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    I wish...My life could have been a fairytale 19 July 2014

    Well, is there any fairytale kind of thing in the world of reality? Sometimes, my answer is in affirmation and sometimes in negation. But, most of the time, my answer is yes. Life can be a fairytale depending on our...

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    Balakrishna daughter wedding live., Nandamuri Tejaswini, balakrishna s daughter has a fairytale wedding catch all of it here, Fairytale

    Balakrishna's daughter has a fairytale wedding, catch all of it here 21 August 2013

    It's done. Tejaswini is married. It is a day to remember for the little princess, who literally became the queen on her wedding day. Decked on colorful finery, clicked by one and all, she was the center of attention. The...

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    Catherine Douglas take a break, Catherine Douglas take a break, mr and mrs douglas fairytale wedding crumbles, Fairytale

    Mr and Mrs Douglas fairytale wedding crumbles 29 August 2013

    In November 2000, a young Catherine Zeta-Jones had married a rich and glamorous Michael Douglas, 25 years her senior. Braving criticism and several odds, the couple had a fairytale union and went on to become one of the most followed...

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    Oz The Great and Powerful, Oz The Great and Powerful, sam raimi s oz the great and powerful, Fairytale

    Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful 06 March 2013

    In director Sam Raimi's world, wizards are hot and witches are beautiful. Add phantasmagoria to the mix and you get 'Oz: The Great and Powerful'. Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures has taken storytelling to a different yellow brick road with...

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