• Apple iTunes, Daren Tsui, samsung introduces ad free music streaming, Dora

    Samsung introduces ad-free music streaming 08 March 2014

    South Korean mobile maker Samsung on Friday launched a free music service for the US users of its Galaxy smartphones, making way into the crowded market of Pandora, Spotify and Apple's iTunes. Milk Music service is a ad-free music streaming...

    Keywords: Samsung Galaxy, Google play, US telecom users, Samsung

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    Mohanbabu, Hansika Motwani, vishnu s dorakadu shooting underway, Dora

    Vishnu’s Dorakadu shooting underway 11 April 2012

    After a couple of flops, son of veteran actor Mohanbabu, Manchu Vishnu is now expecting a good break with his upcoming flick Dorakadu.  The shooting of this movie is underway and it is likely to hit the theaters in a...

    Keywords: Manchu Vishnu, Dorakadu, Manchu Vishnu, Dorakadu

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    Valentines day, adorable videos, why to stay away even on valentines day, Dora

    Why to stay away even on Valentines day? 15 February 2016

    No one really wanted to stay away from their partner, but be it due to work, college or any other reasons, they are bound to stay away. But why to keep yourself away from your love, even on the special...

    Keywords: viral videos, viral videos, viral videos, viral videos

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    Sir Dorabjee Tata, Tata Group, sudden removal shocks cyrus mistry seeks appointment with pm modi, Dora

    Sudden Removal Shocks Cyrus Mistry; Seeks Appointment With PM Modi 26 October 2016

    Cyrus Mistry, who was recently ousted as a chairman of the Tata Sons by the Board of Tata Sons is shocked by the decision taken by the Board and said that he was not given a chance to defend himself. Mistry...

    Keywords: Ratan Tata, Tata Sons, Tata Group, Sir Dorabjee Tata

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    musk colognes, pheromone deodorants, unveil her erotic feelings with pheromone deo, Dora

    Unveil her erotic feelings with pheromone deo 04 July 2012

    Did you know that perfumes have the power to unfold the erotic feelings of women, which are often tucked deep under the layers of heart? If yes, then good or else don't start googling as we are giving you the...

    Keywords: pheromone deodorants, musk colognes, pheromone deodorants, pheromone deodorants

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    Arun Kumar Singh, UP Village, up village bans women from using mobile phones in public, Dora

    UP Village Bans Women From Using Mobile Phones In Public 03 May 2017

    The women in Uttar Pradesh have been banned from using mobile phones, in public, by a village in the State. This move, comes in an attempt to restrict their contacts with men and plans huge fines for violators of the...

    Keywords: Madora, Arun Kumar Singh, Mobile phones ban, Madora

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    love videos, viral videos, unconditional love between kids is adorable, Dora

    Unconditional love between kids is adorable 23 March 2016

    If you can really feel, it is the unconditional love, that too without even opening mouth, but showing immense of love from the gesture, is what matters a lot. Here is one such incident where two school children of the...

    Keywords: unconditional love, unconditional love, viral videos, love videos

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    London's Science Museum, Robot chum Couch, new robots helping household work replaces maid, Dora

    New Robots helping household work - replaces maid!! 29 November 2011

    Robots are going to take over our household by storm shortly, no more complains from our domestic help or searching for a new fitness geek to train you, or complaining your spouse of misplacing vital things. All the activities are...

    Keywords: Dora, Robot chum Couch, Dora, Robot chum Couch

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    Natural Star, Arjun, natural star nani shares adorable picture with his son, Dora

    Natural Star Nani Shares Adorable Picture With His Son 30 May 2017

    Natural Star Nani Shares Adorable Picture With His Son:- Natural Star Nani had been blessed with a baby boy on March 29 this year. The actor took two months to introduce his son to the world. Nani, announcing the name...

    Keywords: Natural Star, Arjun, Ninnu Kori, Ninnu Kori

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    Telecom operators, online games, open internet the next step for connectivity, Dora

    Open internet, the next step for connectivity 06 April 2015

    Net neutrality means on the Internet, all bits are equal. A consultation paper about net neutrality by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) will be published soon. With the data access you pay for, you can watch a YouTube...

