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    The world's largest lizards have been born in Indonesia zoo... 20 March 2013

    The species is considered vulnerable, with around 5,000 left in the wild Interestingly, according to an official said on Wednesday that seven Komodo dragons have hatched under a breeding programme at an Indonesian zoo, and that this a success story...

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    dog microchip, dog microchip, microchip reunites dog with owners after 5 years, Microchip

    Microchip reunites dog with owners after 5 years 23 May 2016

    5 years after it went missing, a 13-year old dog in UK, was reunited with its owners, through a microchip fitted to the canine, which helped in disclosing its identity. While the owners went on a holiday, leaving Eddie the...

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    himax technologies inc, glass microchipmaker himax., google invests in taiwanese microchip maker, Microchip

    Google invests in Taiwanese microchip maker 23 July 2013

    Google Inc is undergoing investment in a Taiwanese microchip maker that makes chips used in its Google Glass, the eyeglass-enabled devices have come in testing that can shoot photos and video and quality of being approachable of the Internet. The...

    Keywords: google inc, google inc, google inc, taiwanese microchip maker

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