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    Balapur Laddu Auction 2017 05 September 2017

    Balapur Laddu Auction 2017:- On an occasion of Vinayaka Chavithi which is celebrated on August 25th, lots of Ganesh Idols are placed in Hyderabad. In every street, we can see Ganesh Idol placed and prayers are offered daily. Hyderabad city...

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    No Laddu Auction In Balapur This Year 23 July 2020

    No Laddu Auction In Balapur This Year:- The coronavirus pandemic shattered everyone's lives and most of them are left jobless. The spread of coronavirus is extremely high and a huge number of cases are registered across the limits of GHMC....

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    Balapur Ganesh Laddu Breaks Record 18 September 2013

    The belief that the Laddu in Balapur Ganesh's hand is lucky for the business ventures on hand is growing year after year. The sweetmeat Laddu offered as prasadam and kept in the hand of the Ganesh idol during the nine...

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