10 ways to control Hair Fall quickly

May 07, 2012 15:44
10 ways to control Hair Fall quickly

Hair is considered as the beauty quotient for men and women alike. Though women give more importance to it, men are equally conscious about hair. And off late bald men are getting their hair transplanted and woven. On the whole it a hairy scary affair, once hair fall is noted. Well what not the elite women do to retain their hair tuffs. Women in particular use oils, shampoos, conditioners and expensive dermatology consultations for a fluffy hair and avoid hair fall.  But some simple tips could help you recover from hair fall, quickly.

1.    Work the scalp with warm oil: Warm oil massage to the scalp helps to stimulate hair follicle and hair growth. The massage also improves the texture of the hair and gives a soothing relaxation.

2.    Keep out of stress: Stress is the main culprit to be blamed for premature graying and persistent hair fall. A gentle oil massage before combing will ease your stress, otherwise might result in a severe headache.

3.    Natural Healthy diet: People in the God’s own country Kerala are envied for their long and lustrous hair. The main reason is their seafood and protein diet. Healthy diet will play a crucial role in arresting hair fall.

4.    Natural herbs and homemade remedies: These in particular could help one from hair fall. Amla Powder, Tea tree oil, Yoghurt will positively help to tide over hair fall. Experts say that bacteria accumulated at the roots can weaken them, which leads to hair fall. Hence these homemade remedies help in getting rid of these bacteria, which in turn controls hair fall.

5.    Drink water regularly: Water is the most essential to keep your body cool and this in turn reduces the body temperature. Instead of wetting the hair, which might weaken the hair, frequent intake of water will keep you away from dry skin and dry scalp. This will automatically control hair fall.

6.    No Hot water head baths: Avoid hot water for head baths, as this might weaken the hair follicles and they start breaking. Another vital issue is that hot water might strip the hair of natural oils. Always wash the hair with warm water and in the end with cold water to close the pores.   It is a general belief that hot water cleanses the hair of the synthetic pollutants, but the same heat will also damage the hair.

7.    Harmful Chemicals will accelerate hair fall: significant hair loss will be experienced by people who expose their hair to chemicals of any form. It is best is chemical utilities like coloring, permanent serums, extensive exposure to chemicals or treatments like straightening or re-bonding could be avoided. In case of emergency streaking could be considered instead of full color processing.

8.    Do not be rough with your comb: Gentle combing will restrict hair being drawn away by the combs. Untangling from the end and working your way to the top will let your hair free from entanglements.

9.    Trimming helps avoiding splits: For a healthy hair regular trims every 6-9 weeks are needed. In case you are a person with long hair, then feel the uneven ends at the bottom and trim the rough hair gently.

10.    Be cautious with hair products: With innumerous hair care products and with tall claims by the manufacturers, it becomes difficult to have a choice. But homemade remedies are best to adhere for a clean and healthy hair. Always wash your hair clean off hair spray, before getting back to bed.  Short hair is best recommended when hair fall is significantly worrying you.

We hope to give you the best for your hair care. However if the problem persists then it is best to consult your doctor for proper medical care.  (With Inputs from Internet- Aarkay)

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