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  • hair dryers, coconut oil, your dream for a strong hair, Hair massage

    Your dream for a strong hair 15 December 2012

    Long and healthy hair... at any given point of time, this hair type is 'in'... but, not everyone are lucky to have a long and strong hair... well, nothing is impossible either... though growing a long hair is not a...

    Keywords: dry hair, coconut oil, hair care, dry hair

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    mild shampoo hair care, sesame oil, add life in your hair, Hair massage

    Add life in your Hair... 06 November 2012

    Taking care of hair that is naturally dry can be quite a task. And what with the unruly frizz that tends to always be a companion of dry hair, not to mention the dull, lifeless look it gives your locks,...

    Keywords: mustard oil hair care, olive oil haircare, tips for hair, hair care tips

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    Hair fall, Beauty tips, 10 ways to control hair fall quickly, Hair massage

    10 ways to control Hair Fall quickly 07 May 2012

    Hair is considered as the beauty quotient for men and women alike. Though women give more importance to it, men are equally conscious about hair. And off late bald men are getting their hair transplanted and woven. On the whole...

    Keywords: Hair problem, Control, Beauty tips, Hair Care

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