• whiskey, fun topic, slideshow bacchanalian inc top ten countries who love to say cheers, Beer

    SLIDESHOW: Bacchanalian Inc;Top Ten Countries who love to say "Cheers"..! 12 November 2012


    Keywords: fun topic, spirit, vodka, alcoholic beverages

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    Jammu & Kashmir election results, Jammu & Kashmir election results, j k cm omar losses, Beer

    J&K CM Omar losses! 23 December 2014

    In a huge setback, Jammu & Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah of the National Conference has lost to People's Democratic party candidate Mohammad Ashraf Mir from Sonwar constituency. But Omar managed to win from another constituency Beerwah. After losing the...

    Keywords: Jammu & Kashmir elections, Beerwah, Jammu & Kashmir election results, National Conference

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    Sundeep Kishan Beeruva first look, Sundeep Kishan, sundeep kishan s beeruva first look, Beer

    Sundeep Kishan's Beeruva first look 12 November 2014

    The first look of Sundeep Kishan's 'Beeruva' has been released. The first poster appears colorful with love element in it. 'Beeruva' is a Telugu word which means wardrobe and it is positioned in between hero and heroine in the first...

    Keywords: SS Thaman, Beeruva first look, Beeruva first look, SS Thaman

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    Kanmani, Beeruva Movie photos, beeruva movie review, Beer

    Beeruva Movie Review 21 January 2015

    Sanju [Sundeep Kishan] is son of a filthy rich man [Naresh]. But Sanju always creates headaches to his father and in one situation, Sanju's father takes the help of a goon Adhikeshavulu [Mukesh Rishi] to get over few issues. However,...

    Keywords: Telugu Latest Movie Reviews, Telugu Latest Movie Reviews, Beeruva Movie latest updates, Beeruva Telugu Movie Review

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    AVN College at Visakhapatnam, Rayasam Venkata Tripurantakeswara Rao, writer tripura no more, Beer

    Writer Tripura no more 24 May 2013

    The famous Telugu writer Tripura who had been ailing for some time died today undergoing treatment in a private hospital.  He was 85.   Rayasam Venkata Tripurantakeswara Rao popularly known as Tripura is known for his short stories in Telugu. ...

    Keywords: AVN College at Visakhapatnam, short stories in Telugu, died today undergoing treatment, Rayasam Venkata Tripurantakeswara Rao

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    homemade hair rinses, Egg yolk rinse, replace your shampoo with these homemade hair rinses, Beer

    Replace your shampoo with these homemade hair rinses 10 January 2014

    Like your facial skin, even your scalp needs winter TLC. Slathering conditioner post rinse and loading up on leave-in conditioner and serums aren't just enough. Care has to start from the root and from the very beginning of the process....

    Keywords: scalp, Egg yolk rinse, shampoo, shampoo

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    premium beer, premium beer, kingfisher ultra beer in hyd market 650 ml costs rs 120, Beer

    Kingfisher Ultra beer in Hyd market, 650 ML costs Rs.120 09 May 2012

    United Breweries has launched a new premium beer-Kingfisher Ultra-in Hyderabad market on Tuesday. Available in 650 and 330 MLs, the cost of this beer is Rs. 120 and Rs. 60 respectively. Talking about this ultra premium beer, the general manager...

    Keywords: United Breweries, United Breweries, United Breweries, Hyderabad market

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    Microbreweries in Telangana, Microbreweries in Telangana, can prepare and sell own beer in telangana, Beer

    Can prepare and sell own beer in Telangana 29 August 2015

    Along with the regular developmental programmes in Telangana, the government is even making innovative proposals in excise department too. The Telangana government has permitted to set up microbreweries in the state. These micro breweries will produce different kinds of beer...

    Keywords: how to set up microbreweries, Telangana Beer, Telangana Microbreweries, Telangana Beer

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    tip of the day, kind of containers, better wifi signals, Beer

    Better Wifi Signals 28 March 2013

    All you need to have to make the most of your wifi is a tin can that you can get from soft drinks, beer or any of the same kind of containers made of tin. Step 1: Clean the can...

    Keywords: better wifi signals, wifi antina, beer, tip of the day

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    India news, Delhi news, delhi woman hit on head with beer bottle, Beer

    Delhi Woman hit on head with beer bottle 18 May 2016

    A 23-year-old woman got four stitches on her head, after she was allegedly hit on head with a beer bottle, following a heated argument between two groups outside her residence in southeast Delhi's Greater Kailash area, police said. The victim, a...

