• Hackers, investigation, 50 hyderabad it companies accounts hacked by pak hackers, Hackers

    50 Hyderabad IT Companies Accounts Hacked by Pak Hackers 14 October 2016

    The Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) comprising Hyderabad's top IT companies and police said on Thursday that "at least 50 information technology companies have come under a wave of cyber attacks from Pakistan-based hackers over the past 10 days."...

    Keywords: Hyderabad, Society for Cyberabad Security Council, accounts, Pakistan

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    Email, robbery, hackers steal money by using email, Hackers

    Hackers Steal Money by using Email 08 August 2016

    Hacking has surely become a trend. Last week Superstar Rajinikanth twitter account was hacked by unknown person. Hackers are mostly targeting residents using emails and smart phones in Hyderabad. They are looting money from the accounts using emails. Cyberabad cyber...

    Keywords: Email, Email, robbery, robbery

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    Embassy, Julian Assange, protesting against asange s extradition hackers attack british government websites, Hackers

    Protesting against Asange's extradition, hackers attack British government websites 22 August 2012

    The issue of Julian Asange's extradition has reached a diplomatic cul de sac but the protestors have threatened the government with a new kind of protest to bring back the founder of WikiLeaks into the nation. The showed their agitation...

    Keywords: Julian Assange, home office., ministry of justice, Julian Assange

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    Abusive Comments, Abusive Comments, congress vice president rahul gandhi s official twitter account hacked, Hackers

    Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s Official Twitter Account Hacked 01 December 2016

    Hacking has become very common nowadays. Not only common people, even celebrities social media accounts are hacked. In the latest report,  Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's official Twitter account was hacked on Wednesday. Not only that, multiple abusive tweets were...

    Keywords: Official Twitter Account Hacked, Official Twitter Account Hacked, Official Twitter Account Hacked, Rahul Gandhi

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    reward for Facebook bug identifier, Khalil Shreateh, hacker exposes facebook vulnerability, Hackers

    Hacker exposes Facebook vulnerability 19 August 2013

    A Palestinian hacker made sure Facebook noticed him by highlighting a glitch that could allow strangers to post on a user's wall. Normally, only a 'friend' has the authorization to post anything on a user's FB wall. This hacker showed...

    Keywords: Hacker identifies Facebook bug, Facebook security team., reward for Facebook bug identifier, reward for Facebook bug identifier

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    computer viruses threat, deceiving Internet users, google maps malicious websites gains transparentness, Hackers

    Google maps malicious websites gains transparentness! 26 June 2013

    Google had spread out its transparentness announcement on Tuesday to comprehend maps of spots around the world where hackers are laying traps otherwise deceiving Internet users. Google engineer Lucas Ballard expressed saying in a blog post that two of the...

    Keywords: malicious software, Safe Browsing program, Google engineer Lucas Ballard, Google engineer Lucas Ballard

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    Pakistan hackers, Gujarat government website hacked, pak techies hack guj govt website, Hackers

    Pak techies, hack Guj govt website 07 February 2015

    A group of Pakistan hackers hacked Gujarat government's website and posted few derogatory stuff against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to the source, the hackers have simultaneously hacked 21 other portals including two Hyderabad based companies, but they weren't...

    Keywords: vidyasahayakgujarat.org, vidyasahayakgujarat.org, Gujarat government website hacked, Gujarat government website hacked

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    fake news, fake news, wall street bleeds after twitter hoax, Hackers

    Wall Street bleeds after Twitter hoax 24 April 2013

    In a bizarre turn of events , a short lived bomb hoax on micro blogging social network site Twitter has erased USD 200 billion of value from US stock markets . Most of the transactions happened online without any human...

    Keywords: white house bomb hoax, twitter bomb hoax, white house bomb hoax, twitter bomb hoax

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    internet security researchers, drive-in, cyber espionage by hackers on the prowl, Hackers

    Cyber espionage by hackers on the prowl 16 May 2012

    A tactical ploy by seasoned hackers seems to on the prowl reveal internet security researchers. However these hackers are targeting highly traffic sites and laying virus traps. Theses traps get into the users system while browsing the public sites and...

    Keywords: US Center for Defense Information, Shadowserver, prowling, Shadowserver

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    Hackers Accessing Axis bank accounts, Axis Bank online transactions, access to axis bank, Hackers

    Access to Axis Bank? 19 September 2013

    A Bangalore based IT professional shared his money in the Axis Bank account with hackers without knowing about it at that time.  Ramesh R Magadi who recently returned from USA opened his account with Axis Bank and successfully did his...

    Keywords: Axis Bank online transactions, retired Army Officer Axis bank Account hacked, Axis Bank account with hackers, retired Army Officer Axis bank Account hacked

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    network deceivers, Christmas season, this christmas beware of malware mcafee, Hackers

    This Christmas Beware of Malware: McAfee 24 December 2011

    The new Intel company McAfee has warned the consumers with twelve scams for this Christmas. McAfee says the partypoopers had found twelve new ways to hack the internet enabled devices. McAfee has warned its consumers indulging in e-shopping to beware...

    Keywords: McAfee, Christmas season, internet users, network deceivers

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    Technology news, news on technology, indian hackers offer help to man suing symantec, Hackers

    Indian hackers offer help to man suing Symantec 14 January 2012

    A group of Indian hackers has offered support to an American man who filed a lawsuit against Symantec Corp by publishing source code from a 2006 version of Norton Utilities, a software program at the heart of the legal dispute....

    Keywords: Symantic Antivirus, news on technology, Technology news, indian hackers.

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    theft at NASA premises, cyber security at NASA, chinese hackers axe nasa websites, Hackers

    Chinese hackers axe NASA websites 02 March 2012

    In a shocking development, Chinese hackers broke into the internet security cordon of the NASA’s websites and took control of the USA’s prestigious space mission centre Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) last November. This was disclosed in a report released by...

    Keywords: NASA’s websites, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), cyber security at NASA, NASA’s websites

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    equifax inc, arnold schwaznegger, michelle obama s private data made public by hackers, Hackers

    Michelle Obama's private data made public by hackers 13 March 2013

    The investigations on the newest "exposes" in the US are going high with the private and financial data's of Who's Who in the US being leaked online for public viewership. This included the details of the First Lady Michelle Obama,...

    Keywords: equifax inc, robert muller, arnold schwaznegger, arnold schwaznegger

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    Eastern Europe, remote control hackers, gsm phones vulnerable to remote control by hackers researcher, Hackers

    GSM phones vulnerable to remote control by hackers: Researcher 27 December 2011

    well-known expert on mobile phone security says a vulnerability in a widely used wireless technology could allow hackers to gain remote control of phones, instructing them to send text messages or make calls. They could use the vulnerability in the...

    Keywords: GSM network technology, berlin, Africa, Mobile phone security

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