• Nava Nirmana Deeksha, alcohol, andhra people will go mad if they don t drink alcohol chandrababu naidu, Alcohol

    ‘Andhra People Will go Mad If they Don’t Drink Alcohol’: Chandrababu Naidu 06 June 2016

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu made some amusing comments on people drinking alcohol. Addressing people at the Nava Nirmana Deeksha week celebrations, he said that Andhra people will go mad if they do not drink alcohol. He also added that...

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    Viral videos, Viral videos, d for daaru p for piyo a teacher explains, Alcohol

    D for ‘Daaru’, P for ‘Piyo’, a teacher explains 13 July 2015

    D for dog and P for Parrot. This is what we learnt in our school right? But a teacher in Chattisgarh rewrote this tradition and replaced those words with new words. After knowing it, I think we would be that...

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    energy drinks and alcohol mixing related to abusive drinking in teens, combining energy drinks increases drinking abuse, mixing energy drinks and alcohol increases drinking abuse, Alcohol

    Mixing energy drinks and alcohol increases drinking abuse 05 May 2015

    According to a study, teenagers who mix alcohol with energy drinks are four times more likely to face a drinking problem disorder than those who have tried alcohol but never mixed it with an energy drink.The Dartmouth team, led by...

    Keywords: combining energy drinks increases drinking abuse, combining energy drinks increases drinking abuse, teenagers affected by binge drinking, energy drinks and alcohol mixing related to abusive drinking in teens

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    Kerala liquor policy, Supreme Court, follow gujarat model supreme, Alcohol

    Follow Gujarat Model: Supreme 11 September 2014

    The Supreme Court has advised Kerala government to follow Gujarat Model if it wants to completely prohibit liquor in the state and also directed government not close bars in Kerala till September 30th.  Gujarat state has totally banned alcohol and...

    Keywords: Gujarat Model of alcohol, Kerala High Court, Kerala liquor policy, Supreme Court

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    Alcohol Consumption Effects On Body, Effects Of Alcohol, the top six effects of alcohol on your body, Alcohol

    The Top Six Effects Of Alcohol On Your Body 05 October 2017

    The Top Six Effects Of Alcohol On Your Body:- According to a recent study, when compared to women, drinking alcohol regularly may put men at a higher risk of health ailments. Yes, it is true! while most of us think...

    Keywords: Alcohol Consumption Effects On Body, Effects Of Alcohol On Your Body, Alcohol Consumption Effects On Body, Alcohol Effects

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    Alcoholic drink can lower disability in chronic pain patients, how alcohol benefits chronic pain patients, mild drinking can cut disability in chronic pain patients, Alcohol

    Mild drinking can cut disability in chronic pain patients 22 July 2015

    Do you know the fact that alcohol consumption benefits chronic pain patients? It was revealed by the researchers from University of Aberdeen in Scotland.  The study was carried out on 2, 239 with chronic widespread pain, the key feature of...

    Keywords: Mild drinking can lower chronic pain, Mild drinking can cut disability in chronic pain patients, how alcohol benefits chronic pain patients, Mild drinking can lower chronic pain

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    Socio-Religious Organization, Narendra Modi, modi raises concern over growing problem of alcoholism, Alcohol

    Modi Raises Concern Over Growing Problem Of Alcoholism 05 October 2017

    Modi Raises Concern Over Growing Problem Of Alcoholism:- Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised concern over the growing problem of alcoholism among youth on Thursday. He said that if the menace was not checked, the society will be “ruined” in the...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi, Umiya Sansthan, Alcoholism, Umiya Sansthan

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    woman kill, Telangana news, woman kills husband planning with daughter, Alcohol

    Woman kills husband, planning with daughter 07 March 2016

    In a bizarre incident, a woman killed her drunkard husband, after he tried to attempt weird activities at house. The 45 year old man, named Ramula Sampath, after drinking, used to harass his wife and daughter on a regular basis....

    Keywords: woman kill, woman kill, Karimnagar woman kills husband, woman kill

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    Liver cancer treatment, Coffee related to liver cancer, coffee reduces risk of alcohol related liver cancer, Alcohol

    Coffee reduces risk of alcohol related liver cancer 01 April 2015

    Millions of people start their day with coffee. But do you know a fact that coffee helps in lowering the liver cancer risk? A new study by London-based scientists from the World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF) found that drinking...

    Keywords: remedy to avoid liver cancer, Coffee related to liver cancer, Liver cancer treatment, Liver cancer treatment

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    love, monday blues, today is the worst day of the year for couples, Alcohol

    Today is the worst day of the year for couples 06 January 2014

    Today, the first Monday of the year, is apparently touted as the worst day for couples. Legal experts deem the first day of the week of a year as the most popular day for divorce. Website DivorceDepot states that finances,...

