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  • man panics during childbirth, man overturns car while wife gives birth., panicked husband overturns car with wife in labor, Strange news

    Panicked husband overturns car with wife in labor 03 September 2013

    A Swedish man panicked big time as his new born baby fell head first on to the floor of the car he was driving on the way to the hospital. Shockingly, he managed to roll over the car four times...

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    Weird news, Kroger Food Store, a man arrested for stripping pooping at a grocery store scanner, Strange news

    A Man Arrested For Stripping, Pooping At A Grocery Store Scanner 03 June 2016

    A man named Colin Murphy, 23, a drunkard, was arrested for inappropriate behavior. He was loitering around the food park in Sunday. Behaving badly and reeking his booze he entered the store, according to the court records.Even after encountering with...

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    Weird news, Traffic signals, five year boy secretly calls police to inform father s traffic violation, Strange news

    Five year Boy Secretly Calls Police To Inform Father’s Traffic Violation 02 June 2016

    A five-year boy informed the police when he saw his father is driving through a red light, according to a recording posted online by police in the Massachusetts city of Quincy. The pint-sized crimefighter can be heard telling a dispatcher...

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    love making couple in train accident, Ukraine couple train accident, wild love on train tracks lead to woman s death, Strange news

    Wild love on train tracks lead to woman's death 30 September 2013

    A couple in Ukraine got the bright idea to have a wild romantic night on the train tracks, which only led to a train wreck. While making passionate love on the rail tracks, a train appeared out the blue and...

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