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  • Ganesh Navaratras, Ganesh Chaturdhi, ganesh nimajjanam in progress, Ganesh navaratras

    Ganesh Nimajjanam In Progress 19 September 2013

    The celebration of Ganesh Nimajjanam that is the last of the nine day ritual of Ganesh communal worshipping irrespective of cast and creed, rich and poor and age group is being performed Statewide.  The celebrations at Hyderabad are still going...

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    Khairatabad Ganesh, Khairatabad MMTC, devotees throng khairatabad for the grace of ganesha, Ganesh navaratras

    Devotees throng Khairatabad For The Grace of Ganesha 16 September 2013

    Khairatabad that is famous in Hyderabad for conducting Ganesh festival with different get ups of Ganesh every year with largest laddu in hand specially made at Tepeswaram this time graced devotees as 59 feet tall Gonaga Chaturmukha Ganesh this year....

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    Balapur Laddu bidding highest, Balapur Laddu bidding highest, balapur ganesh laddu breaks record, Ganesh navaratras

    Balapur Ganesh Laddu Breaks Record 18 September 2013

    The belief that the Laddu in Balapur Ganesh's hand is lucky for the business ventures on hand is growing year after year. The sweetmeat Laddu offered as prasadam and kept in the hand of the Ganesh idol during the nine...

    Keywords: Balapur Ganesh Laddu, Ganesh immersion, Balapur Laddu bidding highest, Balapur Hyderebad

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