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  • Ganesh Immersion, 28 hospitalized after consuming ‘Pulihora’, 28 hospitalized after consuming pulihora, Ganesh immersion

    28 hospitalized after consuming ‘Pulihora’ 10 September 2011

    28 persons took ill after they consumed adulterated prasadam during the Ganesh immersion ceremony at Rajampet in Biknur mandalam of Nizamabad district this morning. Villagers said that the affected people started vomiting and suffered from motions immediately after consuming lemon...

    Keywords: 28 hospitalized after consuming ‘Pulihora’, adulterated prasadam, adulterated prasadam, adulterated prasadam

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    Ganesh festival, Vinayak Chavathi, hyderabad bids adieu to lord ganesh, Ganesh immersion

    Hyderabad bids adieu to Lord Ganesh 12 September 2011

    The 11-day old Ganesh festival celebrated by lakhs of Hyderabadis came to a peaceful end with the authorities completing the immersion of more than 50,000 Ganesh idols by this afternoon. The immersion was to have been completed by Sunday evening...

    Keywords: Ganesh immersion procession, 11-day Ganesh festival, Ganesh festival, Vinayak Chavathi

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    , , hyderabad ganesh immersion 2013 photos, Ganesh immersion

    Hyderabad Ganesh Immersion 2013 Photos 19 September 2013

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    Ganesh Immersion latest, Ganesh Immersion news, ganesh immersion starts in hyderabad, Ganesh immersion

    Ganesh Immersion Starts in Hyderabad 12 September 2019

    Ganesh Immersion Starts in Hyderabad:- Telangana Government made all the necessary plans for a smooth Ganesh idol immersion in Hyderabad along with the neighboring districts of the state. September 12th will have a holiday for schools, colleges and traffic curbs...

    Keywords: Ganesh Immersion news, Ganesh Immersion traffic rules, Ganesh Immersion news, Ganesh Immersion latest

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    Ganesh Nimajjanam at Hussain Sagar, Ganesh Nimajjanam at Hussain Sagar, khairatabad ganesh nimajjanam, Ganesh immersion

    Khairatabad Ganesh Nimajjanam 19 September 2013

    Gonaga Chaturmukha Ganesh of Khairatabad was immersed in the waters of Hussain Sagar at 2.00 pm.  The procession started from Khairatabad at 2.00 am took exactly 12 hours to proceed to the allocated place and immerse.  As the devotees thronged...

    Keywords: Khairatabad Ganesh 2013, Ganesh Nimajjanam 2013, Khairatabad Ganesh immersion, Ganesh Nimajjanam 2013

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    , , akshay kumar son aarav at ganesh immersion, Ganesh immersion

    Akshay Kumar Son Aarav at Ganesh Immersion 16 September 2013

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    Balapur Hyderebad, Balapur Hyderebad, balapur ganesh laddu breaks record, Ganesh immersion

    Balapur Ganesh Laddu Breaks Record 18 September 2013

    The belief that the Laddu in Balapur Ganesh's hand is lucky for the business ventures on hand is growing year after year. The sweetmeat Laddu offered as prasadam and kept in the hand of the Ganesh idol during the nine...

    Keywords: Balapur Hyderebad, Ganesh Navaratras, Balapur Hyderebad, Ganesh immersion

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    Ganesh immersion routes, Ganesh immersion routes, traffic curbs in hyderabad from sunday, Ganesh immersion

    Traffic Curbs In Hyderabad From Sunday 21 September 2018

    Traffic Curbs In Hyderabad From Sunday:- With Ganesh immersion processions taking place on Sunday, Hyderabad police imposed 24-hour traffic curbs in the city which will start from Sunday morning. Cyberabad commissioner VC Sajjanar revealed that they would be imposed from...

    Keywords: Ganesh immersion 2018, Ganesh immersion hyderabad, Ganesh immersion updates, Hyderabad Ganesh immersion latest

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    APSRTC announcement to Hyderabad Visitors, Today's Specialty, ganesh immersion means bidding adieu to ganapati morning wishesh, Ganesh immersion

    Ganesh Immersion means bidding adieu to Ganapati: Morning Wishesh 29 September 2012

    Hi Good morning friends, I know most of you are yet not out of bed or sipping your morning Cuppa. As I was jogging down the city for a brief morning walk, I noticed a few things. Oh yeah today...

    Keywords: though for the day, Today's Specialty, History pecks for the day, Ganesh Immersion

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    ganesh nimajjanam, Ganesh immersion, ganesh immersion in hyderabad held grandly, Ganesh immersion

    Ganesh immersion in Hyderabad held grandly 28 September 2015

    Ganesh immersion was held yesterday under tight security in the Telugu states and a few of the major Ganesh idols immersion in Hyderabad, is going to be held today.Ganesh immersion in Hyderabad, Telangana was held very grandly. As it is...

    Keywords: Ganesh immersion, ganesh nimajjanam, Ganesh immersion, Hyderabad Ganesh immersion

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    Hyderabad, Ganesh Immersion, huge traffic diversions on last day of ganesh immersion, Ganesh immersion

    Huge Traffic Diversions on Last Day of Ganesh Immersion 14 September 2016

    On the eve of last day of Ganesh Chaturthi, Hyderabad traffic police is going to lock down the entire Necklace Road and surrounding areas leading up to parts of Secunderabad and other parts for Ganesh immersion on Thursday. Traffic diversions...

    Keywords: Hyderabad, Police, Ganesh Immersion, Ganesh Immersion

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    RTC bus, Ganesh Immersion, rtc buses to charge extra for traffic diversion, Ganesh immersion

    RTC Buses to Charge extra for Traffic Diversion 15 September 2016

    To facilitate smooth Ganesh immersion procession Hyderabad Police Commissioner M Mahendar Reddy said on Tuesday that “entire Necklace Road and surrounding areas leading up to parts of Secunderabad and other parts of city will be locked down. The main procession...

    Keywords: charge, RTC bus, Traffic diversion, charge

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    Ganesh immersion, Ganesh immersion, ganesh immersion to continue today in hyderabad, Ganesh immersion

    Ganesh Immersion to Continue today in Hyderabad 16 September 2016

    The Ganesh immersion will continue today also from North Zone. Due to this, the police have issued an advisory for traffic diversions.Police said “people were advised to start early to reach their workplaces and schools as the processions are likely...

    Keywords: idols, water, Ganesh immersion, GHMC

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    , , ganesh immersion at hyderabad, Ganesh immersion

    Ganesh Immersion At Hyderabad 13 September 2019

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    Hyderabad Police Commissioner, Hyderabad Police Commissioner, ganesha s immersion calls for best security, Ganesh immersion

    Ganesha's immersion calls for best security 17 September 2013

    Lord Ganesha's immersion time has arrived. Since Monday the city is gearing up for the grand festivities that usually mark the immersion activities. Police in the city are also busy making sure security is tight. More than 15,000 security personnel...

    Keywords: Anurag Sharma, Hyderabad Police Commissioner, Ganesh immersion, Security for Ganesh immersion

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    , , hyderabad ganesh immersion 2013 gallery, Ganesh immersion

    Hyderabad Ganesh Immersion 2013 Gallery 19 September 2013

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    , , khairatabad ganesh nimajjanam 2019 photos, Ganesh immersion

    Khairatabad Ganesh Nimajjanam 2019 Photos 12 September 2019

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