Between TRS and Congress who can claim fruits?

October 04, 2013 18:00
Between TRS and Congress who can claim fruits?

With the Cabinet's approval of Telangana carving from AP, the congress party proved that it is going on with its promise which surely is going to gain goodwill for the party if it is properly presented.  

The congress party by showing its not caring the seemandhra protests also showed that it is favoring Telangana people and valuing their sentiment.   

The lengthy account in the Telanaga Note of how Telangana Movement started and how Congress party finally delivered its promise it made as an election manifesto in 2004 and how the events have taken turns but how the party sticks to its original promise and had been working to achieve it in spite of the protests from Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema.  

The explanation covered the Srikrishna Committee that is called by TRS as ‘dikkumalina committee’ and its report as favoring Seemandhra after taking feasts from Seemandhras.  It also explains Chidambaram’s announcement.  

As the congress party is cleverly making its ground strong, TRS is busily engaged in making suitable actions not to lose ground in the political arena.  

The TRS Presidnet K Chandrasekhara Rao had a meeting with the main leaders of the party at his farm house at Venkatapuram in Medak district to chalk out a plan of action in the present situation.  

In the Telangana Note Sushil Kumar Shinde submitted to the Cabinet, the justification was given for bifurcating the state in which the series of events were shown in which it narrated in such a way that the party’s efforts are continuously made towards Telangana formation.  

The TRS party which had been telling that it is formed for the benefit of getting a separate state for the people of Telangana and the leaders of the party are not interested in the political gain and positions is now totally taken on the wrong foot by the Congress.  As the leaders of the party have been fighting for so long, it is only natural that they developed expectations of getting some power in the administration of the newly formed state.  But the attitude of the Congress party which has not mentioned the TRS party anywhere in the report is certainly heading for a total control on the new state.

The same way KCR too did not take the name of the Congress party in his speech in Sakala Jana Bheri at Hyderabad.  Instead he mentioned the efforts of the opposition party BJP and expressed his confidence that the separate State of Telangana will be realty even if Congress doesn’t do it as BJP is ready for it.  Meaning the power will be shifted from Congress to BJP in the coming elections and BJP as it is ready for the formation of Telangana as it has been promising, Telangana people will certainly get it either from this party or from that party at the center.  

Now it is between TRS and Congress now to claim the fruits of the formation of the separate State of Telangana.  


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