• Uniform, Colors, rss to embrace full pants in place of half pants as uniform, Attire

    RSS to Embrace Full Pants in Place of Half-Pants as Uniform 11 October 2016

    Everyone knows that volunteers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) always had their trademark attire as khaki shorts for 90 years. Now after so many years on the eve of Dussehra and their organization formation day, RSS has decided to...

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    Mens fashion tips, fashion tips, 3 attires which never gets outdated, Attire

    3 attires which never gets outdated 04 June 2015

    However costly, the dress is, however, love we put on it, it gets outdated as days passed, and so, we put it aside then. But few of the attires never get outdated throughout the lifetime. Some of them areBlue jeans...

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    Indian traditional saree, chiffon, saree attire that transforms your looks, Attire

    Saree... attire that transforms your looks... 15 June 2012

    No doubt, Sari is a all time favorite attire for any event or a occasion... Sari also makes us look thin, apart from beautiful… here are some more tips to hide your all extra kilos and look thin in a...

    Keywords: our indian cultural saree, Georgette saree., crepe, chiffon

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    telugu typing, letters, saving our mother tongue telugu, Attire

    Saving our mother-tongue, Telugu 20 December 2012

    While the nation is bent on westernization of cultures, and Andhra Pradesh more aggressively trying to achieve the same, Chittoor Zilla Parishad has adopted measures that would save the traditional values of the state to a small yet significant extent....

    Keywords: letters, traditional attire, mother tongue, mother tongue

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    jokes, kids jokes, the horse and the rabbit, Attire

    "The Horse and The Rabbit" 29 November 2012

    A horse and a rabbit are playing in a meadow.  The horse falls into a mud hole and is sinking.  He calls to the rabbit to go and get the Farmer to help pull him to safety.  The rabbit runs...

    Keywords: jokes and sattires, computer jokes, aging jokes, jokes and sattires

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    Attire for a simple wedding, coronavirus wedding updates, here s how to dress for your coronavirus wedding, Attire

    Here's How to Dress for your Coronavirus Wedding 30 July 2020

    Here's How to Dress for your Coronavirus Wedding:- The coronavirus pandemic brought drastic changes across the world. The weddings which were planned on a grand scale will now have limited attendance and they would be restricted to family members and...

    Keywords: bride lehenga, coronavirus wedding, coronavirus wedding updates, bride attire

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    computer jokes, doctor jokes, reciting jokes, Attire

    Reciting jokes 03 April 2013

    Telling a joke the right way is a tough job despite being confident while speaking with proper communications skills and all. There are a few changes you can incorporate to you delivery style and the same joke that was once...

    Keywords: diet jokes, overall jokes, cartoons, birthday jokes

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    Business Wishesh, Veena Malik rises mercury levels with attire, hot veena malik rises mercury levels with attire morning wishesh, Attire

    Hot Veena Malik rises mercury levels with attire : Morning Wishesh 22 December 2012

    Namaskar.... good morning.....Baajjaveri hendhun  eh We are back with a Maldivian Good Morning. After the myth of Doomsday is over, our morning life continues as usual. Christmas time folks, the best time to shop across the globe. Apart from fat...

    Keywords: Veena Malik is liberal in skin shows, Gold prices dip, rape accused, 22 December

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    holiday jokes, funny jokes, a rich farmer, Attire

    A rich farmer 29 July 2013

    A rich farmer had been trying desperately to marry off his daughters. One day he met Nasir. "I have several daughters," the farmer told the Nasir. "I would like to see them comfortably fixed. And I will say this, they won't...

    Keywords: animal jokes, holiday jokes, funny jokes, bar jokes

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    Bipasha Basu, Bipasha Basu, iifa not just awards but attires, Attire

    IIFA - not just awards, but attires 11 June 2015

    IIFA awards. As said before, more than the winning and losing of the awards, the people are more concerned about their actors and actresses attires in the occasion.   The show was hosted by Vivek Oberoi and Neha Dhupia, where a...

