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  • non-valvular atrial fibrillation, amplatzer cardiac plug, cardiac plug to curb strokes launched in india, Heart patients

    Cardiac plug to curb strokes launched in India 29 March 2012

    This is the latest from the world of medicine launched in India-Now patients get a device to shield from cardiac strokes says medical fraternity. Amplatzer cardiac plug, a boon to heart patients which would help curb strokes had been launched...

    Keywords: percutaneous device, amplatzer cardiac plug, atrial appendage, non-valvular atrial fibrillation

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    Exercises for heart patients news, heart patients, after bypass surgery for your heart morning walk is the major key, Heart patients

    After Bypass Surgery For Your Heart, Morning Walk Is The Major Key 07 July 2020

    After Bypass Surgery For Your Heart, Morning Walk Is The Major Key:- After having a bypass surgery for your heart, it is advisable to have a morning walk for at least half an hour to get a sound sleep in...

    Keywords: heart patients, Exercises for heart patients updates, morning walk for heart patients, morning walk for heart patients

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    blood vessels exercise, exercise for heart updates, exercise helps to improve blood vessels in heart patients, Heart patients

    Exercise Helps To Improve Blood Vessels In Heart Patients 28 October 2019

    Exercise Helps To Improve Blood Vessels In Heart Patients:- A study suggested that regular exercise results in the improvement of blood vessels in heart patients who had experienced heart failure. The University of Missouri conducted a research and found this....

    Keywords: exercise for heart news, blood vessels in heart, blood vessels in heart, exercise for heart

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    Heart, Pacemakers, pace makers from dead americans for indian heart patients, Heart patients

    Pace Makers from dead Americans for Indian heart patients 18 December 2011

    Thousands of Indians who suffer from heart problems but cannot afford a pacemaker are to receive secondhand devices from deceased Americans. Transportation of these pacemakers  is a very simple affair. Most devices are brought to India with luggage. Pacemaker is...

    Keywords: Pacemakers, recycled pacemakers for Indian patients, recycled pacemakers,

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