• Heathrow airport, commuter scooter, ride on your commuter scooter to the airport, Luggage

    Ride on your commuter scooter to the airport 21 July 2011

    Most of us sometimes miss our train or flight because the taxi is delayed or caught in traffic snarls leaving us in disappointment. While this is common for travelers around the world, most of the flyers that frequent the Heathrow...

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    private-run airports poor service, private-run airports poor service, delhi hyderabad airports top complaint list, Luggage

    Delhi, Hyderabad airports top complaint list 19 March 2012

    Out of 2,888, 587 complaints were registered at the Delhi airport while Hyderabad stood second with 236 complaints, followed by Bangalore and Nagpur airports with 186 and 170 complaints respectively. Over 2,800 complaints were registered at various airports for issues...

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    Directorate General of Civil Aviation, light fares, pay less for your flight if you have no check in luggage, Luggage

    Pay Less for your Flight if you have No Check-in Luggage 26 February 2021

    Pay Less for your Flight if you have No Check-in Luggage:- Aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) now allowed the domestic carriers of the country to offer concession in the ticket prices for the passengers traveling without check-in...

    Keywords: domestic flight fares new rules, domestic flight fares news, domestic flight fares latest news, domestic flight fares news

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    less luggage, traveling tips, traveling tips, Luggage

    Traveling tips: 25 March 2013

    The most important part of traveling would be traveling with the least amount of luggage as possible. Fewer the number of bags that you have to carry, the easier it is to go around. Efficient space management is an essential...

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    Air India, Air India flight, luggage of air india passengers goes missing, Luggage

    Luggage of Air India passengers goes missing 07 July 2012

    The luggage of five passengers, who travelled on Air India flight, from Mumbai to Hyderabad went missing. Five passengers didn't find their luggage and there was no clue as to what has happened to the luggage. The passengers were tensed...

    Keywords: Air India flight, Air India flight, Air India, Air India

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    Baggage, news headlines, bullets in bag keep cops awake, Luggage

    Bullets in bag keep cops awake 07 August 2012

    A man carrying bullets in his bag about to aboard the Chennai-Hyderabad flight was detained in the airport for carrying three bullets. The incident was reported last evening when Monish (24) was about his home bound flight when the security...

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    luggage of Kim Sharma, luggage of Kim Sharma, kim sharma pays fine for not declaring goods, Luggage

    Kim Sharma pays fine for not declaring goods 13 July 2012

    Bollywood actress and top model Kim Sharma has hit the headlines for all wrong reasons. The star was asked to pay fine by custom officials as she didn't declare the goods worth Rs. Four lakh, which came on a chartered...

    Keywords: Bollywood actress, undeclared goods on flight, undeclared goods on flight, undeclared goods on flight

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