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  • Parineeti Chopra, Bollywood gossips, parineeti chopra not reason for sushant ankita break up, Bollywood gossips

    Parineeti Chopra, not reason for Sushant-Ankita break up! 26 March 2016

    The sources say that, Parineeti Chopra is nowhere related to the break up of Sushanth Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande. While Sushant and Ankita were supposed to get married, the sudden break up of the couple, shocked everyone. The couple’s common...

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    Bollywood gossips, Kajal Do Lafzon Ki Kahani, kajal s first lip lock goes controversial, Bollywood gossips

    Kajal’s first lip lock goes controversial! 10 May 2016

    Kajal Agarwal, who did several movies in the south, even made it big in the north. Now with the intention of making it even bigger in Bollywood, the actress has okayed a lip lock scene, for the first time. Do...

    Keywords: Bollywood gossips, Kajal Do Lafzon Ki Kahani, Kajal lip lock, Kajal lip lock

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    Sunny Leone slaps reporter, Sunny Leone, sunny leone slaps reporter for his bizarre question, Bollywood gossips

    Sunny Leone slaps reporter, for his bizarre question 25 March 2016

    Once a porn celebrity, it seems, the society would not allow such celebrity to start living in other genre. This statement was witnessed when Sunny Leone, was asked a bizarre question, by a reporter. The ex-porn actress reportedly slapped that...

    Keywords: Sunny Leone, Bollywood news, Bollywood news, Sunny Leone

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    Bollywood gossips, Bollywood gossips, saif took 12 hours to cook pasta kareena kapoor, Bollywood gossips

    Saif took 12 hours to cook pasta - Kareena Kapoor 17 February 2016

    As a part of the promotional programme of her upcoming film Ki and Ka, Kareena recently shared few interesting things about the movie and non movies.Kareena said that, Ki and Ka is a brave attempt and Arjun took a very...

    Keywords: Saif Ali Khan new movies, Kareena Saif pasta, Kareena Kapoor, Kareena Saif pasta

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    Kalki Koechlin hot photos, Bollywood gossips, kalki koechlin s spicy revenge on farhan, Bollywood gossips

    Kalki Koechlin’s spicy revenge on Farhan! 25 February 2016

    What bold have you done, to make it big in the films? This question would raise immediately, if at all any actress speaks out about her failure in progressing in the films.Skin shows are never out of the fashion. Even...

    Keywords: Kalki recent photo shoot, Bollywood gossips, Kalki Koechlin hot photos, Kalki Koechlin hot photos

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    Bollywood gossips, Rajamouli Vijayendra Prasad, baahubali or father rajamouli in confusion, Bollywood gossips

    Baahubali or father? - Rajamouli in confusion 20 April 2016

    Sunny Deol will be playing the main lead, in Vijayendra Prasad’s Bollywood debut as a director. Being Rajamouli’s father Prasad gave the scripts to most of the Rajamouli’s films. In fact, the recent blockbuster Baahubali was penned by Vijayendra Prasad.While...

    Keywords: Rajamouli Mera Bharat Mahaan, Rajamouli Baahubali 2 updates, Rajamouli Mera Bharat Mahaan, Rajamouli Baahubali 2 updates

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    Bollywood gossips, Hrithik Kangana, kangana sends nude pics to hrithik, Bollywood gossips

    Kangana sends nude pics to Hrithik! 25 April 2016

    Bollywood actors Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut’s legal battle is turning uglier day by day, questioning the secret lives of several other Bollywood celebrities.As of now, Hrithik’s lawyers alleged that, Kangana is mentally harassing the super star for quite some time....

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    Bollywood gossips, Akshay Rustom, akshay kumar s rustom first look poster talk, Bollywood gossips

    Akshay Kumar’s Rustom first look poster talk 03 March 2016

    Unlike other heroes, not sticking to the commercial entertainers, Akshay Kumar is one such star, who went on experimenting on several noted and proud roles. After the stupendous success of Airlift recently, Akshay Kumar has released the first look of...

    Keywords: Akshay Kumar, Akshay Kumar, Akshay Kumar, Akshay Rustom

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    Kohli Anushka break up, Bollywood gossips, virat kohli anushka patching up, Bollywood gossips

    Virat Kohli, Anushka patching up? 02 March 2016

    While there are not exact reasons out behind the break up of Kohli-Anushka, the news was confirmed by the official sources. But, the latest reports state that, the couple is  patching up again. After the brilliant performance of Kohli and...

    Keywords: Bollywood gossips, Kohli, Kohli Anushka break up, Kohli Anushka break up

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    Salman Khan Sultan, Salman Khan cried Sultan sets, salman khan cried on sultan sets, Bollywood gossips

    Salman Khan cried on Sultan sets! 23 April 2016

    Salman Khan is currently busy, shooting for his upcoming film ‘Sultan’ and reportedly the star cried during the shoot. He broke down suddenly, when he was singing an emotional song ‘Jag Ghumiya’. The song reportedly deals with the life of...

