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    Manage yourself! 18 June 2013

    Manage your life, use the time in a right way. You will not get extra time, you have to plan things. Every one gets only 24 hours time every day, no one is capable to create new minutes. Successful people...

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    Autocorrect not always correct... 03 August 2012

    We dote on our smartphones and berrys. We love our gadgets and apps. And we love this technology that makes our life so much easier. If that's the case with you, then you'd better learn to love the awkward moments...

    Keywords: Autocorrect not always correct, love, multitasks, Autocorrect not always correct

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    Positive effects of work pressure 19 December 2012

    Handling the work pressure at home and work day in and day out? No doubt you will definitely be stressed out working to the 11th hour, every day... but, many researchers say, handling a pressure daily, will prove to be...

    Keywords: ability, different works, daily work pressure, problem solving

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    Time Management Tips 09 April 2012

    Have you exhausted all resources to learn time management tips only to come across long and outdated theories and motivational speeches? Forget all that jargon and read on for straight forward and extremely helpful time management tips that will help...

    Keywords: efficient solution, Time Management tips, exhausted, Time Management tips

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