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  • Tirumala Information, National Wishesh, leader narendra modi the real hero morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Leader Narendra Modi the real hero: Morning Wishesh 26 December 2012

    Hi....Hello.....Hola! Saludo Happy Christmas once again and Happy New Year 2013. This year must bring prosperity to one and all. So here we are back with a Spanish hello. The day is charged up particularly in Gujarat with Modi romping...

    Keywords: History Wishesh, delhi gangrape, National Wishesh, delhi gangrape

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    Sports Wishesh, emergency landing, juvenile or not he is a savage beast morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Juvenile or not, he is a savage beast!: Morning Wishesh 04 January 2013

    Happy New Year 2013.....Shuvo noboborsho.........Godt NytAr Back again with  wishes for the New Year in Bengali and Danish languages. Try these with your friends from these parts. From the pitiable fate of Team India to the fate of the Delhi...

    Keywords: , France, Mount Elizabeth hospital, Business Wishesh

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    Day's nature significance, Day's nature significance, visionary ratan tata leaves behind a legacy morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Visionary Ratan Tata leaves behind a legacy: Morning Wishesh 28 December 2012

    Hi..............Salut Morning Wishesh is back with a French 'Hi' in the informal way. The nation is happy that the rape-in-moving-bus victim had been flown to the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore for better treatment, but is equally troubled as the...

    Keywords: Morning Wishesh, Sports Wishesh, 28 December, Day's important Wishesh

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    Tirupati Wishesh, TTD, wow shriya on wow mag morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Wow Shriya! On WOW mag: Morning Wishesh 24 December 2012

    Good Morning.............Zao Shang Hao Welcome to the last full week of this year 2012 with a Chinese good Morning. The year has rolled out so fast that we never knew how it passed by. Let's all cheer to welcome the...

    Keywords: Apollo 8, Thought for the day, Business Wishesh, 24 December

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    Sports Wishesh, Amanat case, new year bonanza for starlets morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    New Year bonanza for starlets :Morning Wishesh 31 December 2012

    Happy New Year 2013.........Bonne annee............Feliz ano nuevo To all our readers, well wishers and most important to our critics who have been our support in upgrading on a day-to day basis, Wishesh wishes 'Happy New Year 2013'. We also have...

    Keywords: International Wishesh, National Wishesh, chennai match, Tirupati Wishesh

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    , Sitar Maestro Pundit Ravi Shankar passed away, centre washes hands off on t morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Centre washes hands off on T? : Morning Wishesh 12 December 2012

     Namsathe.......KUZUZANGPO-LA Welcome back with a Bhutanese good morning. The day is very special as it is 12-12-12. it is the century's last numerically repeated day as the next one is in 01-01-01 (January 021 of 2101). The day needs to...

    Keywords: 12 December, Vasthunna meekosam, Sitar Maestro Pundit Ravi Shankar passed away, tirupathi news

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    Jana's 'mouna vratham' with media, jadeja, cheetah strays away from babu morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Cheetah strays away from Babu! :Morning Wishesh 14 December 2012

    Hi....Good Morning.....Dobre Rano Welcome back with a greeting in Slovakia, its an energetic morning in Hyderabad and quite electrifying too, as usual. Indian pride has scaled higher after the Grammy's announced posthumously 'life time award' to Pandit Ravi Shankar, the...

    Keywords: ishanth sharma, Gujarat Poll updates, Jana's 'mouna vratham' with media, Cheetah stays away from Babu

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    Kolleru, Kavuri, will kavuri be pacified morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Will Kavuri be pacified? Morning Wishesh 13 December 2012

    Tirupati: Devotees influx normal today, however 53,465 pilgrims visited the temple town on Wednesday. In the early hours of the day about 6 compartments are filled and the average darshan time is just four hours. TTD plans extensively for Vaikunta...

    Keywords: Tmeeet, Gujarat elections, Tmeeet, Tirumala information

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    19 December, Deccan Chargers to be Sun risers, kill him if he has erred morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Kill him if he has erred: Morning Wishesh 19 December 2012

    Hi....Welcome.......Marhaban Welcome back with an Arabic greeting (means welcome). Well I would not like to be a hypocrite to say Good Morning as it is well over the early hours while you get this personal tit bits of the day....

    Keywords: Aditya 999, Aditya 999, 19 December, Deccan Chargers to be Sun risers

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    National Wishesh, Flash Airlines Flight 604, prabhu nayan breakup it was my fault morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Prabhu-Nayan breakup: It was my fault! :Morning Wishesh 03 January 2013

    Happy New Year 2013.............Voorspoedige Nuwe Jaar....Kul 'am wa antum bikhair Back again with the first issue of Morning Wishesh while wishing you a Happy New Year in Afrikaans and Arabic. 2013 opens with aspirations and inspirations for the entire world....