    Keywords: Bollywood gossips, Bollywood gossips, Salman Khan news, Salman Khan news

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    Salman Khan, Bollywood news, death threat to salman khan anonymous call, Bollywood gossips

    Death threat to Salman Khan- Anonymous call 23 February 2016

    A police official said that, last week, an unknown person alerted Mumbai police, about the possible threat to Salman Khan. On February 16th, the Police Control Room received the first call and the following day, the second call. There is...

    Keywords: Salman Khan death threat, Salman Khan death threat, Bollywood news, Salman Khan death threat

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    Bollywood gossips, Bollywood gossips, salman khan sanjay dutt in cold war, Bollywood gossips

    Salman Khan - Sanjay Dutt in cold war! 30 May 2016

    Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt are reportedly maintaining an internal cold war with each other. Reportedly, Sallu Bhai has recommended a manager to Baba, after the latter got released from Yerwada jail, earlier this year. Dutt, though accepted and appointed   Sallu’s...

    Keywords: Bollywood gossips, Salman Khan latest news, Salman Khan Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan latest news

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    Bollywood gossips, Bollywood gossips, salman khan out of big boss 10, Bollywood gossips

    Salman Khan out of Big Boss 10? 05 April 2016

    The recently released promo of Big Boss 10 is hinting that, Salman Khan might be out of the show, this time.Earlier it was in the news that, the popular TV show Big Boss would lose its celebs in its tenth...

    Keywords: Bollywood gossips, Salman Khan out from Big Boss 10, Salman Khan out from Big Boss 10, Big Boss 10 Salman Khan

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    Sunny Leone, Sunny Leone new movie, sunny leone unwilling to do adult comedies, Bollywood gossips

    Sunny Leone unwilling to do adult comedies 02 May 2016

    Bollywood actress Sunny Leone says that, she is no more interesting in doing adult comedy films. Basing on gaining the huge popularity as a porn star, Sunny Leone was offered several sex-comedies, after the actress gave off porn films. All...

    Keywords: Sunny Leone new movie, Sunny Leone, Sunny Leone updates, Sunny Leone updates

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    Sarbjit, Bollywood gossips, pakistan s set in mumbai for sarbjit, Bollywood gossips

    Pakistan’s set in Mumbai for Sarbjit! 12 May 2016

    Pakistan country set is reportedly recreated in Mumbai, to shoot Sarbjit, the makers said. Sarbjit is one such movie, which has acquired so much of hype even before the release. Especially, after the release of the trailer, the film industry...

    Keywords: Sarbjit, Aishwarya Rai Sarbjit movie details, Bollywood gossips, Sarbjit

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    Veerappan movie updates, Bollywood gossips, veerappan kidnaps rajinikanth rgv, Bollywood gossips

    Veerappan kidnaps Rajinikanth- RGV 17 May 2016

    RGV seems not satisfied with the criticism, he has received from Rajinikanth fans on social media, and so has aimed to get more blows from hero fans.With the same target, he is now making some controversial statements on the super star,...

    Keywords: Veerappan movie updates, Bollywood gossips, Veerappan movie updates, Veerappan Rajinikanth

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    Fan, SRK Fan, fan a complete shah rukh khan s show, Bollywood gossips

    Fan: A complete Shah Rukh Khan’s show 16 April 2016

    Among the top three Khans- Amir, Salman and Shah Rukh, only the king Khan is facing the tough time for quite some time. Amir Khan as ever, is on the top, with his record breaking collections with PK and after...

    Keywords: Fan, SRK Fan, Fan review, Bollywood gossips

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    Neerja, Bollywood gossips, neerja was not real life hero, Bollywood gossips

    Neerja was not real life hero! 22 February 2016

    While Neerja movie is being applauded by Bollywood audience and critics well, here comes a shocker from the real life Neerja Bhanot colleagues.Expressing their unhappiness towards Neerja movie, the real life flight attendant Neerja colleagues said that, the movie is...

    Keywords: Neerja, Neerja not hero, Bollywood gossips, Bollywood gossips

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    Aamir Khan updates, Aamir Khan Dangal, aamir khan lost weight for dangal, Bollywood gossips

    Aamir Khan lost weight for Dangal! 06 April 2016

    Aamir Khan, who is tagged as Mr. Perfect, has several times, lived up to it, giving out some quality performances, choosing quality films like PK, 3 idiots etc. Now for giving out another such good film, which is titled ‘Dangal’, Aamir...

    Keywords: Aamir Khan updates, Bollywood gossips, Aamir Khan updates, Bollywood gossips

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    Julie 2 release date, Julie 2 release date, julie 2 laxmi raai s sizzling bollywood debut, Bollywood gossips

    Julie 2: Laxmi Raai’s sizzling Bollywood debut 15 February 2016

    After making it big in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu, Laxmi Raai is all set to sizzle the Bollywood audience, with her debut, Julie 2. Hits and flops never decided Laxmi’s career. It is only her sizzling performance on the screen,...

    Keywords: Laxmi Raai, Laxmi Raai Julie 2 details, Bollywood gossips, Bollywood gossips

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