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    Skin care this Winter! 15 October 2012

    When the temperature drops, the skin becomes more sensitive, and the cold air and biting winds of winter can make it even more fragile. Cold weather can also make your circulation less efficient. As a result, the skin's metabolism can...

    Keywords: Skin care this Winter, skin's metabolism can become sluggish, Skin care this Winter, Switch the heating

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    weight loss, weight loss, new molecule for weight loss, Metabolism

    New molecule for weight loss 28 July 2012

    A new drug was developed by the scientists and they claim that this new molecule could help people lose weight and keep it off for a longer period than the contemporarily available drugs. At the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse...

    Keywords: drug, weight loss, scientists, scientists

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    burn fat, body metabolism, lose weight with green coffee bean, Metabolism

    Lose weight with green coffee bean 14 December 2013

    Trying to lose weight! Well, here is an easy solution that does not require you to sweat for hours. The green coffee bean helps you to burn fat easily and that too without any side effects. It doesn't make you...

    Keywords: green coffee bean, body metabolism, boosting metabolism, roasted coffee

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    health news, acai berries, black currants aids in weight loss, Metabolism

    Black currants aids in weight loss 28 January 2014

    Black currants, packed with vitamin C and micronutrients, has been known for its nutritional benefits. Now a new study has suggested that black currants, lingonberries and bilberries could aid in weight loss. However, research revealed that regular consumption of acai...

    Keywords: vitamin C, Black currants aids in weight loss, micronutrients, vitamin C

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    metabolism, hormonal balance, lack of sleep a nightmare, Metabolism

    Lack of sleep, a nightmare 13 March 2015

    Today the 13th March 2015 is World Sleep Day. Sleep-related disorders are fast becoming public health issues. There needs to be more awareness about the link between sleep disorders, obesity, diabetes and heart ailments. Senior doctors say sleep deprivation has...

    Keywords: metabolism, brain function, hormonal balance, immune system

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    exercise, exercise, slideshow 10 best ways to increase metabolism, Metabolism

    SLIDESHOW: 10 best ways to increase metabolism 07 May 2012


    Keywords: crash diets, 10 best ways to boost metabolism, green tea, exercise

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    sleep timings affect genes, Losing single night sleep can alter your genes, missing night sleep can alter genes study finds, Metabolism

    Missing night sleep can alter genes, study finds 23 July 2015

    According to the research performed by Swedish team of scientists it was revealed that genes that control the biological clocks in cells throughout the body are altered after losing just a single night of sleep. “Previous research has shown that...

    Keywords: how sleep alters genes, Losing single night sleep can alter your genes, Missing night sleep can affect your body’s metabolism, Missing night sleep can alter genes

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