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    Honour killings engulf urban & rural alike, Ironic India 27 October 2011

    Honour killings are moving at a rapid pace in this conservative Indian society. Strangely the cases are dealt with the same emotions be it in the rural scenario or its urban counterpart. The mere thought of the girl of a...

    Keywords: Urban Honour Killing, Urban Honour Killing, Rural Honour Killing, Psych in Honour Killing

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    Environics chip mobile, Environics chip mobile, enviro chips to avoid harmful radiation from mobiles pcs, Ironic

    Enviro chips to avoid harmful radiation from mobiles, PCs 19 November 2011

    While there are many studies, which lay out the harmful effects of radiation emanated by mobile phones, personal computers, the use of these devices have become essential to a normal day functioning in urban life -- so the solution lies...

    Keywords: IIT delhi mobile radiation, IIT delhi mobile radiation, Mobile radiation Environvic chip, IIT delhi mobile radiation

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    Fresh Up

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