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  • Baby movie banned, Baby movie banned, pak bans akshay s baby, Sindh province

    Pak bans Akshay's Baby 23 January 2015

    Pakistan has banned Akshay Kumar's Friday release movie 'Baby' directed by Neeraj Pandey. The censor boards of Islamabad and Sindh Province which are the biggest markets for Bollywood films, have banned 'Baby' citing the movie is against the religious sentiments...

    Keywords: Baby movie, Haider banned, Haider banned, Pakistan banned Baby movie

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    Pakistan PM's office, Yusuf Raza Gilani, woman professor dispatched anthrax parcel to pakistan pm s office, Sindh province

    Woman professor dispatched anthrax parcel to Pakistan PM's office 02 February 2012

    On Wednesday February 1 Pakistan Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani spokesman Akram Shahidi said that in the month of October a tiny pack of dangerous anthrax powder has been dispatched to the Pakistan prime minister office.As the security team who became...

    Keywords: Jamshoro., dispatched anthrax parcel, Woman professor, Akram Shahidi

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    Pakistan, intent to commit adultery, man and women coerced by police to walk naked, Sindh province

    Man and women coerced by police to walk naked 06 August 2012

    A shocking incident had baffled the Police department of Pakistan. A man and women were charged and arrested under the intent to commit adultery. But you may question that this could not be very shocking. The truly shocking part of...

    Keywords: Pakistan, intent to commit adultery, , intent to commit adultery

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    Sindh, Kidnapped, kidnapped pak hindu girl converts to islam marries, Sindh province

    Kidnapped Pak Hindu girl converts to Islam, marries 11 August 2012

    A 14 year old Hindu girl in Pakistan had been kidnapped two days ago. She had later called up her father saying that she had married a Muslim and converted to Islam. However, the overwrought father had said that it...

    Keywords: Pakistan Hindu girl, Pakistan, Islam, Kidnapped

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    Hindu Temple, Thatta, hindu temple vandalized in pakistan s sindh province, Sindh province

    Hindu Temple Vandalized In Pakistan’s Sindh Province 29 April 2017

    In a disgusting incident, a hindu temple was vandalized, yesterday, by some unidentified persons in Pakistan’s Southern Sindh province. According to the Police officials, idols of deities were damaged and some of the broken parts were found in a nearby...

    Keywords: Thatta, Pakistan, Hindu Temple, Thatta

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