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  • beauty tips, aoe vera gel, buying cosmetics check these, Beauty care

    Buying cosmetics? Check these 12 March 2013

    Beauty care is not just about taking good care of your skin and choosing the best of products and cosmetics. Taking care of certain aspects of the cosmetics and beauty products you are using also includes in your beauty care...

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    moisturize the skin, Winter Season, how to exfoliate skin in winter, Beauty care

    How to exfoliate skin in winter 19 December 2013

    With the winter season is upon us, it is important to  change your skincare regime to suit the season. Dermatologist Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra says, “Dry skin looks dull because it is caused by dead skin cells, and both need to...

    Keywords: exfoliation, Beauty tips in Winter, Winter Season, How to exfoliate skin in winter

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    Skin Care Tips, Winter Care, treat your skin to sugar and oil, Beauty care

    Treat your skin to sugar and oil 06 January 2014

    This winter, give your skin something extra! Stash away all jars and tubes of store-bought face packs and pamper your skin to the goodness of sugar and oil. As simple as they may sound, both sugar and olive oil are...

    Keywords: Beauty News, Winter Season, Winter Season, Winter Season

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    coconut water, coconut water, coconut water for health and glow, Beauty care

    Coconut Water for Health and Glow 22 November 2013

    Coconut water is a great food for overall health and especially for beautiful skin. Its benefit in beauty care cannot be ignored. A healthy diet, consisting of fruits and vegetables, is an essential requirement for glowing skin. And the role...

    Keywords: beauty care, skin care, great food for overall health, dull and lifeless skin

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    yourlife style, beautyful eyes, flaunt your beauty, Beauty care

    Flaunt your beauty! 10 February 2012

    Those dark colored eyes and black thick hair are your assets? Then dress up to compliment the same. want to know how? Then read further;Consider your skin's undertones by looking at a makeup-free face in a mirror. Your hair and...

    Keywords: Black thick hair., Good looking eyes, Good looking eyes, yourlife style

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    natural glowing skin, healthy skin, natural way for a glowing skin, Beauty care

    Natural way for a glowing skin 04 March 2013

    No appointment needed in that top most beauty salon. No more spending oodles of money on that beauty care expert. All these that are very much available at home. all you have to do is learn how these would prove...

    Keywords: ghee, facial skin, honey, dry skin

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    screaming halt, Body care tips, why you need to take a break from beauty care, Beauty care

    Why you need to take a break from beauty care? 24 January 2012

    Well, co – incidence but theme of today could be ‘Break’. We have talked about reasons for taking a break from daily routine… then what about beauty routine? Are we supposed to take a break from our beauty routine as...

    Keywords: beauty routine., Body care tips, Beauty care for women, Skin care

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    beauty, Skin Care, diy skin firming facial, Beauty care

    DIY skin firming facial 16 January 2014

    If snail facial or vampire facial doesn't sounds remotely interesting to you, we don't blame you. Apart from the horrifying thought of vampire blood or slimy snail paste swathed across your skin, these treatment comes with a price tag (approx....

    Keywords: honey, Skin Beauty, homemade facial, Skin

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    beautiful hands, washing hands, soft and beautiful hands, Beauty care

    Soft and Beautiful Hands 08 December 2012

    Hands give a picture of several things about us. It will tell how you take care of your body, life and how old you are getting. Good maintenance of the hands is very important. Few hand care tips for you:...

    Keywords: beautiful hands, soft hands, hand wash, beauty tips

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    Busy life today, housewife tips, best manicure tips for busy women, Beauty care

    Best manicure tips for Busy Women! 10 February 2012

    Could be work from home or at Office… married or single… we all are busy stuck up with some or the other work each day. But, we cannot ignore our beauty care regime as well… so, here are some quick...

