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  • dowry, IPC sections, sisters of india in clutches of dowry, Punishments

    Sisters of India in clutches of dowry! 05 July 2012

    "India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters......" How many of them remember the pledge of the country? If yes, then sexual offences on women would undoubtedly seize. Who gave a right to look at a woman...

    Keywords: minor girl, IPC sections, social evil, minor girl

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    Action., Corporal punishment, girl students hospitalized for corporal punishments, Punishments

    Girl students hospitalized for Corporal Punishments 04 April 2012

    Corporal punishment by a lady teacher meted on 12 girls, in a school in the Nellore District was condemned by the authorities. The shocked girls were treated in a hospital. The incident occurred in Gudur town of the district, on...

    Keywords: condemned, Agitations, Action., Agitations

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    Ohio, Victoria Bascom, creative punishments of ohio judge goes viral, Punishments

    Creative punishments of Ohio Judge goes viral 01 June 2015

    Judge Michael Cicconetti, who is known for making the punishment fit the crime, has decided that, instead of going to jail for 60 days, Victoria Bascom, who has deliberately not paid for her journey, for which the cab driver took...

    Keywords: Judge Michael Cicconetti, Victoria Bascom, Victoria Bascom, Victoria Bascom

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    International Road Federation (IRF), victim-related costs, road accidents cost india 20 billion every year, Punishments

    Road accidents cost India $20 billion every year 20 February 2012

    The bill seeks to establish a panel for the development and regulation of road safety, traffic management system and safety standards in highway design and construction. India suffers a staggering hit of Rs.1 lakh crore ($20 billion) every year due...

    Keywords: National Road Safety and Traffic Management Board Bill, National Road Safety and Traffic Management Board Bill, International Road Federation (IRF), National Road Safety and Traffic Management Board Bill

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    feel critics., Are our punishments for such dangerous crimes, five crores worth drugs seized at shamshabad airport, Punishments

    Five crores worth drugs seized at Shamshabad airport 10 February 2013

    Vigilant cops seize drugs worth, nearly Rs 5 crores from a traveler bound to Bangkok by Malaysian Airlines. The arrested, Chennai native, Rasheed was a seasoned drug peddler and was earlier accused of the same crime. However that has not...

    Keywords: needs a retrospection, Are our punishments for such dangerous crimes, not sufficient or are there some high hands involved in this drug mafia, needs a retrospection

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    ragging, Ganta, life imprisonment for ragging students ganta, Punishments

    Life imprisonment for ragging students - Ganta 04 August 2015

    The AP government is going to implement strict and serious punishments like life imprisonment and life term ban, for the students who are involved in ragging. After Rishiteshwari case, though the Andhra Pradesh government is silent on the issue for...

    Keywords: AP ragging punishments, Rishiteshwari case, ragging punishments in AP, ragging punishments in AP

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    coronavirus updates, Health Workers coronavirus, tough law on attacks against health workers, Punishments

    Tough Law On Attacks Against Health Workers 22 April 2020

    Tough Law On Attacks Against Health Workers:- In this tough coronavirus time, several people staged attacks on the health workers and doctors which is sure not a good sign for the society. The Centre today announced that stringent action would...

    Keywords: Health Workers, Health Workers attacks, coronavirus updates, Health Workers

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    hyderabad schools, corporal punishments, schools award corporal punishments, Punishments

    Schools award Corporal punishments!! 29 June 2012

    As I write about schools the only syllable that is 3D, this simply means  Discipline, Determination and Dedication. But are these institutes adhering to the fundamentals, is accusation that lingers in the minds of the parents. With growing incidents of...

    Keywords: , 3d, , private schools

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    Telangana traffic, Road accidents in Telangana, foreign road traffic rules in telangana soon, Punishments

    Foreign road traffic rules in Telangana soon! 27 January 2016

    Telangana government is planning to implement strict rules, against the people responsible for the road accidents in the state. The government is imposing new rules, as the road accidents are increasing day by day and the loss is severe. It...

    Keywords: Telangana news, Telangana news, Telangana news, road accidents punishments in Hyderabad

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    post-Godhra Riots, Maya Kodnani, special court to announce naroda patiya case punishments today, Punishments

    Special Court to announce Naroda Patiya case punishments today 31 August 2012

    Today a Special court would pronounce the punishments to all the 32 convicts in the 2002 post-Godhra Riots, Naroda Patiya case. Among the 32 convicted people in the Naroda Patiya case are the BJP MLA, former minister of the government...

    Keywords: Maya Kodnani, Maya Kodnani, post-Godhra Riots, Bajrang Dal

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    big boss6 inmates, big boss6 inmates, big boss 6 sidhu paji punished in the panic room, Punishments

    Big Boss 6 : Sidhu Paji punished in the panic room 02 November 2012

    It seems the famous Sidhuism has failed to impress Big Boss as he got a punishment in the PANIC room of the much talked about house. The room is the replacement of former prison that is usually used to punish...

    Keywords: big boss6 inmates, panic room, big boss6 inmates, navjyot singh sidhu

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