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    The Best of All Months Karthika Starts Today 04 November 2013

    The eighth month of Hindu calendar "Karthika" is very auspicious to Hindus. Sun enters Scorpio today the first day of the month "Karthika". During the month Monday is a special day for Vishnu and also Shiva followers. This time, Karthika...

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    Mani Ratinam, 'Maro Praja Prasthanam, happy thursday morning wishesh, Karthika pournami

    Happy Thursday Morning Wishesh 29 November 2012

    Hi..... Hello..... Adab...... Welcome back on a bright Thursday with the morning temperatures turning like a lullaby to your winking eyelids. Yet you have to hasten up to your hectic schedule ahead for the day. Of course the bonus point...

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    Karthika Pournami, Independence day, wednesday morning wishesh, Karthika pournami

    Wednesday Morning Wishesh 28 November 2012

    ....Good morning..... Adab....Namaskar.... Hyderabad is chilling under the cold winter wave, yet everything is going as per schedule. Reaching the mid of the week, we have succesfully tried to cross half way through to reach our cozy weekend (chuckles). Ok...

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