    Keywords: Busy life today, tips for Busy women, Money save tips, womens office life

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    how to care for skin in summer, summer skincare mistakes, are you making these summer skin care mistakes, Beauty care

    Are you making these summer skin-care mistakes? 07 June 2014

    Summer days naturally translate into lounging by the poolside for long hours soaking up some sun and quaffing down  lemonades and cool drinks to beat the heat. But watch out. Too much summer sun could also mean sunburns and tan...

    Keywords: Beauty news, skincare in summer, summer skincare mistakes, Are you making these summer skin-care mistakes

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    Full body scrubbing, toning and moisturizer of face, for the big day in your life, Beauty care

    For the 'BIG' day in your life... 25 July 2012

    You might have followed n number of beauty tips to retain your glowing skin... but, the final touch before your Wedding do matters... It is said that beauty comes from within but it only comes when you take care of...

    Keywords: Cleansing, massaging, BIG' day in your life, Take cotton ball

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    climatic conditions, lukewarm water, change your beauty routine to look younger, Beauty care

    Change your beauty routine to look younger 12 January 2013

    If you believe small changes can make big difference, this mantra is not only for your life, but also to get a beautiful and younger looking skin. All you have to do is making and welcome certain changes in your...

    Keywords: beautiful skin, younger skin, climatic conditions, negative feelings

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    Beauty care, Beautiful Skin, how you can get a clean and clear skin, Beauty care

    How you can get a clean and clear skin? 19 July 2014

    It is one of the most frequent queries of our female readers. Every woman is very much concerned about her skin to look glowing and radiant. There are some very simple tips to follow to keep your skin clean and...

    Keywords: Skin Care, Skin Care, tips for clean and clear skin, clean and clear skin

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    tips for good Eyebrows, Badly shaped brow, eye brows too talk a lot, Beauty care

    Eye brows too talk a lot… 07 February 2012

    Not only your face and the beauty and also your personality, dress sense, even your eyebrow shape either makes or breaks your look. So, wake up, try knowing what is the best eyebrow shape suited as per your facial statistics;...

    Keywords: good looking face, mackup tips, tips for good Eyebrows, mackup counters

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    tips for helath and beauty, exercise for health, looks health beautiful you, Beauty care

    Looks + health = beautiful you! 11 February 2012

    Not just beauty, but being beautiful is a combo of looks and health. The same would be applicable in case of our beauty care regime as well. Now, take an example of our hair. Hair looks more attractive and good,...

    Keywords: tips for health, beauty care, tips for helath and beauty, beauty care

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    pudeena juice, beauty tips, seasoned beauty care, Beauty care

    Seasoned beauty care 16 March 2013

    Water melon season is 'on'... the fruit does not only gives the needed vitamins and proteins to our body, but also is a good seasonal beauty care for us; If you are suffering with marks and spots on your skin...

    Keywords: juice, juice, beauty tips, water melon juice

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    eye care, beauty care, value your eyes before you start repaying their value, Beauty care

    Value your eyes, before you start repaying their value... 05 June 2012

    One of the assets of us, to watch good, bad, bliss and mess in our life, our eyes... they are the affective form of communication to express our thoughts with oodles of expressions and emotions told without uttering a single...

    Keywords: tips for healthy eyes, basic eye care, tips for healthy eyes, eye lotion

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    Fashion tips, Skin care tips, skin tone can be improved, Beauty care

    Skin tone can be improved? 02 February 2012

    Taking care of your skin is a big responsibility. It's your body's largest organ and should be treated with the respect it deserves. Your overall health, cosmetic treatments, skin products, hormones, age and diet all work together to affect your...

    Keywords: Skin care tips, beauty care tips., beauty care tips., Skin care tips

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    Right way of face cleansing, Right way of face cleansing, right way of face cleansing, Beauty care

    Right way of face cleansing 27 June 2014

    Most women think whats there in cleansing the face. They cannot be more wrong. Today face cleansing is no longer about just washing it with a facewash. Beauty care is no longer a simple affair. Supermarkets are flooded with so...

    Keywords: cleansing the face, Beauty care, facewash, cleansing the face

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