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  • Son of Satyamurthy, Lawrence, allu arjun felt shame to face lawrence, So satyamurthy

    Allu Arjun felt shame to face Lawrence 07 May 2015

    Son of Satyamurthy, the film, which has released long back  is now nearing to 50 cores. They talk about the film from the first show it was divided. The film had opened to mixed reviews, but still managed to collect...

    Keywords: Allu Arjun, Son of Satyamurthy, Son of Satyamurthy, Allu Arjun

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    Son of Satyamurthy, Son of Satyamurthy, all set ready for kick 2 audio launch on saturday, So satyamurthy

    All set ready for Kick 2 audio launch on Saturday 09 May 2015

    As said before Kick 2 audio is releasing this Saturday. The organizers are all special arrangements and intends to be much more careful than the usual as non only Raviteja, but also Kalyan Ram fans are also going to felicitate...

    Keywords: Son of Satyamurthy, Raviteja, Son of Satyamurthy, Kick

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    Muni, Muni, lawrence with old formula again, So satyamurthy

    Lawrence with old formula again 11 April 2015

    Muni was accepted by the audience to some extent. But Lawrence who was not satisfied with success, again directed the 2nd part which went to be a good success and Lawrence is also identified as a good actor through the...

    Keywords: Muni, Kanchana, Son of Satyamurthy, Ganga

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    Son of Satyamurthy, Samantha, samantha reacts for ali s comments, So satyamurthy

    Samantha reacts for Ali's comments 13 April 2015

    Ali who hosted the two S/O Satyamurthy functions created controversies in both of the functions. In the first one it was on his co host Suma,  which was taken very seriously by her and heard that she even warned Ali...

    Keywords: Son of Satyamurthy, Ali, Ali, Samantha

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    S/O Satyamurthy, tamil films, soundarya 2 is pregnant, So satyamurthy

    Soundarya 2 is pregnant 14 April 2015

    Sneha, one of the popular actress in Telugu films who is accredited as Soundarya 2, after the marriage did not concentrate into the movies much.In the recent success 'S/O Satyamurthy' movie, she was seen in a good house wife role....

    Keywords: tamil films, Soundarya, S/O Satyamurthy, tamil films

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    Trivikram, Trivikram, at least sos is super hit there, So satyamurthy

    At least SOS is super hit there 25 April 2015

    Son of Satyamurthy has released in Kerala on Saturday and the film was widely released through out the state. Kerala is the state where Allu Arjun has very huge following. Most of his films which are just an average here...

    Keywords: Son of Satyamurthy, Trivikram, Allu Arjun, Allu Arjun

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    Son of Satyamurthy, Son of Satyamurthy, s o satyamurthy success meet date locked, So satyamurthy

    S/O Satyamurthy success meet date locked 15 April 2015

    Son of Satyamurthy movie team, are day by day extending the promotion activities to move on the film  further. This is due to the negative reports on the movie. After those reports, the movie team were tensed and was constantly...

    Keywords: Atharintiki Daredi, Trivikram, Son of Satyamurthy, Trivikram

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    Trivikram, Son of Satyamurthy, will satyamurthy gain at least that credit, So satyamurthy

    Will Satyamurthy gain at least that credit ? 24 April 2015

    Be it Allu Arjun's or Trivikram's craze, the Son of Satyamurthy movie earned huge openings, it managed to collect 30 crores in the first week itself. But as it is known, the craze works only for a week and the...

    Keywords: Trivikram, Trivikram, Trivikram, Trivikram

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    movie news, Samantha, satyamurthy will not say thank you, So satyamurthy

    Satyamurthy will not say thank you 16 April 2015

    It was heard that there would be a success meet to prove that the movie is a hit, sorry, to celebrate the success of Son of Satyamurthy. But it was again heard that the plan was now dropped.Son of Satyamurthy...

    Keywords: Trivikram, Son of Satyamurthy, Son of Satyamurthy, Samantha

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    Son of Satyamurthy, Ganga, utthama villain postponed, So satyamurthy

    Utthama Villain postponed ! 01 May 2015

    Utthama Villain is expected to be released across the country this Friday, but unfortunately it is postponed now.Amidst of many expectations among the audience, Utthama Villain should actually be released on Friday, but as we know from the very long...

    Keywords: Son of Satyamurthy, Ganga, Lawrence, Ganga

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    Devi Sri Prasad, satyamurhty died, devi sri prasad s father satyamurthy passes away, So satyamurthy

    Devi Sri Prasad’s father Satyamurthy passes away 14 December 2015

    Notable music director Devi Sri Prasad’s father Satyamurthy, had left his last breath today morning, at his residence in Chennai.Satyamurthy was one of the famous writers in the Telugu film industry, who wrote the scripts for several hit movies in...

