6 Best Videos of the week pour vous

April 27, 2013 15:28
6 Best Videos of the week pour vous

Like every other week, you are once again bored by the time Saturday crosses afternoon? We would like to engage you for a small part of your bored time with Video Wishesh which you can share with your friends and even probably break the ice with a few people who you might want to spend the weekend with. No more delay; HERE WE GO!

Video Wishesh Winner for the Week: Top Class Acrobatics

Agility and Flexibility combined, this guy has broken new grounds in acrobatics, look at that speed and precision. Just torture that replay button over and over until you figure out how he does it.
And remember, not-winners are not losers either. Here we have a few more great videos to dillydally.

Putting "Man" in the Manual

Human ferris wheel ? Yes, a “men” powered ferris wheel at a fair where men get on and off the wheel to keep it in motion. Remember the popular caption for some commercial I can't remember; It happens only in India.

How taller can a bicycle be, Stoopidtall

There are small bikes, there are big bikes and then there is another class apart, so tall that calling it merely tall won't suffice. Presenting the Stoopidtall bike. I cannot fathom how he stays put on that mountain of a bike as he rides achingly slow through the traffic.

The funny side of Peer pressure

Just a funny and interesting video of an old experiment testing the theory of conformity demonstrating the effect of peer pressure.

What can you buy with your money in different nations?

One dollar is roughly Rs 54.50 rupees but here is an unconventional conversion table for your currency in food terms. Interesting concept of conversion, reminding you of the barter system.

Puzzling with a puzzle of a puzzled "you"

No video session is complete without a good prank. Here is one very innovative idea of a prank. Not very hard to pull off if you do it near a mall or some busy place with an access to a printer.

(AW- Anil)

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