    Keywords: Love and Relationship, love, monday blues, marital strain

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    social experiment videos, alcohol, social experiment can a 16 year old buy alcohol, Alcohol

    Social experiment: can a 16 year old, buy alcohol? 26 November 2015

    Money, money and money everywhere. The world has become so commercial that, no one is really concerned about the legality, if there is a chance to fill their pockets. This viral video below proves the above statement perfectly. Even thought...

    Keywords: alcohol, alcohol, social experiment videos, social experiment videos

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    TTD, ban, ttd officials seize 65 liters of alcohol, Alcohol

    TTD Officials Seize 65 Liters of Alcohol 11 June 2016

    The TTD officials dumped nearly 65 litres of alcohol the presence of prohibition and excise officials on Friday.According to the AP Charitable and Endowments Act, possession and consumption of meat, liquor, tobacco products are banned in the temple premises. Officials...

    Keywords: seized, ban, seized, seized

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    Binge-drinking affect on health, Drinking effects brain development, adolescent drinking leaves long lasting effect on genes, Alcohol

    Adolescent drinking leaves long lasting effect on genes 04 April 2015

    The new study revealed that teenagers who binge drink could be damaging the brain development of their brains and results in psychiatric disorders including alcoholism in later life.The study, published in the journal Neurobiology of Disease, found evidence that binge...

    Keywords: Drinking effects brain development, alcohol consumption affects teenagers behaviour, Drinking effects brain development, Drinking effects brain development

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    alcohol consumption effects teenagers brain, brain problems related to adolescent drinking, binge drinking effects memory of teenagers, Alcohol

    Binge-drinking effects memory of teenagers 29 April 2015

    Heavy alcohol consumption in adolescent age may result in long lasting changes in parts of the brain and affects their memory, study revealed. The study was published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research."In the eyes of the law,...

    Keywords: alcohol consumption of teenagers damages brain cells, teenage binge drinking effects memory, brain problems related to adolescent drinking, adolescent drinking causes memory loss

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    Weird facts, Ants gin, gin prepared with ants, Alcohol

    Gin prepared with Ants 20 May 2015

    Till date, we might have heard about various kinds of gin and might also be aware of the ingredients in it. Generally, it a prestige factor for men to say in a friends get together that, they had all types...

    Keywords: Ants gin, Ants gin, Ants alcohol, unbelievable facts

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    Blood Pressure, Alcohol, heavy drinking ups stroke risk, Alcohol

    Heavy drinking ups stroke risk 30 January 2015

    More than two drinks a day in middle-age may raise your stroke risk more than traditional factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes, warns a study. Regular heavy drinking can raise blood pressure and cause heart failure or irregular...

    Keywords: Blood Pressure, Blood Pressure, Alcohol, Stroke

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    flight, flight, air india s two crew members grounded for 3 months, Alcohol

    Air India's Two Crew Members Grounded for 3 Months 03 February 2017

    The Air India management grounded a woman pilot and another crew member for three months after they failed a pre-flight alcohol test. "The crew members, who have been taken off from flying for failing to clear the pre-flight medical test...

    Keywords: Crew Members, Air India, flight, flight

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    Bars, serving alcohol to minor, bars to be penalised for serving liquor to minors, Alcohol

    Bars to be Penalised for serving Liquor to Minors 13 July 2016

    Ramya who died after the car in which she was travelling got hit by another car at Panjagutta, Hyderabad. Ramya’s family organised a candlelight march at KBR park demanding justice. They wanted action against all those who drink and drive...

    Keywords: Hyderabad, restaurant, serving alcohol to minor, Hyderabad

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    Funny alcohol drinkers, crazy things, 5 crazy things you hear from drunkards, Alcohol

    5 Crazy Things You Hear From Drunkards 28 July 2015

    We generally observe the best fun out of the people, or to say the real side of the people, when they are drunk. Here are a few common dialogues, where we might have heard from them. Also read: 6 WTF...

    Keywords: drunkards, alcohol, alcohol, crazy things

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    Communities Jokes, Communities Jokes, alcohol power, Alcohol

    Alcohol power 19 August 2015

    An Irishman's been at the pub all night drinking. The bartender finally says that the bar is closed. So the guy stands up to leave and falls flat on his face.He figures he'll crawl outside and get some fresh air...

    Keywords: Communities Jokes, Communities Jokes, Jokes, Communities Jokes

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