"Dog Fight"

This fellow was sitting at the counter in a truck stop diner eating lunch. He was rather small in stature, bespectacled, wearing a suit with a bow-tie, and on the stool next to him was his dog; an unusually small Mexican Chihuahua. He was surrounded by big rough-looking, rough-talking truck drivers, and he was catching a lot of ribbing about his dog. He continued in silence eating his lunch and when finished stood down from the counter, paid his bill, and he and his dog walked out of the diner.

A few moments later the small man returns and timidly asks,

"Does anyone in here own a Doberman?"

The roughest of the truck drivers rises and walks over to the little man and says, "Yeah, the Doberman's mine. What about 'im?"

The little guy replies, "I'm afraid, my dog just killed your dog."

The truck driver, bristling, bellows, "How could YOUR dog possibly have killed MY dog?"

The little man responds, "Well, your dog choked on him."