• indian patient in dubai, abdul jaleel sulaiman, nri wants to see his daughter s photo before he dies, Kem

    NRI wants to see his daughter's photo before he dies 28 November 2012

    Some tales of young Indians, who migrate to foreign lands, in search of bread and butter often make us wear gloomy expressions. The tale of 24-year-old Abdul Jaleel Sulaiman is something similar.   He recently went to Dubai after he got...

    Keywords: cancer in dubai, nri news, jaleel dubai, jaleel dubai

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    tumour., Doctors remove 14-cm, doctors remove 14 cm long tumour from four year s old girl, Kem

    Doctors remove 14-cm long tumour from four year's old girl 30 December 2011

    On December 29 in Mumbai at KEM hospital the doctors have performed life-saving surgery to save a four year's old girl to remove 14-cm long tumour that had spread from her kidney to her heart. As their parents noticed when their...

    Keywords: KEM hospital, Doctors remove 14-cm, Shreya Jawale, tumour.

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    mortuary, Chongqing City, freezer is son s mortuary cabinet, Kem

    Freezer is son's mortuary cabinet 03 October 2012

    A couple, too attached to their son had tried to hide their son who died of leukemia in their own freezer converting it into the freezing mortuary cabinet. They did this for six years until the stored body was recently...

    Keywords: cold storage, cold storage, Freezer, cold storage

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    India, India, how can you download pokemon go in india, Kem

    How can you Download Pokemon Go in India? 13 July 2016

    Now a days everyone is talking about only one Pokemon Go game. People are only talking about where they have caught their monsters. The game has been launched only in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Though the Pokemon Go...

    Keywords: Third Party Apps, India, download, Pokemon Go game

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    Justice HS Kempanna Commission, Justice HS Kempanna Commission, violation of hc order on arkavathi, Kem

    Violation of HC Order on Arkavathi 03 March 2015

    The state BJP unit submitted a petition before the Justice HS Kempanna Commission of Inquiry, who is looking into the denotification of the Arkavathi housing project, which is a controversial subject against present Karnataka government. As per the petition submitted...

    Keywords: Karnataka government, Justice HS Kempanna Commission, Karnataka government, Arkavathi housing project

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    , , intlo deyyam nakem bhayam trailer launch, Kem

    Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam Trailer Launch 04 November 2016

    Keywords: , , ,

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    Kempegowda Marg, Bangalore police, be careful of atm thieves equipped with matchsticks, Kem

    Be careful of ATM Thieves equipped with Matchsticks 19 January 2012

    On Wednesday January 18 Bangalore police taken into custody of a 22-year-old man Manish Kumar Singh who hailed from Jharkhand.In connection to the stealing of money from other customers accounts from State Bank of Mysore ATM at Kempegowda Marg. As Police...

    Keywords: Manish Kumar Singh., State Bank of Mysore, Kempegowda Marg, Manish Kumar Singh.

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    mother, KEM hospital, mother abandons child as she is ill, Kem

    Mother abandons child as she is ill 06 August 2012

    Samarth Police had received a complaint from a mother saying that her 26-days old baby had been snatched from her from two men who were not identified. But the story took a mysterious turn after interrogation that she had abandoned...

    Keywords: mother, Dandekar Bridge, illness, Sadira

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    BJP, NVSS Prabhakar comments on YS Jagan, we will not leave jagan bjp, Kem

    We Will Not Leave Jagan-BJP 01 October 2013

    NVSS Prabhakar, the official Spokesman of BJP says that BJP will not leave Jagan although Congress did it. Prabhakar says that the bail arrangement and clean chit to Brother Anil all these are part of the strategic steps of Digvijay...

    Keywords: YSRCP, YSRCP, YSRCP, Brother Anil

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    Sohanlal Bharta Valmiki, KEM Hospital, aruna shaunbaug s attacker traced in uttar pradesh, Kem

    Aruna Shaunbaug's attacker traced in Uttar Pradesh 30 May 2015

    Remember Aruna Shaunbaug, the world’s oldest comatose patient, who died two weeks ago in Mumbai’s KEM Hospital? Now a local newspaper in Uttar Pradesh reportedly traced Sohanlal Bharta Valmiki, the attacker of Aruna, who raped her brutally in 1973. Since...

