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  • Indian Aviation, Federal Aviation Administration, india s aviation safety rating upgraded, Jet airways

    India's aviation safety rating upgraded 08 April 2015

    U.S authorities have upgraded India's aviation safety rating, in a boost for Indian airlines which can now increase the number of flights they operate to the United States. U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said that India had taken corrective action...

    Keywords: Jet Airways, Federal Aviation Administration, International Aviation Safety Assessment, Indian airlines

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    Jet Airways Incident, Jet Airways Incident, jet airways incident passenger demands rs 30 lakh and 100 business class tickets, Jet airways

    Jet Airways Incident: Passenger Demands Rs 30 Lakh And 100 Business Class Tickets 21 September 2018

    Jet Airways Incident: Passenger Demands Rs 30 Lakh And 100 Business Class Tickets:- Five Jet Airways passengers have been admitted in a Mumbai hospital after the crew failed to maintain the pressure because of which they fell ill. One among...

    Keywords: Jet Airways Incident, Jet Airways Incident, Jet Airways Incident compensation, Jet Airways Incident

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    Jet Airways latest, Jet Airways suspended, jet airways suspends operations from today, Jet airways

    Jet Airways Suspends Operations from Today 18 April 2019

    Jet Airways Suspends Operations from Today:- As expected, Indian carrier airline Jet Airways could not stand in the race and decided to temporarily suspend all the domestic and International operations right from today. The last flight completed its journey last...

    Keywords: Jet Airways operations, Jet Airways debts, Jet Airways operations, Jet Airways suspended

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    Ram Charan Turbo Megha airways, Ram Charan, ram charan s airlines to fly from april, Jet airways

    Ram Charan's airlines to fly from April 19 February 2015

    Apart from being an actor, Ram Charan is also a thorough businessman and we all know that he ventured into airlines business very recently. He had been associated with Turbo Megha Airways which got all the approvals from the Union...

    Keywords: Ram Charan Turbo Megha airways, ATR Aircrafts, ATR Aircrafts, Ram Charan

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    Jet Airways latest, Jet Airways operations, here s how you can get your refund from jet airways, Jet airways

    Here's How You Can Get Your Refund From Jet Airways 18 April 2019

    Here's How You Can Get Your Refund From Jet Airways:- Jet Airways happened to be the first private airline of the country and after landing in huge financial debts, Jet Airways decided to ground all its carriers temporarily from yesterday...

    Keywords: Jet Airways, Jet Airways losses, Jet Airways losses, Jet Airways

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    Naresh Goyal, Jet Airways, jet airways founder asked to pay rs 18000 cr to travel abroad, Jet airways

    Jet Airways Founder Asked to Pay Rs 18000 Cr to Travel Abroad 10 July 2019

    Jet Airways Founder Asked to Pay Rs 18000 Cr to Travel Abroad:- The Delhi High Court asked Jet Airways Chairman Naresh Goyal to make a deposit of Rs 18,000 crores as a guarantee to travel abroad. The order came from...

    Keywords: Naresh Goyal latest update, Naresh Goyal in Delhi High Court, Naresh Goyal abroad, Naresh Goyal travel

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    Indian Airlines face losses, spicejet losses, operational costs clip spicejet s wings, Jet airways

    Operational costs clip SpiceJet's wings 28 September 2013

    Airlines have been facing the heat with economic airline SpiceJet struggling to stay afloat. In recent turn of events, rising operational costs have clipped the firm's net worth. This has in turn raised further concerns over the airline's ability to...

    Keywords: bad news for SpiceJet, Jet Airways, spicejet struggling, Indian Airlines face losses

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    Jet Airways, Air India, that s cheap jet airways gets economical, Jet airways

    That's cheap! Jet Airways gets economical 05 August 2013

    In a bid to spur the market and expedite bookings, Jet Airways (India) Ltd., country's fastest growing airline, slashed their ticket prices on Saturday by a larger part. The airline has announced a 'seven day sales' on 700,000 seats, until...

    Keywords: Indigo, Jet Airways (India) Ltd, Indigo, Jet Airways

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    Naresh Goyal case, Naresh Goyal money laundering, jet airways boss naresh goyal booked for money laundering, Jet airways

    Jet Airways Boss Naresh Goyal Booked For Money Laundering 05 March 2020

    Jet Airways Boss Naresh Goyal Booked For Money Laundering:- The Enforcement Directorate (ED) officials booked Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal in money laundering case after ED conducted raids on his premises and offices today. A criminal case has been registered...

    Keywords: Naresh Goyal latest, Naresh Goyal ED, Naresh Goyal ED, Naresh Goyal ED

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    Mishap, Passengers, jet airways flight s tail hits runway 168 passengers had narrow escape, Jet airways

    Jet Airways Flight’s Tail Hits Runway, 168 Passengers Had Narrow Escape 24 January 2017

    In a shocking incident, Jet Airways flight travelling from Mumbai had a narrow escape after the tail of the flight hit the runway on landing at the Dhaka International airport. There were total 168 passengers on board. The airline removed...