    Keywords: IIFA, IIFA, Bipasha Basu, Bipasha Basu

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    Tuck Jagadish teaser talk, Tuck Jagadish teaser, tuck jagadish teaser nani wows in a mass attire, Attire

    Tuck Jagadish Teaser: Nani wows in a Mass Attire 23 February 2021

    Tuck Jagadish Teaser: Nani wows in a Mass Attire:- Natural Star Nani is doing back to back films but all his recent offerings fell short of expectations. The actor completed the shoot of Tuck Jagadish, a family entertainer that is...

    Keywords: Tuck Jagadish budget, Tuck Jagadish updates, Tuck Jagadish business, Tuck Jagadish teaser talk

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    stylish Saree's, Hindu women, saree for woman more than just a best attire, Attire

    Saree for Woman... more than just a 'Best Attire'? 29 May 2012

    Saree-traditional Indian dress worn by Hindu women-six yards long as a rule; Vedic women's dress.By adopting a Vedic tradition such as wearing a saree, one also adopts, to some degree, the culture as well. The more society strays from Vedic...

    Keywords: stylish Saree's, Saree-traditional, stylish Saree's, Hindu women

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    bar jokes, family jokes, dog fight, Attire

    "Dog Fight" 29 November 2012

    This fellow was sitting at the counter in a truck stop diner eating lunch. He was rather small in stature, bespectacled, wearing a suit with a bow-tie, and on the stool next to him was his dog; an unusually small...

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    , , symbolically this is pawan kalyan s dhoti attire meaning, Attire

    Symbolically, this is Pawan Kalyan’s dhoti attire meaning! 12 November 2015

    News: Pawan Kalyan in a marriage attire (Dhoti), meets NaiduPunch: It seems, symbolically saying that, people would do Naidu’s marriage, if all his promises are not fulfilled.  By Phani Ch

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    Dress Code for VIPs in Tirumala for Darshanam, Tirumal Tirupati Devastanam, vips to wear traditional attire at tirumala, Attire

    VIPs to wear traditional attire at Tirumala 08 May 2013

    Tirumal Tirupati Devastanam has taken a decision that VIPs who visit Tirumala for Darshan should be allowed if they go for Darshan in traditional attire.   This will be observed from 15th of this month.  TTD wants that the devotees...

    Keywords: Dress Code for VIPs in Tirumala for Darshanam, Dress code for VIPs, Tirumal Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirumal Tirupati Devastanam

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    jokes, kids jokes, one hour late, Attire

    One hour late 01 July 2013

    A competition was held in a cultural program to control from laughing for jokes. The competitors were tested for their hearing abilities. Out of fifteen contestants, 10 have gone in the first round as they could not hold back the...

    Keywords: jokes., jokes., diet jokes, holiday jokes

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    overall jokes, birthday jokes, two good friends, Attire

    Two good friends 15 February 2013

    Two good friends were out in the wild to experience nature at the wildest. While they were merrily enjoying the forest environment, trouble came in the form of a black bear chasing them. Immediately both the friends started running but...

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    icon of the year, innovative film city, parul shows seniority isn t required, Attire

    Parul shows seniority isn't required 14 May 2013

    To be the movie Icon of the Year, you need not be the most senior actress of the highly influential lead character of the industry, Parul Yadav proves to Sandalwood. Hailing from the glam town, Mumbai, Parul Yadav has already...

    Keywords: desi attire, icon of the year, desi attire, innovative film city

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    Khaadi lalchi and pyjama, lecture, pawan kalyan lands in the usa in indian attire, Attire

    Pawan Kalyan Lands in the USA in Indian Attire 09 February 2017

    Jana Sena president and Power Star Pawan Kalyan has landed in the USA for a 4-day special tour in the role of a rising politician from Andhra Pradesh, India. According to the reports, Pawan was invited to lecture for two...

    Keywords: lecture, Khaadi lalchi and pyjama, Pawan Kalyan, Harvard Business School

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    Bridal wear., Brides, best pictures from india bridal fashion week 2013, Attire

    Best pictures from India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 27 July 2013

    The India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 has many interesting looks to watch. A bride in India is the most celebrated woman. Complementing her, a bridal dress is undoubtedly something that has creativity and glitz. Here are some of the best...

    Keywords: Bridal gowns, Bridal wear., dresses for brides, Bridal wear.

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