Are you doing these eyebrow mistakes?

July 21, 2014 18:15
Are you doing these eyebrow mistakes?

Your eyebrows frame your face. Hence, it's important they always stay nicely trimmed and ship-shape. However, when it comes to caring for them, most of us never go beyond the normal threading or tweezing. Remember that to maintain your arches, you must go beyond the regular and invest some thought and care to keep your eyebrows looking great all through. We acquaint you with some common eyebrow mistakes and how to deal with them.

Wax or thread brows

While waxing and threading are great ways of cleaning up body or chin hairs, it isn't quite right for eyebrows. While waxing round makes your face appear older, threading done by a beautician often leaves us with less than desired results.

Tweeze it out

Tweezing now and then is another no-no brow maintenance strategy. One must tweeze not mot more than a couple of hairs to keep the arches ship-shape. If you wait for a week or two, there will be new hairs sprouting everywhere, making it difficult for you to tweeze right. Also, try tweezing between taking a shower and putting on your makeup.

Matching brow color to hair color

The only people who can really get away with this are ladies with dark hair. For those with lighter colored mane, you should be matching your brows to those lighter strands. By making your brows lighter-with a brow mascara, for example-your eyes will really pop. If you're a blonde with fair to medium skin, it's the opposite rule. Look for the absolute darkest lowlight of your hair, and match that.

(AW: Suchorita Choudhury)

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