    Keywords: Mumbai, Aruna Shaunbaug, Mumbai, Aruna Shaunbaug

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    Smith, Seelaar, roach inspired wi roll over the netherlands, Kem

    Roach-inspired WI roll over the Netherlands 01 March 2011

    Unlike England, WI faced no difficulty in beating  the Dutch team in its yesterday’s World Cup match played at New Delhi. On the back of Windies fast bowler, Kemar Roach’s hat-trick, West Indies achieved the biggest ever victory in its...

    Keywords: hat-trick, Kemar Roach, Smith, Smith

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    Six-year-old girl dragged up five floors, Six-year-old girl dragged up five floors, six year old girl dragged up five floors in elevator, Kem

    Six-year-old girl dragged up five floors in elevator 03 April 2012

    A mishap took place in Nalla Sopara on Friday March 30 at 6 pm, Six-year-old named as Niharika Singh along with her two-year-old brother entered the lift of her building subsequently completing playing at the ground floor.As both were at the...

    Keywords: Niranjan Singh, elevator, Niharika Singh, Niranjan Singh

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    indian pickles, indian pickles, nurture your passion for pickles, Kem

    Nurture your passion for pickles 01 October 2012

    If cheeses can replace a state religion in France, there is no reason why pickles can't play that role in India. No French meal is complete without cheese. Likewise, no Indian meal is truly satisfying without a relish-a pickle or...

    Keywords: relish-a pickle, mango, 'tsukemoto', indian pickles

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    KEM, KEM, world s oldest comatose patient ms shaunbaug dies after struggling for 42 years, Kem

    World's oldest comatose patient, Ms. Shaunbaug dies after struggling for 42 years 18 May 2015

    Ms. Shaunbaug was a junior nurse at the Mumbai’s state run King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital. One day she scolded a Ward boy and cleaner named Sohanlal Bharta Valmiki for reportedly stealing the food that was intended for stray animals...

    Keywords: Shaunbaug, King Edward Memorial, Shaunbaug, Shaunbaug

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    Celebs at ramp, Lakeme Fashion Week, slideshow bollywood celebrities at lfw 2012, Kem

    SLIDESHOW: Bollywood Celebrities at LFW 2012 07 March 2012


    Keywords: Lakeme Fashion Week, Celebs at ramp, Celebs at ramp, Bollywood Celebrities at LFW 2012 photos

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    Sonia Gandhi farewell dinner to Manmohan, Top Stories, rahul skips manmohan farewell, Kem

    Rahul skips Manmohan farewell 15 May 2014

    Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi skipped the farewell dinner party of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh hosted by Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday. Ironically many Congress leaders don't know about Rahul's absence and later when the media asked about Rahul, leaders were...

    Keywords: Sonia Gandhi, Rahul skips Manmohan farewell, Ajay Maykem, Rahul skips Manmohan farewell

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    Mumbai Building Collapse, five storey building, death toll rises to 7 in mumbai building collapse, Kem

    Death Toll Rises To 7 In Mumbai Building Collapse 11 June 2013

    Heavy downpour Disrupted daily activities in Mumbai. Heavy and incessant rains in Mumbai made havoc at Mumbai with rain water clogged at many places made the daily activities of the residents difficult. Seven persons found dead and six injured as...

    Keywords: heavy downpour, heavy downpour, KEM and Sion Hospitals, fire fighting personnel

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    Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam Movie Story, Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam Movie Review, intlo deyyam nakem bhayam movie review and ratings, Kem

    Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam Movie Review and Ratings 29 December 2016

    The movie revolves around a girl who gets killed before her marriage in a lavish house. She becomes the ghost and kills all those who enter the house. Gopal (Rajendra Prasad) buys the same house unaware of the truth. Naresh...

    Keywords: Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam Movie Story, Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam movie Cast and Crew, Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam movie Cast and Crew, Intlo Deyyam Nakem Bhayam Telugu Movie Review

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    Venezula, petrol, slideshow 10 countries with cheapest petrol rates, Kem

    SLIDESHOW: 10 countries with cheapest petrol rates 27 August 2012


    Keywords: Kuwait, petrol, Kuwait, petrol

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    land deals, Son-in-law, ashok kemka justifies his order for probe, Kem

    Ashok Kemka justifies his order for probe 27 October 2012

    Ashok Khemka justified his decision of ordering a probe into the irregularities of the land deals of Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of the Congress president, Sonia Gandhi saying that he had no ulterior motives behind the order. Whistle Blower and...

    Keywords: IAS, Ashok Khemka, land deals robert vadra, Ashok Khemka

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