Freezer is son's mortuary cabinet

October 03, 2012 21:02
Freezer is son's mortuary cabinet

A couple, too attached to their son had tried to hide their son who died of leukemia in their own freezer converting it into the freezing mortuary cabinet. They did this for six years until the stored body was recently brought to light in the Chongqing city of China.

The city has often made the headlines for several such bizarre news but this is the first of its kind.

Their second son who died of Leukemia was only 18 and this has cause the parents to be grief stricken. They decided not to part with his body and would often walk hand in had to the freezer when they missed their son.

His father Tian Xueming said, "In the freezer (my son) looks exactly as he did when he was alive. My son is still with me, and has never left”.

This was his second loss. Earlier in 1997, his first son died of a heatstroke when he was only 15."This may be wrong, but the pain of two funerals, my pain, it's something others can't understand ," he revealed after being pressurized by the neighbors.

He admitted that the neighbors were good people but he never had the heart to bury his second son, he said. "Anyway, I can see my son whenever I miss him," he added.

"I know I was wrong. My decision has had a bad influence on my neighbors' lives as well, but I have lost both of my children," he expressed his uncontrollable grief.

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