    Keywords: eden gardens, Tirumala Information, TTD, Flash Airlines Flight 604

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    Tirupati Wishesh, Business Wishesh, snowstorms in america morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Snowstorms in America: Morning Wishesh 27 December 2012

    Good Morning....Ciao a tutti Morning Wishesh is back with a Italian 'Hello'. Just try mesmerizing this word to  surprise your Italian partner or friend. Learn a greeting a day has been the motto of this column. We thank you for...

    Keywords: Sports Wishesh, Salman Khan, Salman Khan, Delhi gang-rape

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    Morning Wishesh, December 18, mega clan is united morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Mega clan is united!: Morning Wishesh 18 December 2012

    Hi..... Hello.....Bom dia Welcome back with a Portuguese good morning. Hyderabad woke up to a rude shock with fire gutting the old airport at Begumpet. The incident rocked the city and has resulted in almost 50 crores worth damages, however...

    Keywords: Morning Wishesh, December 18, Pawan Kalyan, 18 December

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    Morning Wishesh, God is one, hot veena malik rises mercury levels with attire morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Hot Veena Malik rises mercury levels with attire : Morning Wishesh 22 December 2012

    Namaskar.... good morning.....Baajjaveri hendhun  eh We are back with a Maldivian Good Morning. After the myth of Doomsday is over, our morning life continues as usual. Christmas time folks, the best time to shop across the globe. Apart from fat...

    Keywords: 22 December, December 22, December 22, veena malik

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    Gujarat polls, hot Shriya, sweet boxes with nude cds morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Sweet boxes with nude CDs! :Morning Wishesh 17 December 2012

    Hi...... Good Morning..........DzieƄ dobry Hi again we are back with a Polish Good Morning. Hope you enjoyed the week ends. However in the metros it was a splendid time in the morning. Getting ready for the new year bash...Pretty bad...

    Keywords: Gujarat polls, Gujarat polls, Nagpur match, December 17

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    Dona Paz ferry, 20 December, doomsday 21 12 12 numerologists vs astrologists morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Doomsday 21-12-12, Numerologists vs Astrologists: Morning Wishesh 20 December 2012

    HI...........  hello........... Indemin adderachihu back again with an Ethiopian Good Morning. The nation is busy with the electoral results of the tow states for which counting has begun. Another thing that worries us is the Doomsday syndrome. Anyways relax enjoy...

    Keywords: Doomsday, 21-12-12, Vector 1 oil tanker, International Human Solidarity Day

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    Morning Wishesh, December 25, happy christmas morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Happy Christmas: Morning Wishesh 25 December 2012

    Happy Happy Christmas..........Joyeux Noel On a bright Christmas morning we are back wishing you Happy Christmas in French. Wishesh joins along with its entire team and the support of growing readership to wish you all a very happy greetings of...

    Keywords: Happy X Mas, December 25, Day's nature significance, Delhi gang-rape protests

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    attack on parliament, ind vs eng, lokesh lashes out morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Lokesh lashes out? : Morning Wishesh 13 December 2012

    Namaskaram................Dobraye utro  Welcome back with a Russian good morning and an Indian greeting. It is a great day out here in Hyderabad. Thursday is the most happening day in  the week, while slowly crawling to the giant weekend. Before we...

    Keywords: Venkatesh, Bhagawad Gita, attack on parliament, Bhagawad Gita

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    T Cong fate after meet, UPA, upa s bone for a pound of flesh on t morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    UPA's bone for a pound of flesh on T: Morning Wishesh 14 December 2012

    T Cong fate after meet?: This is one question that is haunting the political circles of the state, really what will happen to T Congress leaders after the meet. The issue is evident from what Nagarkurnool MP Dr Manda Jaganatham...

    Keywords: Tcongress, left, Tcongress, TRS

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    iPhone was unveiled today, History Wishesh, happy birthday iphone morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Happy Birthday iPhone: Morning Wishesh 09 January 2013

    Happy New Year 2013......Sun nien fai lok.......Xin nian yu kuai Welcome back to our daily columns of juicy bites from across. Today we wish you in the Chinese style, the first one is in Cantonese and the next is in...

    Keywords: Wishesh Thought, Tirupati Wishesh, Wishesh Thought, south wishesh

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    December 21, Day from the History, have they been caught rape victim meekly mumbles morning wishesh, Morning wishesh

    Have they been caught? Rape victim meekly mumbles :Morning Wishesh 21 December 2012

    Good Morning.................Salamat Pagi Welcome to the myth of a doomsday 21-12-12... anyways we are back with a Malaya (language of the Malaysians) wish.  End Of The World 2012  day begins with a controversy between the numerologists and the astrologers who...

    Keywords: Rape in moving bus, Christmas is fast approaching, Christmas is fast approaching, December 21

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