Exercise can help reduce excessive sleepiness

August 13, 2015 17:29
Exercise can help reduce excessive sleepiness

Are you feeling sleepy at work even after getting adequate sleep at night? Researchers found that daily aerobic exercise can reduce daytime sleep disorder among depressed individuals.

According to latest research, exercise reduces levels of two proteins in your body, resulting in reduced sleepiness. The study involved people with hypersomnia, which is characterised by sleeping too much at night, as well as excessive daytime sleepiness.

More than 100 subjects between ages of 18 to 70 suffering from Major Depression Disorder participated in the study. The researchers examined blood samples provided by study participants who were randomly assigned to two types of aerobic exercise to determine the effects of exercise on their depression. After analysing they found reductions in two biomarkers, BDNF and IL-1 beta, are related to reductions in hypersomnia.

"Identifying these biomarkers, combined with new understanding of the important role of exercise in reducing hypersomnia, have potential implications in the treatment of major depressive disorders," said the study's senior author, Madhukar Trivedi from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, US.

The findings appeared in the journal Translational Psychiatry.

By Lizitha

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