• breathing problems, Mumbai, pigeons intrudes mahim making life miserable for all, Pigeon

    Pigeons intrudes Mahim making life miserable for all! 13 March 2013

    Shopkeeper's pigeon-love near St Michael's Church gives residents breathing problems. A shopkeeper who feeds pigeons near a bus stop, on the main road opposite St Michael's Church as a result of which residents of LJ Road in Mahim, are left...

    Keywords: Church in Mahim, Mumbai, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, Mahim

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    Prince Mahesh, Gautham, apple of his eye pigeon time for mahesh s kids, Pigeon

    Apple of his eye, pigeon time for Mahesh's kids 02 August 2013

    Prince Mahesh is a hard working man, but does not compromise his family time. Sitara and Goutham are with the star in London, where he is shooting for his film One (Nenokkadine). While taking a break from the busy shooting...

    Keywords: Mahesh one shooting, One shooting in London, Mahesh MARD poem, Mahesh One

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    28733 on pigeon ring, Benjing Dual in Gujarat, mysterious pigeon was seen with a chip and arabic script, Pigeon

    Mysterious Pigeon was seen with a chip and Arabic script 28 March 2015

    A pigeon carrying suspicious electronic chip and a ring with code was seen by a guard in Gujarat near Indo-Pak border. The incident, apparently linked to terrorist or anti-social activists, troubled the police, forest, coast guard, and intelligence departments.After catching...

    Keywords: Benjing Dual in Gujarat, Mysterious pigeon in Gujarat, Pigeon with arms, Mysterious pigeon in Gujarat

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    Tamil Nadu bus conductor news, Tamil Nadu bus conductor news, tamil nadu bus conductor fined for not issuing ticket to a pigeon, Pigeon

    Tamil Nadu Bus Conductor Fined for not Issuing Ticket to a Pigeon 11 September 2017

    Tamil Nadu Bus Conductor Fined for not Issuing Ticket to a Pigeon:- In a shocking incident, a bus conductor in Tamil Nadu has been questioned for not issuing a bus ticket for a pigeon which has been travelling in a...

    Keywords: Tamil Nadu bus conductor latest, Tamil Nadu bus conductor, Tamil Nadu bus conductor news, Tamil Nadu bus conductor

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    Pigeon, India, pigeon as a pakistan messenger, Pigeon

    Pigeon as a Pakistan messenger? 30 May 2015

    A pigeon was arrested by the police in India, believing it to be carrying a secret message from Pakistan. The bird was actually seized in the ‘Manwal’ village,  which is at the border of India and Pakistan in Punjab. Though,...

    Keywords: Pakistan, messenger, Pakistan, Pigeon

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