    Keywords: Viber, internet, Amazon, Snapchat

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    Union Minister Mr S. Jaipal reddy, PCC chief, jaipal reddy opposes regionalism angers t groups, Dora

    Jaipal reddy opposes regionalism, angers T groups 11 June 2011

    Opening a Pandora’s Box and provoking the pro-Telangana political parties and groups, Union Minister Mr S. Jaipal reddy, who belongs to the Telangana area, said today that people should not advocate regionalism or sub regionalism.  Speaking after the Transport minister...

    Keywords: nationalistic, sub regionalism, Botsa Satyanarayana, Botsa Satyanarayana

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    Eccerobot., Eccerobot., new robots helping household work replaces maid, Dora

    New Robots helping household work - replaces maid!! 26 November 2011

    Robots are going to take over our household by storm shortly, no more complains from our domestic help or searching for a new fitness geek to train you, or complaining your spouse of misplacing vital things. All the activities are...

    Keywords: Robot chum Couch, Eccerobot., Dex, London's Science Museum

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    pregnancy, Darkness under arms for women, lighten the dark under arms, Dora

    Lighten the dark under arms... 06 September 2012

    Underarm and armpit skin can darken for many reasons. Excessive sweat is the most common reason, since our armpits are constantly perspiring and cooling our body whether we feel sweaty or not. The sweat never completely dries out in the...

    Keywords: poor-quality deodorants, Lighten the dark under arms, excessive shaving, excessive shaving

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    make it big, viral videos, make it big and see, Dora

    Make it big and see 18 February 2016

    Though the gift is a small one, if it is from your loved ones, you would always love to take it and cherish it for the rest of life. So if the impact of a small gift is that much,...

    Keywords: viral videos, viral videos, make it big, adorable videos

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    vijay zol, matt fotia, team india defeats australia to win u 19 series, Dora

    Team India defeats Australia to win U-19 series 13 July 2013

    India defeated Australia by eight wickets to win the Under-19 International Series 2013 at Marrara Oval on Friday. The victory was a cinch for the India cricket team, after Indian bowlers smashed the Australian line-up, and batsmen whizzed past Australia's...

    Keywords: matt fotia, sanju samson, vijay zol, india vs australia

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    how to avoid bad body smell, Tips to fight body odour, tips to fight body odour, Dora

    Tips to fight body odour 22 August 2015

    Body odour is the most common issue that irritates many people in the monsoon season. Reduce the odour through diet if possible or follow the simple tips to combat body odour. Using anti-bacterial talc will help combat sweat, odour and...

    Keywords: How to get rid of body odour this monsoon?, Ways to get rid of odour this monsoon, how to avoid bad body smell, Simple tips to get rid of odour this monsoon

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    Bollywood, Instagram, shahid finally reveals his princess adorable pic, Dora

    Shahid Finally Reveals his Princess Adorable Pic 08 February 2017

    Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput were blessed with a gorgeous baby girl on August 28, 2016. They name her Misha, which is a combination of Mira and Shahid. However, Shahid Kapoor has always been protective of his...

    Keywords: Bollywood, daughter Misha pic, Shahid Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor

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    homemade deodorants, armpit stains, diy wishesh diy deodorants are safer and cheaper, Dora

    DIY Wishesh: DIY deodorants are safer and cheaper 12 March 2013

    I have recently read that the deodorants that are being sold to us in nice, rich packaging in the spray canisters are dangerous to our health and a few ingredients might even be carcinogenic like aluminum. That is a huge...

    Keywords: aluminum cancer, DIY deodorants, antiperspirants, deodorant spray

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    viral videos, Jetplane discount baby cries, discount if baby cries on plane, Dora

    Discount if baby cries on plane 04 May 2016

    Babies are the best ever thing that can happen to a family. It brings out new happiness and enlightens the life of Mother and father. But the same babies, if crying, would be the most irritating thing, especially on the...

    Keywords: viral videos, Adorable videos, viral videos, Adorable videos

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    computers recover, computer crashes, computers that can self recover from crashes, Dora

    Computers that can self- recover from crashes 16 February 2013

    Researchers have developed a computer that is capable of recovering itself right after it crashes while repairing the corrupted data. Scientists from the University College of London, Peter Bently and Christos Sakellariou have created a device which has instructions programmed...

    Keywords: computer crash, automatic recovery, automatic recovery, computer crashes

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