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  • Rescue Operations At Badrinath, AP Pilgrims At Badirnath, 350 telugus still waiting at badrinath, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    350 Telugus Still Waiting At Badrinath 26 June 2013

    Reports came that about 350 Telugu people are still waiting for help at Badrinath.   They are expressing their anguish for the apathy shown by authorities and for not receiving any help from the Government.   The Telugu pilgrims, struck up...

    Keywords: Telugu Pilgrims At Badirnath, Char Dham Yatra, Char Dham Yatra, Rude Behavior by Authorities

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    evacuated pilgrims, dropping food & water packets, choppers evacuating and dropping food and water packets, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Choppers Evacuating and Dropping Food and Water Packets 18 June 2013

    The Uttarakhand Government is fully engaged in the evacuation of stranded pilgrims and also dropping food and water packets to the pilgrims still stranded.   Although 12 helicopters were pressed in to service, authorities are afraid that the rescue operations...

    Keywords: Choppers Dropping Food, AP Bhavan at Delhi, Uttarakhand Government, Uttarakhand Government

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    Kobe Bryant tragedy, Kobe Bryant helicopter crash, basketball legend kobe bryant dies in a helicopter crash, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant Dies in a Helicopter Crash 27 January 2020

    Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant Dies in a Helicopter Crash:- US Basketball legend Kobe Bryant along with his daughter Gianna including nine members were killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California. The 41-year-old basketball legend was traveling in his private...

    Keywords: Kobe Bryant death, Kobe Bryant crash, Kobe Bryant dead, Kobe Bryant

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    Chopper Crash at Gourikund, helicopter MI-17 V5 Crash, chopper crash toll reached 20, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Chopper Crash Toll Reached 20 26 June 2013

    The death toll in the helicopter mishap reached 20.   The helicopter MI-17 V5 deployed for the rescue operation in Uttarakhand crashed near Gourikund yesterday while returning from Kedarnath.  The ill fated helicopter was carrying ITBP personnel and some sadhus....

    Keywords: helicopter MI-17 V5 Crash, Rescue helicopter MI-17 V5 Crash, Gourikund, State Disaster Mitigation & Management Center

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    rescue operations of flood victims, UttaraKhand helicopter crash, vinayakam s body charred, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Vinayakam's Body Charred 27 June 2013

    The Army Jawan Vinayakam belonged to Chittore District of AP was burnt totally in the helicopter crash when the chopper team is engaged in the rescue operation of the flood victims in the State of Uttarakhand. As the body was...

    Keywords: rescue operations of flood victims, rescue operations of flood victims, rescue operations of flood victims, Jawan Vinayakam belongs to Chittore

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    Devendra Fadnavis, Maharashtra CM, maharashtra cm escapes yet another chopper crash, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Maharashtra CM Escapes Yet Another Chopper Crash 07 July 2017

    Maharashtra CM Escapes Yet Another Chopper Crash:- A top official said, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis escaped a potential accident, when his helicopter took off suddenly as he was about to board it in Raigad district . When Fadnavis came to...

    Keywords: Technical Issue, Technical Issue, Maharashtra CM, Technical Issue

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    giant flying machine, drone matrix helicopter, home made helicopter with drone matrix, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Home-made helicopter with drone matrix 03 September 2015

    Who does not wish to fly in the air, if given a chance? But the man here did not wait for someone to give him that chance, but satisfied his wish, by making a giant flying machine.Also read: ‘BX1E': an...

    Keywords: drone matrix helicopter, drone matrix helicopter, drone matrix helicopter, giant flying machine

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    IAF Chopper Crashes In Arunachal Pradesh, Indian Air Force, iaf chopper crashes in arunachal pradesh, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    IAF Chopper Crashes In Arunachal Pradesh 06 October 2017

    IAF Chopper Crashes In Arunachal Pradesh:- In a tragic incident, at least five personnel were killed and the other personnel was critically injured as Indian Air Force (IAF) chopper crashed during a training sortie near Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. A...

    Keywords: Indian Air Force, IAF Chopper Crashes In Arunachal Pradesh, IAF Chopper Crashes In Arunachal Pradesh, Indian Air Force

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    air force helicopters, premature monsoon rains in north-west india, premature monsoon rains destroys many in n india, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Premature monsoon rains destroys many in N. India! 18 June 2013

    The officials brought into prominence on Tuesday that premature monsoon rains have expanded India's longest river, the Ganges while also dragged away houses, killed at least 60 people at the same time left tens of thousands marooned. The rains are...

    Keywords: heavy flood in north india, premature monsoon rains, premature monsoon rains in north india, furious monsoon rains destroys many in india

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    helicopter parenting, how to behave with kids, helicopter parenting could harm kids, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Helicopter parenting could harm kids 04 June 2015

    Parents, do you know extra care and love cam harm your kids?  It was proved by a new study conducted by the researchers at Brigham Young University. From the study they found that that parental warmth cannot neutralise the consequences...