    Keywords: India news, woman Delhi beer bottle, India news, woman Delhi beer bottle

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    Tennent beer latest, Eaun news, beer lover shocks everyone in a weird homemade outfit, Beer

    Beer Lover Shocks Everyone in a Weird Homemade Outfit 03 June 2019

    Beer Lover Shocks Everyone in a Weird Homemade Outfit:- There are a section of people who never listens back and they prefer to go to any extent to prove their love for their favorite things. There are people who love...

    Keywords: Tennent beer dress, Eaun, Eaun, Eaun

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    Omar Abdullah resigns to CM post, BJP, omar abdullah resigns, Beer

    Omar Abdullah resigns 24 December 2014

    Jammu & Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah has resigned to the post after the defeat in the recent elections. Omar Abdullah's National Conference could manage to win only 15 seats out of the 87 J&K Assembly, however, he ruled the...

    Keywords: Omar Abdullah resigns, BJP, Beerwah, Beerwah

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    Nayanatara beer bottle, Jeeva, controversy nayanatara spotted holding beer, Beer

    Controversy: Nayanatara spotted holding beer! 16 November 2015

    Nayanatara holding beer bottle in her upcoming movie, is again leading to fresh controversy.  Regardless of the controversies, Nayanatara is constantly building up her career. In fact, she is treating those controversies as a free publicity, and thus gaining big...

    Keywords: Nayanatara beer bottle, Jeeva, Kollywood news, Nayanatara

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    Cobra, Queen Elizabeth, indian beer at buckingham palace, Beer

    Indian beer at Buckingham Palace 19 April 2012

    Indian beer Cobra is going to be supplied at Diamond Jubilee Picnic that was thrown by British Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace on June 4 this year. It has been reported that Cobra draught beer will be served to the...

    Keywords: Diamond Jubilee Picnic, Buckingham Palace, Buckingham Palace, Buckingham Palace

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    Bollywood, Neha Dhupia, curvy beauty concentrates on performance, Beer

    Curvy beauty concentrates on performance 19 June 2012

    Bollywood's curvy beauty and star who once created a sensation by showing off 'maximum' skin, Neha Dhupia now says, no actress signs any film focussing on how good she looks at the movie. She said a movie would be signed...

    Keywords: Neha Dhupia changing, Neha Dhupia, Neha Dhupia changing, clothes

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    wine, beer, 140 years old beer found now, Beer

    140 years old beer found now 04 June 2015

    Generally, the taste of any eatable would be more, when it is fresh. People generally prefer to consume it, immediately after it is prepared. But in case of hot drinks, how old it is, that much tastier it would be....

    Keywords: beer, wine, beer, wine

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    shampoo, vitamin B, is beer good for hair, Beer

    Is Beer good for hair ? 08 October 2014

    These days in supermarkets we are noticing 'Beer Shampoo' but nobody knew whether beer is good for hair or not. We all know the effects of consumption beer and it is much safer to pour beer on your hair. Beer...

    Keywords: vitamin B, Beer shampoo, beer for hair, amino acids

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    Coffee shop, Beer, secret of keeping your beer from spilling, Beer

    Secret of keeping your beer from spilling 28 February 2015

    A new research has just revealed how the spilling can be stopped as you walk along with your mug. Scientists from Princeton University have found that just a few layers of bubbles can significantly dampen the sloshing motion of liquid....

    Keywords: Beer, Beer, Physics of fluid, Pub

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    Sundeep Kishan, Joru, strange title to sundeep kishan s next, Beer

    Strange title to Sundeep Kishan's next 08 November 2014

    Like no other hero in Tollywood, Sundeep Kishan has bulk of projects under his belt. His latest flick 'Joru' is opened to mixed reviews but the collections are good as the comedy is being appreciated. On this note, Sundeep has...

    Keywords: Kanmani, Thaman, Ushakiron movies, Ushakiron movies

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    Ranbeer Kapoor, , barfi touches 100 crore ranbir s late birthday present, Beer

    Barfi touches 100 crore: Ranbir's late birthday present 03 October 2012

    2012 could be Anurag Basu's best year yet. His Barfi has been chosen for the Oscars in the foreign film category from India officially. Soon after this decision was made, Barfi has recently touched the 100 crore mark at the...

    Keywords: Anurag Basu, Ranbeer Kapoor, Ranbeer Kapoor, Barfi

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