    Keywords: Passengers, Mishap, Mishap, Mishap

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    Pakistan terrorists, Nissar Ahmed was sent from Chennai by Jet Airways to Colombo, wanted pak terrorist held, Jet airways

    Wanted Pak terrorist held 09 May 2013

    Nissar Ahmed a terrorist wanted by Pakistan who ran from his mother land went to Colombo and from there he sneaked in to India in 2006 and had been living in a village in Kadapa District since then. He was...

    Keywords: Nissar Ahmed a terrorist, Nissar Ahmed a terrorist wanted by Pakistan, village in Kadapa District, Nissar Ahmed a terrorist

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    Indian carrier Jet Airways, high fuel prices., jet airways experiences 73m quarterly loss, Jet airways

    Jet Airways experiences $73m quarterly loss 08 August 2013

    Indian carrier Jet Airways, which is steady to sell a minority jeopardize to Abu Dhabi-based Etihad, on Thursday posted its second straight quarterly loss stroke to lower income as well as high fuel prices. The carrier mentioned in detail that...

    Keywords: Captain Hameed Ali, Abu Dhabi, high fuel prices., Jet Airways

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    Vijay Mallya against Modi, Vijay Mallya latest tweets, take my money and save jet airways says vijay mallya, Jet airways

    Take My Money And Save Jet Airways Says Vijay Mallya 26 March 2019

    Take My Money And Save Jet Airways Says Vijay Mallya:- Absconding businessman has been taking a dig at Indian Government whenever he is finding time and reason. The businessman who is leading a lavish life in London. Vijay Mallya turned...

    Keywords: Vijay Mallya slams modi, Vijay Mallya latest tweets, Vijay Mallya updates, Vijay Mallya updates

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    Jet Airways, New Delhi, two drunken pilots suspended by dgca, Jet airways

    Two Drunken Pilots Suspended by DGCA 12 August 2016

    DGCA suspended two pilots of Air India and Jet Airways for four years on Friday. The pilots were found drunk on arrival of their overseas flights in India. An FIR has been registered against both the pilots by the airlines...

    Keywords: Suspension, Drunken, New Delhi, case DGCA

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    Banuprasad Jani, Jet Airways sued, jet airways fined rs 65 000 for offering non veg meal for a vegetarian, Jet airways

    Jet Airways Fined Rs 65,000 For Offering Non-Veg Meal For A Vegetarian 11 September 2018

    Jet Airways Fined Rs 65,000 For Offering Non-Veg Meal For A Vegetarian:- A passenger named Banuprasad Jani from Rajkot sued Jet Airways for offering him a meat meal. A consumer court in Rajkot directed the airline to pay Rs 65,000...

    Keywords: Jet Airways sued, Jet Airways, Banuprasad Jani, Banuprasad Jani

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    Passengers Injured, Investigation, jet airways flight skids off the runway in goa 15 passengers injured, Jet airways

    Jet Airways Flight Skids off the Runway in Goa, 15 Passengers Injured 27 December 2016

    In a shocking incident, a Jet Airways plane with 154 passengers on board spun skidded off the runway while taking off at Goa's Dabolim airport this morning. "The flight 9W 2374 from Goa-Mumbai skidded off the runway at Dabolim airport...

    Keywords: Goa Dabolim Airport, Passengers Injured, Jet Airways Flight, Jet Airways Flight

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    passport, Passengers, hyderabad dammam flight passengers stranded at rgia, Jet airways

    Hyderabad-Dammam Flight Passengers Stranded at RGIA 11 August 2016

    All passengers of Hyderabad-Dammam, Jet Airways international flight were stranded at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport for nearly five hours on Wednesday early morning. Though the airline staff refused to confirm it, sources said “two reasons were given to the...

    Keywords: Jet Airways, passport, International flight, International flight

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    Pilots, Pilots, jet airways passengers has narrow escape pilots grounded for flying low, Jet airways

    Jet Airways Passengers has Narrow Escape, Pilots Grounded for Flying Low 07 October 2016

    In a shocking incident, as many as 246 passengers who borded a Jet Airways flight from London's Heathrow airport to Mumbai had a escape when the Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft failed to reach the required climb after the take-off. This...

    Keywords: Jet Airways, Jet Airways, passengers, London

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    Vijay Mallya, Vijay Mallya about Jet Airways, vijay mallya feels sorry for jet airways, Jet airways

    Vijay Mallya Feels Sorry For Jet Airways 17 April 2019

    Vijay Mallya Feels Sorry For Jet Airways:- Liqour baron Vijay Mallya who went missing from India owes Rs 9000 crores to Indian banks. After Jet Airways has been struggling to stand, he supported the top airline reminding about how Kingfisher...

    Keywords: Vijay Mallya about Jet Airways, Vijay Mallya about Jet Airways, Vijay Mallya, Vijay Mallya news

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    Harbhajan Singh, Mumbai Indians, spinner bhajji lashes out at jet airways pilot for racial discrimination, Jet airways

    Spinner Bhajji Lashes Out At Jet Airways Pilot For Racial Discrimination 26 April 2017

    Ace Spinner and Veteran Indian Cricketer Harbhajan Singh, today, lost his temper and lashed out at a Jet Airways pilot for racial discrimination against a fellow Indian passenger on the flight. Harbhajan is currently playing for the Indian Premier League...

    Keywords: Mumbai Indians, Mumbai Indians, Team India, Mumbai Indians

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