    Keywords: effect of over love on kids, how to behave with kids, reasons to stop helicopter parenting, how to behave with kids

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    Kazakhstan Helicopter, Kazakhstan Helicopter, kazakhstan helicopter lands on the road pilot gets down to ask direction, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Kazakhstan: Helicopter Lands on the Road, Pilot Gets Down to ask Direction 17 February 2017

    It is common to ask directions when you are travelling. But have you ever seen a helicopter landing on the road instead of helipad? In an unusual incident, a military helicopter pilot landed on a road in rural Kazakhstan to...

    Keywords: pilot, convoy driver, direction, convoy driver

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    missing, Missing Chopper, missing chopper and air force assurance, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Missing Chopper and Air force Assurance 24 June 2013

    The Indian Air Force today assured the people of India and stranded pilgrims that it is going to get each and every one out of the stranded places by making all the efforts to recognize the movement of the persons...

    Keywords: Rescue Chopper, Missing Chopper, stranded pilgrims, Indian Air Force Assurance

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    U.S navy, Northrop Grumman, fearsome drones in development, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Fearsome drones in development 28 June 2013

    The U.S. military has always relied heavily on drones for both bombing and surveillance missions. One of the biggest advantages of these unmanned aerial vehicles is that they can be piloted mechanically, thereby reducing risk on human lives. Although drones...

    Keywords: Boeing, drone, unmanned helicopters, U.S military

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    Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan, taliban crashes pakistan military helicopter pm tops the hit list, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Taliban crashes Pakistan military helicopter, PM tops the hit list 08 May 2015

    A Pakistan military helicopter carrying diplomats to inspect development projects crashed on Friday killing seven people, including the ambassadors of Norway and the Philippines and the wives of the Malaysian and Indonesian ambassadors.Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was traveling to the...

    Keywords: Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan

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    National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, a hybrid of plane and helicopter, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    A hybrid of plane and helicopter 06 May 2015

    Planes and helicopters have their strengths and weaknesses. Planes are fast and can carry a lot of stuff a long way, while helicopters are slow but they don’t need enormous runways and they’re extremely maneuverable. So naturally, people want to...

    Keywords: NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA

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    crash of helicopter at Dehradun, Another helicopter crash, another crash of chopper in uttarakhand, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Another Crash of Chopper in Uttarakhand 28 June 2013

    Another crash of helicopter happened at Harsil, Dehradun today. The Chopper hit the land while landing.  The rescue teams escaped danger and are safe.   (AW-SriJa)

    Keywords: Another crash at Harsil, Another crash at Harsil, Another helicopter crash, crash of helicopter at Dehradun

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    Sky lanterns, Sky lanterns, sky lanterns risky for aircraft helicopters, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Sky lanterns risky for aircraft, helicopters 07 March 2015

    Sky lanterns can be especially hazardous to helicopters, which must remain below 500 ft while within 15 nautical miles from the centre of Mumbai's airport, according to helicopter pilot Captain RK Singh. "Any flying object can be a hazard for...

    Keywords: Sky lanterns, Helicopter, Aircrafts, Aircrafts

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    band of Air Force officers, Uttarakhand rescue operation, two young couples engaged in rescue operation, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Two Young Couples Engaged In Rescue Operation 26 June 2013

    Two young couples found in the band of Air Force officers flying choppers in Uttarakhand rescue operation. Squadron Leader S.K.Pradhan and Khushboo Gupta is one pair and Squadron Leader Vikram Thyagaraman and Flight Lieutenant Thanya Srinivas is another out of...

    Keywords: Squadron Leader Vikram Thyagaraman & Flight Lieutenant Thanya Srinivas, Young AFO couples, Rescue Operation, Rescue Operation

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    American Helicopter Society, flying machine, human powered flying machine gets high, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Human powered flying machine gets high! 13 July 2013

    The US awarder announced on Friday that a Canadian-built helicopter that is powered by a human riding a bicycle has become the first winner of a decades-old US$250,000 engineering prize. To move further, the American Helicopter Society (AHS) had never...

    Keywords: flying machine, American Helicopter Society, Igor Sikorsky Human-Powered Helicopter Award., American Helicopter Society

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    Quick news, Goa governor B V Wanchoo resigned, goa governor quits, Mi 17 v5 helicopter

    Goa Governor quits 05 July 2014

    Goa governor B V Wanchoo on Friday resigned from his post and Government sources said new governors list has been prepared and a formal announcement might come out in the next couple of days. Wanchoo is the fifth governor to...

    Keywords: Goa governor B V Wanchoo resigned, Goa governor B V Wanchoo resigned, Goa governor B V Wanchoo resigned, CBI

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