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  • vomiting, nausea, sunstroke can be deadly, Homoeopathy

    Sunstroke can be deadly! 27 May 2013

    Insufferable summer heat can cause debilitating illness. In heatstroke alone, there are two kinds of conditions - sunstroke and heat exhaustion. SUNSTROKE: Sunstroke occurs due to direct rays from the sun. The patient falls unconscious. The pupils are usually contracted....

    Keywords: headache, heat illness, convulsion, heat exhaustion

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    homoeopathy medicines, treatment, osteoporosis it s painful, Homoeopathy

    OSTEOPOROSIS-it's painful! 19 January 2013

    OSTEOPOROSIS is characterized by reduction in the bone mass of the skeleton. There are several causes that precipitate the disease. They are as follows: Calcium deficiency, prolonged steroid administration, chronic malnutrition, bone marrow disorders and diabetes. Usually there are no...

    Keywords: cure, bone, symptoms, bone

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    Snake Venom for curing HIV, Crotalus Horridus in developing drugs, indian doctors developing medicine for hiv and ebola, Homoeopathy

    Indian Doctors Developing Medicine for HIV and Ebola? 03 April 2015

      It seems much progress in developing the medicine for deadly HIV and Ebola has become happy news for the researchers and patients across the globe.   As per the study published in Indian Journal of Research in Homeopathy, a...

    Keywords: Crotalus Horridus in developing drugs, HIV Drugs in India, Snake Venom for curing HIV, Crotalus Horridus in developing drugs

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