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  • sweat-proof makeup, sweat-proof makeup, how to sweat proof your makeup, Beauty news

    How to sweat-proof your makeup? 13 June 2014

    Think summer and runny make-up goes hand in hand? Not any more. Save yourself from sweating off your makeup on a hot muggy day by sweat-proofing your pretty face. Here's how: Go Light Moisturize your skin religiously with a light,...

    Keywords: Beauty News, sweat and makeup, how to save your make up from sweat, summer makeup tricks

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    how to wash the skin, Beauty News, three biggest face washing mistakes you are doing, Beauty news

    Three biggest face-washing mistakes you are doing 16 June 2014

    Rinsing you face with just a dollop of face wash at the end of the day might seem like the easiest part of your beauty ritual, isn't it? But turns out that most people tend to lather up wrongly, causing...

    Keywords: skincare, Three biggest face-washing mistakes you are doing, Beauty News, Beauty News

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    brighter teeth, bright smile, three simple tricks to get bright white smile, Beauty news

    Three simple tricks to get bright-white smile 11 June 2014

    Who doesn't fancy a gorgeous, bright-white smile? After all, nothing makes one look better than a 400 volt dazzling smile. That said, most of us are too lazy to follow rigorous teeth whitening measures. Forget the white trips, we present...

    Keywords: dental care, tooth care, Beauty News, whiter teeth

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    clear skin, pigmentation, how you can get a clean and clear skin, Beauty news

    How you can get a clean and clear skin? 19 July 2014

    It is one of the most frequent queries of our female readers. Every woman is very much concerned about her skin to look glowing and radiant. There are some very simple tips to follow to keep your skin clean and...

    Keywords: Skin Care, Tips for clear skin, Skin Care, Beauty Tips

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    Beauty News, candy-apple red, flaunt luscious red lips, Beauty news

    Flaunt luscious red lips 08 January 2014

    What do Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, and Taylor Swift have in common? Their signature red pout. Gloss, colored chapsticks and nude lipsticks are so passe! It's seriously the time to go foxy with full-strength red on your mouth. Daring, luscious...

    Keywords: red pout, red pout, fair skinned people, red lipstick

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    skincare in summer, skincare in summer, are you making these summer skin care mistakes, Beauty news

    Are you making these summer skin-care mistakes? 07 June 2014

    Summer days naturally translate into lounging by the poolside for long hours soaking up some sun and quaffing down  lemonades and cool drinks to beat the heat. But watch out. Too much summer sun could also mean sunburns and tan...

    Keywords: skincare mistakes, skincare in summer, skincare, skincare

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    Beauty tips, Beauty News, are you doing these eyebrow mistakes, Beauty news

    Are you doing these eyebrow mistakes? 21 July 2014

    Your eyebrows frame your face. Hence, it's important they always stay nicely trimmed and ship-shape. However, when it comes to caring for them, most of us never go beyond the normal threading or tweezing. Remember that to maintain your arches,...

    Keywords: eyebrow maintenance, eyebrow mistakes, eyebrow beauty, brow care

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    winter skincare, Beauty Care, treat your skin to sugar and oil, Beauty news

    Treat your skin to sugar and oil 06 January 2014

    This winter, give your skin something extra! Stash away all jars and tubes of store-bought face packs and pamper your skin to the goodness of sugar and oil. As simple as they may sound, both sugar and olive oil are...

    Keywords: diy mask, Winter Care, Winter Care, olive oil

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    Beauty news, Beer rinse, replace your shampoo with these homemade hair rinses, Beauty news

    Replace your shampoo with these homemade hair rinses 10 January 2014

    Like your facial skin, even your scalp needs winter TLC. Slathering conditioner post rinse and loading up on leave-in conditioner and serums aren't just enough. Care has to start from the root and from the very beginning of the process....

    Keywords: hair, Beauty news, Beauty news, dandruff

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    Face, dark circles, make your dark circles disappear in 7 days, Beauty news

    Make your dark circles disappear in 7 days 02 January 2014

    If you've been up after hours tuning in to the latest episode of your favorite TV show or staying up until dawn texting your special friend, your dark circles are probably laying testament to it. Lucky for you, there are...

