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    Pakistani hacker creates mayhem; hacks 400 Chinese websites 08 December 2012

    A Pakistani hacker managed to enter into heavily secured 400 Chinese government websites and webpages. According to website Hack Read, a hacker who goes by the username 'Code Cracker' and is part of the Pakistan Cyber Army hacking group, managed...

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    A poor password, @Anon_Central, anonymous twitter account hacked, Hacks

    Anonymous' Twitter account hacked 22 February 2013

    Anonymous, considered god of hacking among the online communities has fallen prey to rival and less popular group Rustle League who successfully managed to breach their Twitter accounts leaving Anonymous agape over the issue. Hactivists from Rustle League said they...

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    food, food, 10 essential kitchen tricks, Hacks

    10 Essential Kitchen Tricks 04 October 2016

    Kitchen is a place where every woman spends her half of her day. So,the Kitchen work gets over fast,  every woman should know some tricks to make life easier. Here are some:If you want to soften butter faster, cut the...

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    Anonymous hacking group, hacking of US trade websites, anonymous hacks us trade websites opposes acta, Hacks

    Anonymous hacks US trade websites, opposes ACTA 18 February 2012

    Cyber criminal group Anonymous has hacked several US Government websites protesting against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA signed by some nations including the US on Oct 1, 2011. The group said it has hacked the websites of Federal Trade...

    Keywords:  opposition to copyright treaty,  U.S. government websites, Protest against ACTA,  Anonymous

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    dressing tips, dressing tips, 5 fashion hacks to kill obsolescence, Hacks

    5 fashion hacks to kill Obsolescence 09 September 2015

    Obsolescence, the immediate thing on which this virus attacks, is on the dress, that too especially on the girls dress.You do not have that cruel heart to throw the clothes, which offered you so much craze once, but are failing...

    Keywords: fashion tips, dressing tips, fashion tips, fashion hacks

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