• Heels, drawbacks, side effects of wearing heels, Footwear

    Side Effects of Wearing Heels 04 June 2012

    'Stilettos, pumps, wedges, spools, platform' are a few words that excite most women. These are the commonly used heeled footwear among women. With lovely pedicured feet, women find heels very attractive and complimenting their entire look. They love to boost...

    Keywords: drawbacks, footwear, drawbacks, Heels

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    clothes or footwear, monsoon, be fashionable this rainy season, Footwear

    Be fashionable this rainy season... 25 June 2012

    Come monsoon season and everybody has to rake their brains as to what to put on and step out of the house. Be it clothes or footwear- everyone has to compromise in terms of dressing up not according to what...

    Keywords: monsoon, clothes or footwear, skirt, rainy season

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    footwear workshops, Hyderabad police rescue child labour, police rescue 200 child labourers, Footwear

    Police rescue 200 child labourers 24 January 2015

    Hyderabad Police have rescued 200 child labourers from a shelter home at bangle making and footwear workshops in Old City region. As part of regular raids, the police held search operations at Aman Nagar area and the officials were shocked...

    Keywords: Hyderabad police, footwear workshops, bangle making shops, Child labour

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    KCR speech in Sakalajana Bheri, KCR, kcr s alter ego ghost gets a slap, Footwear

    KCR's alter ego ghost gets a slap 01 October 2013

    The effigy of TRS Chief KCR was beaten with footwear at Tirupati.  The flare up caused by the remarks of KCR in his speech in Sakalajana Bheri at Hyderabad on Sunday.  The employees, members of 'Udyoga Joint Action Committee' on...

    Keywords: Udyoga Joint Action Committee, KCR, KCR beaten with footwear at Tirupati, Samaikyandhra Movement

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    skin care, mite infestation, a beautiful you this monsoon, Footwear

    A 'beautiful' You this monsoon... 17 August 2012

    While the monsoons bring a welcome respite from summer heat, they also pose a lot of challenges to healthy skin. The heat-induced rashes of summertime give way to the humidity-induced problems of the rainy season. If you are health-conscious and...

    Keywords: skin care, dryclothes, Rainy season, accumulation

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    stylish pair of sandals, stylish pair of sandals, your shoes say much about you, Footwear

    Your shoes say much about you 17 August 2012

    Your footwear can determine the personality you want to project. Love your sparkly stilettos and those impossibly high pair of strappy sandals? Or are your sturdy, lace up shoes or your practical Mary Jane brogues, the shoes you swear by?...

    Keywords: Your shoes say much about you, , Your shoes say much about you, Your shoes say much about you

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    market of winter shoes, Winter Footwear, how to select winter footwear, Footwear

    How To select Winter Footwear 01 February 2012

    Shopping in winter is very much interesting. There are lots of things related to winter shopping such as shawls, sweaters, high-necks, socks, uppers, zippers, coats etc. etc. but the most important thing is that how you carry all these things....

    Keywords: winter shoes, shopping in winter, market of winter shoes, market of winter shoes

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    pants, Winter must-haves, winter must haves, Footwear

    Winter must-haves! 17 January 2014

    Don't let the winter pass by without you putting your best foot forward! We tell you how to look fabulous this chill. Read on for cues. Footwear: Your wardrobe is incomplete without high heeled, high calf boots. Colors: Ditch the...

    Keywords: footwear, footwear, winter jackets, footwear

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    toenails, comfortable footwear, beautiful feet for the busy bee, Footwear

    Beautiful feet for the busy bee 29 July 2013

    A woman needs to take her of her feet. For a busy woman, it becomes a task better put off for later. For such situations, beautiful feet are not too difficult with a few simple techniques. Feet, to look clear,...

    Keywords: Feet care, Feet care, toenails, moisturizing creams

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    shoes, boots, flat s the way to go, Footwear

    Flat's the way to go! 11 October 2013

    Flat footwear, or flip flops, besides recuing you from the blisters of stilettoes, can also make you look good, fashion gurus say. Stilettos are sexy, but what can beat the delight of  trotting around in a flip-flop or a flat?...

    Keywords: boots, flats, booties, footwear

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    Tollywood news, mahesh babu, mahesh signs new endorsement, Footwear

    Mahesh signs new endorsement 20 June 2014

    Superstar Mahesh Babu is the only Tollywood actor who has a bundle of endorsement deals and now the Aagadu hero is set to become the face of yet another brand. Reports reveal Mahesh signed a new endorsement deal with the...

    Keywords: mahesh babu, Tollywood news, mahesh babu endorsement deals, Tollywood news

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