• men shot, Virginia, three men shot during facebook live video goes viral, Gunman

    Three men Shot During Facebook Live, Video Goes Viral 13 July 2016

    In a horrific incident three men were shot by a gunman when there were llive on Facebook.According to the officials,the incident took place on Tuesday evening in Norfolk, Virginia. Three men were sitting inside a car and listining music when...

    Keywords: gunman, Facebook Live video, murder, murder

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    Hyderabad, gunman, film editor attacked by asi mla s driver, Gunman

    Film Editor Attacked by ASI & MLA's Driver 05 October 2016

    A short film editor, went to the RC Puram police station to file a complaint against the local MLA’s aides. But instead of writing the complaint he was beaten up by an ASI inside the station.Yadagiri was beaten up by...

    Keywords: ASI, MLA, Assault, driver

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    CCTV, Robbery, gunman fires loots rs 5 lakh gold, Gunman

    Gunman fires, loots Rs 5 lakh gold 05 August 2014

    A lone gunman from nowhere crept inside a jewellery shop, fired at the shopkeeper and looted Gold worth Rupees 5 lakhs.  This shocking incident happened on Monday in Chandigarh at the busy Sector 22-D market and ironically the shop is...

    Keywords: CCTV, CCTV, Chandigarh news, CCTV

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    Sandy, newtown, obama shattered with the shooting at school, Gunman

    Obama shattered with the shooting at school 15 December 2012

    After a madman, believed to have a personality disorder, rushed into Sandy Hook Elementary School, Ct, had killed over 26 people of which 20 were innocent kindergarten-to-fourth-grade children, Obama almost in tears, spoke to the people at the White House....

    Keywords: sandy hook elementary school, newtown, Sandy, Virginia Tech Massacre

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    hand guns, hand guns, gunman open fires in gurdwara at wisconsin, Gunman

    Gunman open fires in Gurdwara at Wisconsin 06 August 2012

    There were at least 8 – 20 people injured in the Shootings that took place in the holy gurudwara in Wisconsin on Sunday when a lunatic gunman open fired at the devotees. The shooting occurred at 11 am, local standard...

    Keywords: Sikh Temple, Gurudwara, Sikh Temple, hand guns

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    20 children dead, Connecticut elementary school, man open fires at a school 20 children dead, Gunman

    Man open fires at a school, 20 Children dead 15 December 2012

    A man who is believed to have a personality disorder entered and elementary school in Connecticut and started spraying bullets after which he claimed 26 lives of which 20 were children below the age of 10. A few other lucky...

    Keywords: Sandy, 20 children dead, aurora shootings, personality disorder

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    Wisconsin, Wisconsin, kaleka the hero of the gurudwara shootings, Gunman

    Kaleka, the hero of the Gurudwara Shootings 07 August 2012

    Satwant Singh Kaleka had sacrificed his life the most heroic way one can imagine by saving lives of several women and children in the Sikh temple when a 40-year old had barged into the temple armed with two handguns that...

    Keywords: Wade Michael Page, Sikh Temple, handgun, knife

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    right wing extremist, Norway’s ruling Labour Party, gunman kills 87 people in norway, Gunman

    Gunman kills 87 people in Norway 23 July 2011

    An unidentified right wing extremist, dressed up as cop, resorted to random firing on a youth camp of the Norway’s ruling Labour Party on the Utoeya holiday island early Saturday killing 87 people and injuring many. The incident has taken...

    Keywords: Anders Behring Breivik, Extremism in Norway, television TV2, Extremism in Norway

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    Kansas police, gunman, indian american sharath koppu s killer shot dead in kansas, Gunman

    Indian-American Sharath Koppu's Killer Shot Dead In Kansas 16 July 2018

    Indian-American Sharath Koppu's Killer Shot Dead In Kansas:- A gunslinger, who was being investigated in the killing of an Indian-American Sharath Koppu of Warangal, was shot dead in a shootout with the Kansas City Police on Sunday. The gunman had shot...

    Keywords: Indian-American, gunman, Indian-American, Sharath Koppu

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    Jihadist gunman, Jihadist gunman, terror attack in sydney, Gunman

    Terror attack in Sydney 15 December 2014

    A Jihadist gunman held hostages in Sydney and the attack looks like a pre-planned one. The incident occurred in Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Sydney at 9:45 AM and about 40 people were there inside the cafe. Black flags with Arabic...

    Keywords: Sydney attack, Lindt Chocolat Cafe, Jihadist gunman, New South Wales

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    Unidentified Gunman, Colorado Walmart Shooting, two men woman killed in shooting at colorado walmart, Gunman

    Two Men, Woman Killed In Shooting At Colorado Walmart 02 November 2017

    Two Men, Woman Killed In Shooting At Colorado Walmart:- In a tragic incident, three persons including a woman have been killed by an unidentified gunman, who opened fire at a Walmart store in the US State of Colorado on Thursday....

    Keywords: Thornton Town Centre Shopping Complex, Thornton Police Department, Thornton Town Centre Shopping Complex, Thornton Police Department

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    Gunman, Gunman, gunman says bhanu threatened to kill him, Gunman

    Gunman says Bhanu threatened to kill him 27 January 2011

    A Telugu TV channel today telecast a story saying that Bhanu Kiran, the suspected killer of the faction leader Maddelacheruvu Suri, stayed along with his private gunman Manmohan Singh at a paying guest accommodation at Gurgaon but now moved from...

    Keywords: gunman Manmohan Singh, Bhanu, gunman Manmohan Singh, Gunman

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    ex-girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex girlfriend of gunman in gurudwara shootings arrested, Gunman

    Ex-girlfriend of gunman in gurudwara shootings arrested 08 August 2012

    The ex-girlfriend of the gunman who was involved in the gurudwara shooting in the Wisconsin area was arrested after she was charged with possession of illegal weapons. She faces of  weapon charges after she was found in possession of firearms...

    Keywords: worshippers, Wisconsin, Wisconsin, Wade Michael Page

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