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  • psy comics, superhero, and the next superhero is psyman, Gangnam style

    And the next superhero is- PSYman..! 01 May 2013

    Guys, if you are little bored of reading the same old superhero comics and you think in the field of comics, a new character should come in then your wait is finally over as your very own K-Pop sensation PSY ...

    Keywords: comics, k-pop, gentlemen, psy comics released

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    psy beats jaustin bieber, psy, psy beats bieber gangnam style becomes most watched youtube video ever overtaking baby, Gangnam style

    PSY beats Bieber ; "Gangnam style" becomes most watched Youtube video ever overtaking "Baby" 26 November 2012

    K- Pop sensation PSY has dethroned teen pop icon Justin Bieber as the most watched celebrity on Youtube as his viral hit "Gangnam Style" overtakes Bieiber's "Baby" to be the most popular video ever in the history of the website....

    Keywords: most popular youtube video, k-pop, psy, psy

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    most popular youtube videos, Psy Gangnam Style, most viewed videos in youtube, Gangnam style

    Most viewed videos in Youtube 16 July 2013

    While we are gushing about how Pawan's teaser video for Attarintiki Daredi has got a record number of hits in just 2 days, let's take a look at the other popular ones on the site. For all the critics out...

    Keywords: Priyanka Chopra, most popular youtube videos, Shakira Waka Waka, Pitbull

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    kuan banega crorepati, big b, glittering stars make kbc go gangnam style and lot more, Gangnam style

    Glittering Stars make KBC go Gangnam Style and lot more...! 05 November 2012

    So what if SRK turned 47 and Big B celebrated his 70th birthday recently? They still can put the stage on fire and make the audience go crazy. We got the proof when SRK and stunning Katrina came to KBC...

    Keywords: jab tak hai jaan, kbc go gangnam kbc6, jab tak hai jaan, SRK and Katrina to KBC

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    punjabi rap, punjabi rap, ten videos of the year, Gangnam style

    Ten videos of the year 18 December 2012

    Honey Singh, the Punjabi rapper; you definitely have heard of him unless you have been living under a rock. That comes as no surprise since he is the most popular and trending artist of 2012 on YouTube in India. He...

    Keywords: high heels, punjabi rap, brown rang, jism 2

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    google google copied, murgadoss, thupaki s google google similar to gangnam style, Gangnam style

    Thupaki's 'Google Google' similar to Gangnam Style? 02 November 2012

    After the famous Kolavari song, a song in Murgadoss' upcoming movie Thupaki is doing rounds in the movie. The promo video released by the film unit on Google Google song is fast catching up among the public. Although the lyrics...

    Keywords: thupaki release, google google copied, thupaki release, vijay

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    psy kpop, Psy, heart attack from gangnam, Gangnam style

    Heart Attack from Gangnam 14 December 2012

    A man from Ireland at office was merrily dancing to Gangnam Style at a Christmas Party but little did he know it was his last dance. Eamonn Kilbride, an IT worker, enthusiastically mounted the dais and started riding the virtual...

    Keywords: december 21, 2012, december 21, Psy gangnam style

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    style, dictionary, gangnam style added to dictionary, Gangnam style

    Gangnam Style added to dictionary 24 December 2012

    Psy- Gangnam Style; every one knows the most listened song on YouTube which has achieved its status within a very short period of time. The title itself is recognized world wide as the epitome of a high-class life. This word...

    Keywords: dictionary, style, gangnam, dictionary

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    most searched celebrity list, selena gomez, kim kardashian tops most searched celebrity online list, Gangnam style

    Kim Kardashian tops most searched celebrity online list 28 November 2012

    Reality television star Kim Kardashian has topped's list of most searched celebrities online, beating last year's winner, singer Justin Bieber. The teen icon has come down to number two, while others who have made it to the top 10...

    Keywords: k-pop, most searched celebrity list, selena gomez, kim kardashian latest news

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    one pound fish video, one pound fish song, the amazing one pound fish song next gangnam style, Gangnam style

    The amazing "One pound fish" song ; next "Gangnam style"? 26 November 2012

    According to a new buzz, it seems "Gangnam Style" fame Psy is going to face a stiff competition from a Pakistani fish seller in an undeclared who-is-more-popular contest as his "one pound fish" song to attract costumers is going viral...

    Keywords: psy, internet phenomenon, one pound fish, one pound fish pics

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    gangnam style parody version, gangnam style, it s now obama gangnam style video goes viral on youtube, Gangnam style

    It's now Obama 'Gangnam Style'; Video goes viral on Youtube 03 December 2012

    Singer Reggie Brown, a self proclaimed  impersonator of American President Barack Obama, has made a parody version of  K-pop star Psy's 'Gangnam Style' featuring himself as Obama. The video has got over six million views on Youtube as of now....

    Keywords: michelle obama gangnam style, michelle obama gangnam style, michele obama look alike, gangnam style parody

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