    Keywords: Devi Sri Prasad father satyamurthy died, Devi Sri Prasad, Devi Sri Prasad father dead, Devi Sri Prasad father dead

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    Son of Satyamurthy. Baahubali, Trivikram, i don t copy rajamouli trivikram, So satyamurthy

    I don't copy Rajamouli : Trivikram 13 April 2015

    Trivikram is thoroughly enjoying his recent success Son of Satyamurthy. In the weekend, the film has drawn heavy crowds at the theaters. About this, Trivikram was interviewed and spoke out few facts. Answering to the question of why he is...

    Keywords: Son of Satyamurthy. Baahubali, Son of Satyamurthy. Baahubali, Son of Satyamurthy. Baahubali, Trivikram

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    Nityamenon, Shruthi haasan, nitya as a sister for star hero, So satyamurthy

    Nitya as a sister for Star hero 13 April 2015

    Nityamenon is at her peek point now. The actress who started with a small movie now is able to act in high budgeted and also in star hero movies. Her recent flick ‘S/O Satyamurthy’ is doing its best at box...

    Keywords: OK Bangaram, S/O Satyamurthy, OK Bangaram, OK Bangaram

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    Devi Sri Prasad father statue, Devi Sri Prasad father statue, my father s statue over there dsp, So satyamurthy

    My father’s statue over there - DSP 21 January 2016

    Music sensation,  Devi Sri Prasad announced to erect his father Satyamurthy’s statue in Rajahmundry. It is known that, well known writer and DSP’s father, Satyamurthy has passed away recently. But saying that, his father does not like postponing the work, DSP...

    Keywords: Tollywood news, Satyamurthy, Tollywood news, DSP

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    Allu Arjun latest news, Allu Arjun, allu arjun faces real life son of satyamurthy scene, So satyamurthy

    Allu Arjun faces real life Son of Satyamurthy scene! 05 January 2016

    Stylish Star Allu Arjun, attends Rangareddy district court, regarding a land controversy, which has been continuing since 2008.   Regarding a 20 acres land in Narsing, two Brothers, Rahul Dev and Adrish Dev, the natives of Himayathnagar, moved to the court....

    Keywords: Allu Arjun latest news, Tollywood news, Sarainodu, Allu Arjun

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    Dasari, Ram Charan, exclusive pawan gifts mangoes to chiru, So satyamurthy

    Exclusive: Pawan gifts mangoes to Chiru 06 June 2015

    From the past few days, there is a buzz going on, in the Film Nagar circles that, a cold war is going on, in between the two big mega heroes Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan.  But, there is no such clarity...

    Keywords: Pawan Kalyan, Son of Satyamurthy, Dasari, Chiranjeevi

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    Trivikram, Trivikram, at vizag pawan fans target bunny, So satyamurthy

    At Vizag, Pawan fans target Bunny 20 April 2015

    “Thank you function”, a  new word coined by Trivikram for Attharitniki Daaredi and the legacy is being carried on by himself again for his latest flick Son of  Satyamurthy.It was already decided to arrange a function for Son of Satyamurthy...

    Keywords: Pawan kalyan, Trivikram, Trivikram, Trivikram

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    s/o satyamurthy 2015 best music, Son of Satyamurthy, finally son of satyamurthy gains a huge credit, So satyamurthy

    Finally, Son of Satyamurthy gains a huge credit 11 December 2015

    Son of Satyamurthy is declared as the best movie album for the year 2015, by Apple music (iTunes). When the year is ending, several analysis would be made in the various departments of the films and choose the best in...

    Keywords: Son of Satyamurthy, Apple music iTunes 2015 best album son of satyamurthy, Son of Satyamurthy, Son of Satyamurthy

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    Trivikram, Son of Satyamurthy, not ntr i want pawan trivikram, So satyamurthy

    Not NTR, I want Pawan- Trivikram 06 June 2015

    After securing the hat- trick success, through Julayi, Attharintiki Daredi and Son of Satyamurthy, Trivikram is on the ninth cloud now. Though, there are many producers ringing up his house bell, he is still not able to take the door...

    Keywords: Pawan Kalyan, Trivikram, Son of Satyamurthy, Trivikram

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    Son of Satyamurthy, Collections, son of satyamurthy disappointed them, So satyamurthy

    Son of Satyamurthy disappointed them 02 June 2015

    Son of Satyamurthy. Though the film was opened to the mixed reviews, it still managed to cross the benchmark 50 days with 50 crores. But the thing is, though the film crossed 50 crores, still it could not create a...

    Keywords: Son of Satyamurthy, Collections, Collections, Trivikram

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