lasting effect on genes, Teenagers

    Adolescent drinking leaves long lasting effect on genes 04 April 2015

    The new study revealed that teenagers who binge drink could be damaging the brain development of their brains and results in psychiatric disorders including alcoholism in later life.The study, published in the journal Neurobiology of Disease, found evidence that binge...

    Keywords: adolescent drinking effects genes, Drinking effects brain development, Binge-drinking affect on health, Binge-drinking affect on health

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    psychology, Blissful childhood, modernism is hampering the childhood at age 12, Teenagers

    Modernism is hampering the childhood at age 12! 18 March 2013

    A serious problem indeed... Fact-fully, more than two-thirds of parents feel that their kids’ childhood gets hampered before they become teenagers which as been revealed by a new survey. According to the study, children are so worried about sex, popularity...

    Keywords: teenagers, teenagers, modern life, celebrities

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    Protein rich food helps reduce weight among overweight teenagers, how protein rich breakfast helps obese patients, protein rich breakfast helps obese shed some kilos, Teenagers

    Protein rich breakfast helps obese shed some kilos 14 August 2015

    Intake of high protein breakfast including milk, eggs, meat and yogurt daily can reduce weight among overweighed teenagers, according to a study. The researchers from University of Missouri compared benefits of consuming a normal-protein breakfast to a high-protein breakfast in overweight...

    Keywords: how protein rich breakfast helps obese patients, how protein rich breakfast helps obese patients, reduce weight with protein rich breakfast, how protein rich breakfast helps obese patients

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    cigarette packets sold in britain, anti-smoking messages, injurious say it louder, Teenagers

    Injurious? Say it louder 05 September 2013

    The fact was brought into prominence by research that the big anti-smoking messages on the front of cigarettes packets may help discourage from proceeding youngsters strongly attracted by tobacco. On the contrary, would actually have least consequence while they are...

    Keywords: prominence for anti-smoking messages, cigarette packets sold in britain, smoking warning., big anti-smoking messages

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    Mental Distress news, Mental Distress helps, how to deal with mental distress, Teenagers

    How to Deal With Mental Distress? 28 July 2020

    How to Deal With Mental Distress?:- Teenagers deal with many things are they need to juggle between work, activities, friends and they have to maintain an image across social media circles. Financial abuse or challenges can make them vulnerable and...

    Keywords: Mental Distress updates, Mental Distress, Mental Distress latest, Mental Distress news

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