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    Feeling sleepy at work place, blame obesity and depression 11 May 2015

    Are you feeling tired at your work place after a good night’s sleep? The new research has revealed that obesity and depression as the main reasons. Obesity and depression are the common problems that suffer people, but the researchers measured...

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    yoga, morning walk, importance of morning walk, Sleepiness

    Importance of Morning Walk 03 June 2013

    Morning walks are important during the winter seasons, because that's when our blood becomes thicker and walks help in increasing the rate of blood circulation and as a result, your body gets more oxygen. It warms up your body. Walking...

    Keywords: morning walk, healthy walking, Morning walk, relaxation

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    how to avoid sleepiness at office, how exercise helps human body, exercise can help reduce excessive sleepiness, Sleepiness

    Exercise can help reduce excessive sleepiness 13 August 2015

    Are you feeling sleepy at work even after getting adequate sleep at night? Researchers found that daily aerobic exercise can reduce daytime sleep disorder among depressed individuals.According to latest research, exercise reduces levels of two proteins in your body, resulting...

    Keywords: Aerobic exercise can lower excessive sleepiness, Aerobic exercise can lower excessive sleepiness, how exercise helps human body, how exercise helps human body

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