• Microsoft, Microsoft, mobile manufacturing firm lava launches helium 14 notebook, Microsoft

    Mobile Manufacturing Firm Lava Launches “Helium 14” Notebook 29 June 2017

    Mobile Manufacturing Firm Lava Launches “Helium 14” Notebook:- Domestic mobile manufacturing company Lava, marking its entry into the notebook segment, launched “Helium 14” notebook on Thursday. The company has collaborated with Microsoft and global chip maker Intel, for the notebook....

    Keywords: Helium 14 Notebook, Intel, Helium 14 Notebook, Intel

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    PowerPoint, Android, microsoft releases office remote for android, Microsoft

    Microsoft releases Office Remote for Android 10 April 2015

    Office Remote - as its name suggests - acts as a remote through which you can control your presentations. The app works in conjunction with a desktop add-in installed on your PC, with actions undertaken on the app transmitted to...

    Keywords: Office Remote, Excel, Windows 8, Android

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    Virus, Microsoft, another global cyber attack brings major firms down across globe, Microsoft

    Another Global Cyber Attack Brings Major Firms Down Across Globe 28 June 2017

    Another Global Cyber Attack Brings Major Firms Down Across Globe:- Russia's biggest oil company, Ukrainian banks and multinational firms have been affected by another major global cyber attack on Tuesday disrupting computers, just like a virus similar to the ransomware...

    Keywords: Eternal Blue, Virus, Microsoft, Microsoft

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    Microsoft, Microsoft quarterly report, microsoft profit falls, Microsoft

    Microsoft Profit falls 27 January 2015

    Technology titan, Microsoft reported a profit of $5.86 billion for the latest quarter ending December 31, compared with $6.56 billion in the year-ago quarter. But Microsoft announced a revenue of USD 26.5 billion for the same quarter with increase of...

    Keywords: Microsoft quarterly report, Microsoft Bing search, Microsoft revenues, Microsoft quarterly report

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    Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, a sneak peek of microsoft s new service wi fi leaked, Microsoft

    A Sneak peek of Microsoft's New service 'Wi-Fi' leaked 04 June 2015

    A sneak peek of Microsoft’s new service free ‘Wi-Fi’ has been released on 2nd June in microsoftwifi.com website.  A twitter user named “WalkingCat” first identifies this. The webpage boasts about the new service as ‘hassle free Wi-Fi access for millions...

    Keywords: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi, Skype, Skype

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    Impersonation Fraud, Caller Identity App, microsoft integrates caller identity app skype lite with aadhaar, Microsoft

    Microsoft Integrates Caller Identity App “Skype Lite” With Aadhaar 06 July 2017

    Microsoft Integrates Caller Identity App “Skype Lite” With Aadhaar:- The “Made for India” Skype Lite app has been integrated  with Aadhaar by Microsoft, to prevent impersonation fraud thereby allowing users of the app to verify the caller’s identity online. Aadhar...

    Keywords: Skype Lite, Aadhar, Made For India, Aadhar

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    Microsoft India, Future Decoded, ap cm chandrababu naidu starts happiness index department in india, Microsoft

    AP CM Chandrababu Naidu Starts Happiness Index Department in India 05 April 2017

    The successor state of Andhra Pradesh (AP) is going to have an exclusive happiness index (HI) department, by the State CM, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu. Chandrababu Naidu, who started this project as his pet scheme, is going to head the HI...

    Keywords: India, India, Happiness Index, India

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    Windows, Windows, aren t you using a genuine version of windows then this news is not good for you, Microsoft

    Aren't you using a genuine version of Windows? Then this news is not good for you 19 May 2015

    People running pirated copies of Windows are going to have to pay - or keep pirating - if they want to update their computers to Windows 10. That may sound painfully obvious, but there's actually been quite a bit of...

    Keywords: Microsoft, Windows, Terry Myerson, Terry Myerson

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    Microsoft Patch Tuesday, Microsoft Office, microsoft fixes 45 unique security vulnerabilities with its new software, Microsoft

    Microsoft Fixes 45 Unique Security Vulnerabilities With Its New Software 13 April 2017

    Microsoft has brought in a new software, Microsoft Patch Tuesday cycle, that brought brought fixes for a total of 45 vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s software. The software tools which were included were, the Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Edge browser. The...

    Keywords: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Patch Tuesday, Microsoft Patch Tuesday, Microsoft Office

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    TikTok and Oracle in USA, TikTok and Microsoft, oracle wins bid for tiktok in the usa, Microsoft

    Oracle Wins Bid for TikTok in the USA 14 September 2020

    Oracle Wins Bid for TikTok in the USA:- TikTok has been facing tough time after the arrival of coronavirus pandemic and China facing the heat. The Chinese apps have been banned by countries like India and USA already. Widely popular...

