• Beemli Kabaddi Jattu, T-Town, nani to not wed this year, Jamindaar

    Nani to not wed this year??? 15 June 2012

    More recently, it was reported that another young Hero from T-Town, the heart throb for many girls, Nani is entering into a wed lock with his ‘Vizag’ based long term girl friend this year, with the concern of both the...

    Keywords: up coming movie is Eega, Ala Modalaindi, Ride, Beemli Kabaddi Jattu

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    nani, Pilla jamindar, nani s pilla jamindaar progress, Jamindaar

    Nani’s ‘Pilla Jamindaar’ Progress! 04 July 2011

    ‘Jamindar’, biggest identity a person. Along with name and fame and respect comes identity for a ‘Jamindar’. But, here, the third generation of this ‘Jamndari family’, is fit for nothing but only to earn more and more bad name to...

    Keywords: bindu madhavi, hari priya, bindu madhavi, jamindar

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    Actors photos, jamindaar, baby don t bluff, Jamindaar

    Baby, don’t bluff! 17 September 2011

    Well, this is quiet a common nature of any celeb who is not with many offers in hand, but bluffs that he/she is busy with offers, or in fact choosy about the work. This heroine, who is a Telugu speaking...

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    Tollywood Interivews, Nani Interview, nani a hero of his kind, Jamindaar

    ‘Nani’ a hero of his kind! 21 October 2011

    Right from being an RJ to making a debut as a Hero in the award winning film like ‘Astha Chamma’, to playing one of the challenging role in ‘Beemli Kabaddi Jattu’, to bagging the block buster success with ‘Ala Modalaindi’,...

    Keywords: Tolllywood interviews, Celebrities, Tollywood Interivews, Interview with Nani

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    yeto vellipoindi manasu, jenda pai kapiraaju, nani bags a jackpot joins yash raj band, Jamindaar

    Nani bags a Jackpot, joins Yash Raj band? 03 December 2012

    Hero Nani is going places... his popularity is not only increased in T-Town, but even in K-Town, with the films like 'Eega'... the Actor has been clever enough to choose roles and films as well... All the three upcoming films...

    Keywords: eega movie nani, samantha yeto vellipoindi manasu, hero nani, nanai samantha yvm

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    free of cost, Bindhu Madhavi, i am ready to act free of cost bindu madhavi, Jamindaar

    I am ready to act free of cost - Bindu Madhavi 19 May 2012

    'What made our own Telugu Actress Bindu Madhavi give this statement? Because the actress does not have even a single T - Town film in her hand, she has got ready to act without a remuneration? Or there is some...

    Keywords: remuneration, Pilla Jamindaar, remuneration, Bindu

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