    Keywords: dark circle remedies, tips for dark circles cure, yogurts, yogurts

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    Face, honey, the beautiful wonders of honey, Beauty news

    The beautiful wonders of honey 27 December 2013

    One of the best beauty products to come out of  nature's basket - honey is wonder cure for all skin woes. Besides being a natural cleanser, honey is known to exfoliate skin and leave one with a radiant, glowing complexion....

    Keywords: winter beauty tips, beauty news, Soft Skin, Tips For Winter Care

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    spring clean skin, Beauty News, how to spring clean your skin, Beauty news

    How to spring-clean your skin? 10 June 2014

    Thing only your home needs a springtime scrub-down? Like your pad, even your skin and hair can benefit from spring-cleaning. Summer means rising temperature, more time out in the sun, more exposure, more tan, more sweat, and more pesky allergens....

    Keywords: Beauty News, Beauty News, Beauty Tips, Beauty Tips

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    snail facial, skin firming facial, diy skin firming facial, Beauty news

    DIY skin firming facial 16 January 2014

    If snail facial or vampire facial doesn't sounds remotely interesting to you, we don't blame you. Apart from the horrifying thought of vampire blood or slimy snail paste swathed across your skin, these treatment comes with a price tag (approx....

    Keywords: cornmeal, vampire facial, DIY homemade facial, Skin Beauty

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    hair care tips, Hair Beauty, how to wake up with great looking hair, Beauty news

    How to wake up with great looking hair? 25 June 2014

    Unless you are a fairytale character, you possibly have woken up with a terrible mess of mane that warrants major time and effort to be sorted before you spring to work or classes more than you can count.Fortunately, there are...

    Keywords: hair style, hair style, Hair Beauty, Hair Beauty

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    world cup nail art, Beauty news, world cup nail art is the latest fashion fad, Beauty news

    World Cup nail art is the latest fashion fad 27 June 2014

    Football fanatics have now found a fashionable way to root for their favorite teams this FIFA - nail art inspired by a nation's flag. That's right! From footballs to flags, there is lots to choose from for anyone wanting to...

    Keywords: world cup nail art, World Cup nail art is the latest fashion fad, World Cup nail art is the latest fashion fad, World Cup nail art is the latest fashion fad

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    Face packs, beauty, diy avocado mask for dry skin, Beauty news

    DIY avocado mask for dry skin 09 January 2014

    This winter, forgo all pricey facials to treat your flaking, cracking skin and rather turn to the goodness of Mother Nature to pull you out of the plight. Besides, most of the store-bought creams and face packs only boast of...

    Keywords: avocado mask for dry skin, Face packs, honey, fresh avocados

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    pretty pink talons, milk, love your nails, Beauty news

    Love your nails! 07 January 2014

    Which girl doesn't secretly covet a set of perfectly pretty nails. But not many are lucky enough to have pretty pink talons. Dry cuticles, yellow stains, chipped nails - there is simply no end to the list of nail woes....

    Keywords: Lovely Nails, milk, Beautiful Nails, pretty pink talons

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    winter wear, winter fashion, winter must haves, Beauty news

    Winter must-haves! 17 January 2014

    Don't let the winter pass by without you putting your best foot forward! We tell you how to look fabulous this chill. Read on for cues. Footwear: Your wardrobe is incomplete without high heeled, high calf boots. Colors: Ditch the...

    Keywords: winter wear, footwear, fashion dresses, winter jackets

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    facial skin, Massage to Face, bring glow to your face, Beauty news

    Bring Glow To Your Face 26 December 2013

    Face is the main part of the body that is seen, recognized and continuously looked at in the interaction by the others. That is how it is called facing. As face is more exposed than other parts of the body...

    Keywords: Beauty News, wrinkles, Face, Beauty

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    Indonesian oil, oil treatment, winter oil therapies for men and women, Beauty news

    Winter oil therapies for men and women 28 January 2014

    The thickened consistency of coconut oil can discourage anyone to oil their hair in winters. But remember, it's during this dry, arid, cold time of the year when your hair needs more oil indulgence than ever. We bring you two...

    Keywords: dandruff, consistency of coconut oil, male therapies, winter

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