    Keywords: TikTok and Oracle deal, TikTok and Oracle updates, TikTok and Oracle updates, TikTok and Oracle deal

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    Microsoft, Microsoft, 10 days to go microsoft windows server 2003 on the verge of extinction, Microsoft

    10 days to go: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 on the verge of extinction 04 July 2015

    Can a 11-year old mobile compete with the latest smartphone? It cannot. Simply because it cannot perform all the tasks, which a latest smartphone can do.Will you use an old elevator, which doesn’t have any support or maintenance? Just because...

    Keywords: Windows XP, Microsoft, Windows XP, Windows XP

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    Cyanogen, Google, take that google microsoft apps will be bundled on cyanogen s android phones, Microsoft

    Take that, Google: Microsoft apps will be bundled on Cyanogen's Android phones 18 April 2015

    The two companies have struck a deal to integrate popular Microsoft apps into Cyanogen Operating System, which now comes preloaded on phones like the OnePlus One after rising from CyanogenMod, one of the most popular alternative Android ROMs around. The...

    Keywords: Android, Microsoft, Android, Cyanogen

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    Ford foundation, Microsoft, bill and melinda gates foundation s funding under watch, Microsoft

    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s funding under watch 06 May 2015

    After screwing Greenpeace India and the Ford Foundation, the home ministry has turned its gaze on to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the eponymous non-governmental organisation founded and run by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda. The...

    Keywords: Greenpeace, Ford foundation, Greenpeace, Home ministry

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    Google, Supreme Court, stop erotic determination ads, Microsoft

    Stop Erotic Determination Ads 28 January 2015

    The Supreme Court of India has directed Google, Yahoo and Microsoft's Bing to stop displaying the ads of Erotic determination in their major search engines based on a Public Interest Litigation filed. The Supreme adjourned the next hearing of this...

    Keywords: girl child Erotic ratio, Microsoft's Bing, Supreme Court, Google

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    Davos, Chandrababu Naidu Bill Gates, microsoft in ap, Microsoft

    Microsoft in AP? 24 January 2015

    Technology giant Microsoft might set up its operations base in Andhra Pradesh state. Former CEO and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates who met AP chief minister Chandrababu Naidu at Davos, assured him that Microsoft would check the possibilities of establishing...

    Keywords: Microsoft Development centre in AP, Davos, Microsoft Development centre in AP, Davos

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    Future Decoded Conference news, Future Decoded Conference, key highlights future decoded conference, Microsoft

    Key Highlights: Future Decoded Conference 22 February 2017

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took Future Decoded Conference as the platform to narrate his view of digitally transformed India and his view of Digital India. The conference has been conducted today in Mumbai and it has been attended by AP...

    Keywords: Future Decoded Conference, Microsoft, Satya Nadella, Satya Nadella

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    Rahul Gandhi, Rahul comments on Steve Jobs, rahul gandhi did not say steve jobs of microsoft, Microsoft

    Rahul Gandhi did not say ‘Steve Jobs of Microsoft’! 19 January 2016

    Rather than the truth, which gives nothing, sometimes, it would be good to believe false, as it gives super entertainment. Especially, if it is anything about the people like Rahul Gandhi, the issue goes more viral than expected, sometimes even...

    Keywords: Rahul Gandhi, Steve Jobs of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Microsoft, Rahul comments on Steve Jobs

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    Redmond Campus, US, microsoft builds treehouse office for its employees, Microsoft

    Microsoft Builds Treehouse Office For Its Employees 14 October 2017

    Microsoft Builds Treehouse Office For Its Employees:- In an exciting development, Microsoft has built treehouse workspaces with embedded tech at its Redmond campus in US. The workspaces, that will serve as meeting spaces and a more casual work environment, have...

    Keywords: US, Redmond Campus, Microsoft, Redmond Campus

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    Satya Nadella salary, Satya Nadella news, satya nadella sells 36 million usd in stock, Microsoft

    Satya Nadella Sells 36 Million USD In Stock 11 August 2018

    Satya Nadella Sells 36 Million USD In Stock:- Microsoft Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella sold 3,28,000 shares that are valued 35.9 million USD. He is said to have sold these shares for financial planning and he is said to...

    Keywords: Satya Nadella sold shares, Satya Nadella shares, Satya Nadella assets, Satya Nadella sold shares

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    OpenAI, Microsoft, microsoft invests 1 billion usd on openai, Microsoft

    Microsoft Invests 1 Billion USD on OpenAI 23 July 2019

    Microsoft Invests 1 Billion USD on OpenAI:- Tech giant Microsoft announced that they are investing 1 billion USD in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based start-up called OpenAI. They would jointly develop new supercomputing technologies on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform. This...

    Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft, Microsoft latest, Microsoft venture

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